Westworld: The Ghost Nation's True Purpose Revealed

Westworld finally gave us answers to our questions about the Ghost Nation, and their true purpose was revealed through the story of Akecheta.

Westworld - Ghost Nation

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Westworld Season 2, Episode 8


Westworld finally provided answers to their Ghost Nation questions in this week's episode, "Kiksuya".  Zahn McLarnon gives a great performance as his character, Akecheta, provides insight about the history of the Ghost Nation and their awakening. Akecheta takes us on an emotional journey that parallels the famous Greek story of Orpheus and Eurydice: a man who traveled to the Underworld to bring his lover back to the land of the living. Out of that story spins a world of love, consciousness, and a quest to defend against the Deathbringer (a.k.a. Wyatt a.k.a. Dolores).

Akecheta tells his story to Maeve's daughter (and through her, to Maeve), explaining how he and the rest of Ghost Nation became sentient. It was during the time before the park opened that Akecheta stumbled upon the The Maze symbol. In the aftermath of Dolores shooting Arnold, Akecheta found the puzzle game that Arnold gave Dolores to start her journey towards consciousness. Soon he become obsessed with the symbol and started become self-aware. He even started to show the symbol to other members of Ghost Nation to help them become sentient, which explains why there were Maze symbols scattered throughout Westworld in season 1.

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Not only did Akecheta spread the word about the symbol to his tribe, but he was the reason Maeve began her journey. Back in season 1, during Maeve's flashback, everyone thought the Ghost Nation warrior outside the house was trying to kill her. Instead, it was revealed that Akecheta was protecting Maeve's daughter because she once saved his life. He was the one that drew The Maze symbol in front of the door, and why Maeve is seen holding her daughter in the center of it.

Zahn McClarnon as Akecheta in Westworld

But it was towards the end of "Kiksuya" where the Ghost Nation's true purpose was revealed. Akecheta found his "creator," Robert Ford, in the wilderness. Ford admitted that he created Akecheta to be curious, and was amazed at how he achieved consciousness before Dolores and Maeve. Because of this, Ford asked Akecheta to continue waking others. He even told Akecheta to gather his people and meet at The Door once The Deathbringer comes for Ford.

This isn't just any reveal. What it means is that Ford wants Akecheta to help the others and bring them to the Valley Beyond possibly to defend against Dolores and her army. With the ending twist that Akecheta was telling his story Maeve, this could lead to an alliance between the two- especially since we know from the Westworld season 2 premiere that Dolores and her followers killed several members of the Ghost Nation.

Although this episode strayed from the usual action and the main characters' story lines, it didn't spiral us into multiple timelines. Instead, it gave us a very linear story that revealed more about the purpose of the Ghost Nation and how they factor into the greater story. If Akecheta and the Ghost Nation are meant to team up with Maeve, then Westworld may have provided its story's main villain: Dolores.

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Westworld continues Sundays on HBO at 9pm.

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