Westworld Season 1 Finale Provides More Answers Than Questions

Evan Rachel Wood and Jimmi Simpson in Westworld Episode 7

[SPOILERS ahead for those not caught up on Westworld.]


Though it only premiered in October, Westworld has already generated enough buzz to rival its mega-hit sister show, Game of Thrones. The high-concept sci-fi thriller has maintained knockout ratings since breaking an HBO record with its very first episode, and interest has only accelerated from there: it’s currently raking in roughly 2 million viewers per episode.

Westworld's instant success is due in large part to the rampant theories that have trailed it, often offering up more questions than answers. Meta references, clever narratives, and well-placed hints have lit the internet ablaze, but recent episodes have begun to pull back the curtain on Westworld’s ultra secretive façade. Its last few installments have featured some major, much-anticipated reveals.

Showrunner/creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have now promised to tie up all major lingering loose threads by the Westworld season 1 finale on Sunday, Dec. 4. All except for one, that is. Here is what the pair told Entertainment Weekly, on that subject:

 Joy: "Most of the questions viewers have will be resolved in the final episodes, except for the most important one: What happens next.”

Nolan: "[We] weren’t interested in spinning out mysteries with no answers in sight. [We want to] tell an ambitious story in season-long chapters, each with a distinct feel and theme.”

Westworld Season 2 Ed Harris Man in Black

This should come as a huge relief to fans, as Westworld’s mysteries were left murky for the better part of season 1. Episode 7, “Trompe L’Oeil,” served as a crucial turning point. After much speculation, Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) was confirmed to be an android. Episodes 8 and 9 further pieced together some of the puzzle: an anagram revealed he was, indeed, a model of Westworld co-creator Arnold Weber, and we finally found out what the maze means. Though they’ve yet to be outwardly confirmed, many other dominant theories have become increasingly self-evident. Both the concept that Westworld is operating on (at least) two timelines and the idea that the soft-hearted William grows up to be the vindictive, murderous Man In Black are near irrefutable.

Still, there are a number of important puzzles that remain unsolved. We still don’t know exactly where the park is located, or even what time period the show is taking place in. Plus, how exactly this all came to be is still a little fuzzy. Can we just get one massive, explanatory monologue? Knowing Westworld, it’s unlikely everything will end wrapped in a neat little bow, but at least we can get a little peace of mind knowing most of our questions will be answered.

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Westworld season 1 concludes with ‘The Bicameral Mind’ @9pm on HBO on Sunday, December 4th.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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