Westworld: 5 Things That Might Possibly Happen To Logan In Season 3

Westworld’s third season is still more than a year away, but the questions and mysteries continue to pile up. It doesn’t help that the continuation of HBO’s revisionist take on the cult hit from 1973 takes place in what appears to be a technologically-advanced city in the distant future – a first for a series that was primarily set within the parks.

While the show will bring back its core Guests and Hosts, one character whose fate remains unclear is that of Logan Delos – who was said to have died offscreen following a drug overdose. Given his importance to some characters’ backstories and Delos Incorporated itself, Logan’s presence may still have an impact on the overall story. Here are 5 things that might possibly happen to the former heir-apparent to Delos Incorporated and how they may affect the bigger picture in the process.

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5 Logan’s Death Is Shown

Westworld is known for having a rather chaotic timeline, with episodes that jump to and from the present to the past and even the future (as evidenced by the post-credits teaser of season two’s finale) in a heartbeat. With a narrative framework as loose as this, it won’t be that much of a surprise if Logan’s overdose is shown.

What could catch even the most attentive viewers is the methodology and motive behind his death. Just because William and an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) impersonating Logan said that Delos’ son – a hedonistic playboy – died by drug overdose doesn’t mean they’re being honest. Logan’s death would prove convenient for some people within the boardroom, since many would stand to gain from the sudden passing of one of the most powerful people in Delos Incorporated.

With that in mind, it’s plausible that William had a hand in Logan’s death or worse, he committed the crime himself. But on the other hand, his apathy towards his brother-in-law may have been more than enough to drive Logan deeper into a drug-fueled depression that eventually killed him.

4 Logan Will Be Avenged

Assuming that Logan really died after a drug overdose as different characters claim, someone out there is bound to avenge him. Logan may not be the most likeable of Westworld’s many deplorable characters – in fact he’s one of the most repulsive of the lot – but he was still a major player in Delos Incorporated before William’s takeover.

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Whether it’s a distant family member or one of Logan’s few friends within the company, someone would surely want William to answer for his callousness. Westworld is a show that centers around its characters’ hubris and how their past mistakes can come back with a bloody vengeance, and William’s involvement (or lack thereof) in Logan’s death may end up giving the Man in Black a taste of his own medicine.

After all, one of the Hosts based on his father James Delos described him as a “cheeky wee cunt” that he would do anything for. Though James shunned his son, it’s not impossible for a host based on him – if there are any more in hiding – to redeem himself.

3 Logan Isn’t Really Dead

Westworld is known for its story-breaking twists, some of which involve the true identities of certain characters. One of the most memorable examples of this centers around William, who was revealed to be the sadistic Man In Black at the end of his arc. In a show filled with dark pasts and secrecy, it won’t be too surprising if Logan faked his death and assumed another identity.

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The main thrust of the upcoming third season is still unknown, so counting Logan out of the game would be too quick an assumption. If this really is the case, the main question surrounding Logan’s survival won’t be how he did it but why and what he plans to do next.

William basically took everything away from Logan while humiliating him as well, so vengeance wouldn’t be too far away from his mind should he still be alive and bitter. Westworld’s third season takes place after an indeterminable amount of time has passed since the previous one’s end, and Logan may have been plotting something big in the time that passed.

2 Logan Returns As A Host

Westworld season two revealed that Delos Incorporated created the parks not for mere amusement, but to achieve immortality through science. The hope is that once the technology is perfected, the consciousness of a Guest (or any rich person willing to pay) could be uploaded into their Host, thus cheating death. Since this has proven well for Robert Ford – who now lives on as an A.I. – it’s possible that Logan lived on by following the same process.

As a disembodied A.I., Logan would have more than enough motivation to cause havoc on both the real world and the parks – assuming either of the two are still around or aren’t simulations. Being a part of the networks would also give Delos Incorporated’s original heir-apparent new abilities such as possessing any Host of his choosing, which he could use to his advantage and delight.

When he was alive, Logan indulged in all the excesses and vices that a human being could think of. But if he somehow managed to escape to a higher plane of existence, his horizons for debauchery and whatever else he may desire could be widened in ways he never thought possible in a previous life.

1 Logan Is The Forge

Outside of a few flashbacks, Logan doesn’t appear much in Westworld’s second season, with his biggest scene featuring him as the human-looking avatar for The Forge’s A.I. that gives Dolores and Bernard a tour of a lab full of James Delos Hosts. While Dolores and Bernard deduce that the Logan they’re talking to is just The Forge’s avatar, it’s not too left-field to say that this is Logan’s final posthumous form.

Compared to just being a disembodied A.I. like Ford, being The Forge – or at least its embodiment – would grant Logan even more access to abilities and information than ever before. Simply put, The Forge is the park’s main server that stores vast amounts of information about humans that was used in Delos Incorporated’s attempts to perfectly replicate a person’s consciousness. All this information would be within Logan’s grasp.

Seeing the playboy gain this level of sentience and technological godhood would give the third season an interesting conflict since up to this point, Westworld featured antagonists who were either intellectual sociopaths or petty sadists. Seeing a character once known for his base impulses ascend to such heights would not only be intriguing, but frightening as well.

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