Westworld’s Evan Rachel Wood Reveals Which Fan Theory She Got Right

Evan Rachel Wood As Dolores In Westworld

Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood reveals which of the big plot twists in the show she called while filming - and it turns out that she had as many fan theories as the viewers. The series, based on the film of the same name, was HBO's big new hit last year, and it was packed with sex, violence and surprises. As the story unfolded, fans were speculating frantically about what was happening, from theories about multiple timelines to Maeve's (Thandie Newton) free will, to alien planets and undead creators.

The first season of the show wrapped up with answers to many of these questions, but left several unanswered, and a few new ones asked. With fans now looking forward to a second season (and the introduction of a new, samurai world) Wood looks back over the first season, and some of the theories that she came up with during filming.

In an interview with the LA Times, Wood revealed that she and the rest of the cast were just as busy speculating as the fans - although they were doing it during filming, not as the show aired. She had plenty of theories, but is especially proud that she recognized William (Jimmi Simpson) would eventually become the Man in Black (Ed Harris) almost immediately.

I was certainly the main geek on set coming into the hair and makeup trailer every day going off on some tangents, I think I had about 100 theories and four were right.

I had done the scene with Ed [Harris] in the pilot where he picked up the can and gave it to me, tipped his hat. And I just had a déjà vu. I was doing the same scene with Jimmi [Simpson]. And I could just tell the energy on set was very specific, and they were being very specific about how we were shooting, and how he was picking it up. The first time he did it and I took it, I looked in his eye, and I just went, ‘Oh, that would be messed up. Which means, that’s what it is.’ But then it wasn’t confirmed and I kinda threw it out.

Westworld William Man in Black Theory

And then halfway through we're sitting there on set going, ‘I really, really hope you're not the Man in Black, man. It’s just so heartbreaking... Which is why I knew it was right. Whether you figured it out or not — the payoff of the explanation is so good. I knew that was coming and I knew there was going to be a big reveal.

This was one of the biggest fan theories of the season, as viewers came to the realization that they were watching more than one timeline playing out simultaneously. Over the course of the season, William goes from being the earnest and good young man who falls in love with a park robot (and starts to seemingly trigger her consciousness), to the twisted and violent Man In Black.

Wood also spoke a little bit about season 2 in the interview, echoing what she has said before about being excited to see how the character will evolve and really come into her strength. While she won't reveal any major spoilers for the upcoming season 2, there's one thing that's certain - it's going to be a very interesting follow up to the twists and turns of season 1.

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Westworld season 2 will premiere on HBO in 2018.

Source: LA Times

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