Westworld Preview Screeners Revealed Teddy Twist Early

Teddy's dark turn in Westworld Season 2 was foreshadowed in a previous episode - but only the press screener version. With Season 2 halfway done, everyone is still trying figure out how Westworld's crazy timelines connect, and what they all mean. Just as confusing is Dolores and her awoken journey to the Valley Beyond. As her story progresses, she reveals just how relentless she is in pursuing her goal. No one is going to get in her way. Not even her faithful lover, Teddy Flood.

In Episode 5, “Akane No Mai” (one of the more linear stories so far) Dolores talked to Teddy about what is real and what is part of his programming. It's apparent from the conversation that Teddy and Dolores aren't on the same page; after she watched him let Major Craddock go unharmed, she decided it was time to give Teddy a different kind of upgrade. The aired version of the episode only showed the standard programming screen on the tech's tablet before he changed Teddy's character, with viewers having to wait a week to find out what she'd done.

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We already know Dolores doesn't just want to control Westworld, she wants to get out into the real world, and in order to reach her goal, her posse better be in line. As such, she obliterated Teddy's good guy character with a few simple keystrokes. In Westworld terms, Dolores made Teddy pick the symbolic black hat. The true extent of these adjustments were revealed in Episode 6, "Phase Space," although some people had a head start.

The preview version sent to the press showed what was done: on one of the park's iPad-like controllers, we saw Teddy's code from Ford's new narrative in Season 1 transform into a newer, darker version. Dolores maxed out his aggression, courage, tenacity, decisiveness, self-preservation, cruelty, coordination and bulk apperception while lowering his empathy, patience, humility and imagination.

Westworld Season 2 Trailer - Teddy

Preview screeners are unfinished versions of the show, with it noted that effects aren't always complete and reedit may be made, so this isn't a shocking development by itself. That said, it is still curious that HBO elected to hold this information back after first revealing it. Although Teddy's darker side is unveiled properly an episode later, the cut was possibly done to preserve that surprise, or to avoid confusion about what he was going to become.

It does have an impact on how we view Teddy going forward, posing questions of just how deep will this new code affect the rider? In "Phase Space," we saw a Teddy who had been "liberated" from his kindness and compassion - ready to kill without compunction, and wearing a much colder demeanor. But there still might be a little nugget of kindness buried below all that darkness, raising questions of if altering him without a reset means Teddy isn't totally gone; according to the readout, when Dolores changed his code, she did not max his loyalty.

Time will tell if he turns out to be the one who turns on Dolores. Luckily, there are still a few more episodes left to see the fate of Teddy in Westworld Season 2.

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Westworld Season 2 continues on HBO at 9pm EST.

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