Westworld Season 2: Angela Will Be a Series Regular


Despite requiring several PhDs to fully understand, HBO's Westworld had one of the biggest and most successful debut seasons in television last year and fans are patiently waiting for a follow up. Starring the likes of Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton, the show's first season concluded with Wood's Dolores seemingly gaining sentience and the android hosts of the Westworld park finally beginning their much-hinted at rebellion against their human counterparts.

One character who had a less prominent - if no less intriguing - role in Westworld's first season was Angela, as played by Talulah Riley. Angela was a greeting host for the park, welcoming guests before they actually entered and mostly seen doing so in what was eventually revealed to be a past timeline during the earlier days of the Westworld park's existence. In the present timeline, Angela's host has been reassigned as a follower of the mysterious Wyatt - also known as Delores - and fights alongside a large group of similar minded hosts.

According to Deadline, Talulah Riley has now been bumped up the cast list from recurring character in season one to series regular in season two. Although Riley is confirmed to be reprising her role as Angela, it's currently unclear whether this will be in her previous capacity as a greeter or in her later role as a follower of Wyatt. Jimmi Simpson - who played the past version of the Man in Black - is currently unconfirmed to appear in season two, meaning that a return to the show's past timeline is still up in the air.

Talulah Riley as Angela in Westworld

Despite only being a recurring character, Riley's character had a robotic, tranquil charm that typified the hosts' original purpose and was the exact opposite of her later position as a follower of Wyatt. These two contrasting roles expertly displayed Riley's acting chops and the character quickly endeared herself to viewers as a result.

Given her sparse appearances in Westworld's first season, it's difficult to decipher what Angela's increased role in season two could indicate about the direction the show will be heading in when it returns. It's possible that more flashback scenes are in store - since it has already been revealed that Angela is one of the park's older hosts - and that viewers will be getting more history and backstory to explain the inner workings of Westworld and the Delos corporation behind it.

However, as one of Wyatt's people, it's equally as likely that Angela will be making more appearances in the present timeline. With the hosts now seemingly hostile towards guests and increasing in sentience, the probability of Westworld delving deeper into each android's individual personalities is high and Angela is a prime candidate for such treatment.

Westworld season 2 premieres in 2018.

Source: Deadline

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