Westworld Poster, Promo & Video Go Behind the Fantasy

Westworld Poster, Promo & Videos

HBO is set to premiere its next big series Westworld, and the premium cabler is making sure that audiences know just how big it's going to be. So far, the series has developed a bit of a reputation not only because the creative minds behind it are creators Jonathan and Lisa Joy Nolan and executive producer J.J. Abrams, but also because the series' production was highlighted by a somewhat scandalous casting notice and the fact that filming was shut down for some time so the writers had the chance to get the story they wanted to tell right. While the former will likely increase general curiosity around the new series, the latter is more important for the long run, especially since it's been said the narrative has been mapped out for several seasons.

Whether or not you think a series mapping out its future like that is good or bad, it is interesting in the sense that Westworld, like so many other TV series today, isn't being built as television shows once were. That is: it's not constructed to last until every drop of creativity is picked from its carcass. Instead, the show is designed to be finite from the get-go, which means at a certain point the plot will inherently become more dense, giving HBO an addition to its growing library of on-demand television that's practically begging those watching to pour over it again and again.

Westworld Poster

The promise of a heady television series that goes full-in on its sci-fi premise and attempts to ask some thought provoking questions about the nature of humanity, what it means to be alive and how consciousness is quantified in such a way that those in a position of power are allowed to say who is in possession of it and who is not is a daunting sell for HBO. To help them with that task ahead of the all-important Sunday night premiere, the premium cable channel has recruited the creative minds behind the series to help break its various big concepts down and at the same time get the audiences' juices juicing for an exciting new series.

The first video (above) is the longer of the two and qualifies more as a featurette. It brings in Nolan and Abrams, but also several key cast members, like Evan Rachel Wood and James Marsden, who play characters in the show's eponymous theme park. Both actors do a good job explaining the size of the series and letting viewers know they can expect a lot of action along with the existential questions that Nolan and Abrams are interested in touting the importance of.

Along with the featurette, HBO has also released a stylish new poster. Given the level of detail in the theme park's robots (called "hosts") it's likely the poster is meant to have the viewer question the nature of the phrase "Where Life Begins." That concept is explored further in the very brief promo featuring Delores (Wood) and Thandie Newton as Maeve Millay, both of whom appear perplexed and a little traumatized by past memories and things they may unsure whether or not they've seen, which cause them to question the nature of their reality.

Thankfully, with the series premiere less than a week away it won't be long until audiences find out if Westworld is going to be as big as these promos suggest it will.


Westworld premieres Sunday, October 2 @9pm on HBO.

Source: HBO

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