Westworld Season 1 Finale Synopsis: The Bicameral Mind

Jeffrey Wright and Anthony Hopkins in Westworld Season 1 Episode 9

In the penultimate episode of Westworld season 1, HBO's big-budget fan theory generator delivered a revelation to one of its many mysteries that have been feeding internet message boards and Reddit threads for weeks now. But while the hour offered some answers, it somehow managed to raise even more questions, leaving audiences wondering where (and sometimes when) many of the show's central characters actually are, and what fate will befall them come the season finale next Sunday.

The preview for 'The Bicameral Mind' teases plenty of violent delights coming to presumably violent ends, as Anthony Hopkins' Dr. Robert Ford speaks ominously about the role storytelling played in his childhood, and how, supposedly like the park he helped create, stories help people find out who they really are. Ford says, "I've always loved a good story. Stories help us become the people we dreamed of being. Lies that told a deeper truth." It's probably no coincidence that HBO chose to use that turn of phrase in promoting an episode that will likely be judged first and foremost by its ability to deliver on the sort of truths that have so far remained largely obscured throughout the first season.

To coincide with the release of the trailer, the premium cabler has also delivered an official synopsis for the episode, touting its 90-minute runtime and offering a clean, simple outline of what fans can expect. And, of course, by clean and simple it is understood that the synopsis is vague – like "On the next episode of AMC's Mad Men" vague. But despite key details remaining elusive, there's likely enough there to whet any fan's appetite. Check the synopsis out below:

"Ford (Anthony Hopkins) unveils his bold new narrative; Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) embraces her identity; Maeve (Thandie Newton) sets her plan in motion. Written by Lisa Joy & Jonathan Nolan; directed by Jonathan Nolan."

Tessa Thompson and Ed Harris in Westworld Season 1 Episode 9

As has been promised almost all season long, it would seem that Ford's new narrative is finally ready for public consumption – or at least for Charlotte Hale and the Delos board to take a look at it before presumably attempting to unseat the park's creator and take his secrets for whatever purpose they have in mind. So far this season, the new narrative has been something of a sore subject for nearly everyone in the Westworld HQ, as the secrecy surrounding it and the disruptions it has caused with other narratives have made everyone's job just a little more difficult. But it has also been the proverbial storm cloud (or maybe gigantic earth-mover) on the horizon, promising potentially apocalyptic change that everyone outside of Ford seems woefully unprepared for.

But there are two other narratives that – as far as we know – Ford doesn't have a hand in writing. Dolores finally met up with the Man in Black at the church amidst experiencing a fairly bloody flashback that more or less hints at her playing a part in the incident that took place 30 years ago. Meanwhile, Maeve also attempts to prove that, like history, robot uprisings are bound to repeat themselves. The only question is: how far will Maeve go to get the heck outta Dodge?

Co-writers Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan have an extra 30 minutes in their finale to answer as many questions as possible, and to set the table for what is likely and already anticipated season 2.


Westworld will air its season 1 finale next Sunday @9pm on HBO.

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