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Season 1 of HBO's Westworld draws to a close this Sunday with 'The Bicameral Mind'. The show has become addictive viewing, with multiple fan theories springing up around the various mysteries within, and with each episode asking as many questions as they answer. This weekend, events that have been building all season will come to a head, and now some new photos from 'The Bicameral Mind' are available to whet our appetites.

On their own, the images don't tell us too much about what we will see in the finale, although they do suggest that the pairing of Dolores and the Man in Black will be a focus for this final episode, which isn't surprising. The shot of Dolores standing next to her own grave raises some big questions: why did a previous version of her host character get a gravestone? Who else is buried in this graveyard? Is this connected to the early test runs of the park? It does also confirm that when the Man in Black showed up at the end of last week's episode, he doesn't kill or harm Dolores as he (presumably) has done in the past. Instead, it looks like he will be joining her on her quest for answers.

The other telling image is the one of Maeve and Hector disguised as park employees. Last week, we saw Maeve convince Hector that they are being controlled, and bring him over to her cause (along with some fiery passion between these two hosts). This week, it looks like they will either be attempting their breakout, or doing some more recon within the park facilities -- perhaps testing to see how easy it is to impersonate an employee. The return of Armistice (who was killed by Maeve last episode) suggests that some time has passed; at least enough for her to be repaired and brought back online.

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It looks like 'The Bicameral Mind' is going to be a huge finale, and we could get answers to several major questions. Both Teddy and Dolores's memories may be explained (with that graveyard shot and the massacre Teddy was involved in), which could lead to an explanation of the early days of the park and what, exactly, happened to Arnold. We could also see Maeve making her final play -- will she manage to make it out of the park? We don't even know if that's actually her intention at this point. Maeve could have much larger, more complex plan for the other hosts.

The sheer volume of questions left to answer in the finale may have some fans worrying about just how much there is to fit into one episode -- even an extra-long episode. Jimmi Simpson (William) has said that the season won't end on a cliffhanger, though, so that may offer some hope to those worried they won't get enough answers.

Westworld concludes season 1 this Sunday with 'The Bicameral Mind' @9pm on HBO.

Photos: John P. Johnson/HBO

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