The Ultimate Westworld Gift Guide

The HBO series - based on the 1973 film of the same name, which was written and directed by Michael Crichton - is a popular one, so we decided to put together the ultimate gift guide. People who want to start a Westworld collection, those looking to buy a present for a fan and anyone who is obsessed with Dolores Abernathy should look below for some of the coolest themed products out there...

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10 Westworld Mug

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Imagine being able to celebrate this amazing television series every single morning. That is what can happen with this mug, which puts a caffeinated twist on a classic line from this show; the Man in Black (who is also William and who is played by Ed Harris) is told that the maze is not meant for him, and when it comes to coffee, many people are not into sharing!

This funny gift is perfect for anyone who really knows Westworld and can appreciate this play on words. Plus, since this is ceramic, it is also dishwasher- and microwave-safe, which is always nice.

9 Westworld Casual Crew Sock

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An easy way to show off a passion for any TV show is through clothing items, which is why these socks are here on this list! They feature a Western sunset, as well as wording that would easily lure a guest to this theme park: Discover your true calling. That is what can happen at this place...and so much more.  

As those who watch this series know, even the hosts are beginning to learn their true callings, too, and these colorful socks are a fun nod to that. These would be great in a stocking or as a “just because” present.

8 Westworld (Music From The HBO® Series)

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In this television show, there is an exciting setting. There are interesting characters. There are twists, turns and new developments that keep us hooked. There are well-known actors and actresses playing the lead roles. And there is that music!

From the intro, which is the perfect blend of creepy and beautiful, to the popular hits that are given a Western twist on that cool saloon piano, the soundtrack in Westworld is one of the best. Therefore, a super thoughtful gift to give out would be this exclusive triple vinyl, which features a complete collection of songs from this television series.

7 FOCO Westworld Character Bobble Body Mold

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Speaking of that intro… One of the most vivid visuals associated with this show is the body mold; fans get a behind-the-scenes look at how the life-like androids are made, which includes a mold that is held in a circular machine being dipped down into a pool of white.

This eight-inch bobble figurine shows that off in a fun way! It's handcrafted, with lots of fine details, and it has an official Westworld logo on its base, making it the perfect addition to any collection and the perfect product for any fan. Yes, bobble heads are cool, but this one is even better.

6 Westworld (Book)

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Read the story that started it all! In 1973, Michael Crichton - an author, a screenwriter and a film director/producer who is known for works like Jurassic Park - released Westworld, a film he wrote and directed. There was a sequel film called Futureworld, which came out in 1976, a short-lived television series titled Beyond Westworld in 1980, and, of course, HBO’s Westworld, which premiered in 2016.

But the original can be read through this paperback, with this popular writer’s take on this futuristic Western amusement park. This version also includes a special introduction by the author and a 32-page photo portfolio

5 Westworld Sequin Pillowcase

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There are two things that are really loved by people: this TV show and products covered in mermaid sequins! These reversible sequins, which we are all familiar with, can change colors and even reveal entirely new messages and images, just by having a hand rubbed over them.

Well, now, that magic can be enjoyed with a Westworld twist! This high-quality pillowcase features sparkly red sequins on one side. But after brushing them the other way, the maze can be seen. Since the maze is a huge part of this television series, this really does feel a must-own item for fans.

4 Westworld S2: The Door

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Of course, when it comes to the perfect products for people who watch Westworld, we must discuss the actual series. It is great to watch new episodes every week on HBO (when a season is happening). It is fun to see favorite clips online. But now, we can all watch every episode as many times as we would like by owning the entire second season!

Since this TV show was renewed for a third season, everyone should probably go ahead and get this DVD or Blu-ray, just to make sure we are all prepared for new upcoming episodes of Westworld.

3 Delos Canvas Tote Bag

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A trusty canvas tote bag is awesome to have around, as it can be used like a purse or backpack and since it is good for the environment, such as when it is utilized as a reusable grocery bag. So if someone gave a fan of Westworld a canvas tote that was inspired by the show… That would be a win-win situation.

Within this show, the theme park is brought about by a company called Delos, whose tagline can be seen on this bag: The vacation of the future - today! Therefore, people can pretend they actually visited this world when carrying this gift.

2 Funko Westworld POP! Musashi

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Funko figurines, from POP!, are super popular amongst fans of all ages. They can be played with like toys, which would allow young fans to have characters from different shows and movies interact, and they can be displayed, as many older fans have collections of these, which highlight passion for certain series and films.

That being said, we definitely suggest this Funko figure - Musashi! He is from the Shogun World, a different park - filled with samurais - that Westworld characters discovered and fans got to see. Will we see more of him? Will we discover other parks? We will hopefully find out soon!

1 Westworld: S1

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And, of course, Season 1 belongs on this gift guide, which is full of ideas relating to this exciting and amazing television series. If anyone out there can’t get enough of this show, this product should be owned. If someone is needing a fun gift for a birthday, for a friend or for any other reason, this Blu-ray or DVD set should be considered.

If fans are interested in new exclusive special features and a premium collective booklet, this item should be purchased. In short, this is another must-have gift for those who are as into Westworld as we are!

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