Westworld: J.J. Abrams Presents Season 1 Finale Clip on Tonight Show

Anthony Hopkins in Westworld Season 1 Episode 8

[WARNING - This article contains SPOILERS for Westworld season 1.]


HBO's Westworld has been a real puzzle of a series, encouraging viewers to analyze everything in order to craft theories about what's really going on. Trying to unravel the mysteries of Westworld has become an essential part of series - and in the instances where some those theories have come true, a rewarding one for fans.

This Sunday is Westworld's season 1 finale, 'The Bicameral Mind'; an episode that's been confirmed as having an extended runtime of 90 minutes in which to really delve into the secrets of the park. While making an appearance on last night's The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Westworld executive producer J.J. Abrams discussed getting the series made - an endeavor which took almost 20 years! - and shared a clip from the finale. Given the mysterious nature of the series, not much is revealed in the clip, but it does tease the impending clash between Westworld's creator, Ford (Anthony Hopkins) and Charlotte (Tessa Thompson), Delos' executive director of the board overseeing the park.

You can check out The Tonight Show excerpt below, which includes the brief exchange host Jimmy Fallon and Abrams share about the series as well as the clip from the finale.



Ford's new narrative has been a driving force for the whole season, with the park's current operations being upended just to accommodate the creator's every whim. It's also been a real source of tension between Ford and the board, drawing suspicions about what Ford's real intentions are and what the narrative is actually about. And for all of the theories which have seemingly been confirmed, we know next to nothing about Ford's narrative, leaving it open to be a truly shocking revelation.

Besides getting the truth on the new narrative, the Westworld season 1 finale will also feature Maeve's (Thandie Newton) plan to escape the facility as well as what comes of Dolores' (Evan Rachel Wood) encounter with The Man in Black (Ed Harris). 'The Bicameral Mind' will also check in with a recently revived Teddy (James Marsden) and update us on William's (Jimmie Simpson) progress, perhaps even outright confirming if he later becomes The Man in Black (one of the strongest remaining theories).

Clearly, there's a lot of ground for the 90-minute Westworld season 1 finale to cover, but the series' creators have confirmed the episode will contain more answers than questions - promising to resolve the show's most intriguing mysteries to date, in the process.

Westworld concludes season 1 this Sunday with ‘The Bicameral Mind’ @9pm on HBO.

Source: The Tonight Show

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