Westworld Season 1 Character Guide: The Good, The Bad & The Android

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The latest high-concept drama to debut on HBO and capture the attention of millions of fans is the science fiction series Westworld. Based on the 1973 film of the same name from writer and director Michael Crichton, the original story followed two visitors in a near future amusement park populated by lifelike androids. HBO's series has taken the concept and expanded upon the park -- called Westworld after its Old West theme -- as well as the backstage area populated by the employees of Delos Destinations.

The complex tale of humanity and artificial consciousness that HBO's Westworld is weaving features a large cast of characters, ranging from the co-founder of the park, the programmers and behavioral specialists behind the scenes to the guests and their android hosts in the western setting. To complicate matters further, Westworld has made it difficult to discern whether certain characters are human or android -- with the knowledge that androids are made to be nearly indistinguishable from humans hanging over the series' characters.

So, given the large cast and their varying motivations -- as well as their dubious humanness in some cases -- we're breaking down the characters from Westworld season 1, whether they're human or android, and how they fit into the story.

Dr. Robert Ford

Westworld - Anthony Hopkins and faces

Portrayed by: Anthony Hopkins

Human or Android: Human

The mysterious and somewhat reclusive co-founder of Westworld, Dr. Robert Ford has been with the park since its inception. In addition to being its co-founder, he is Westworld's creative director, chief programmer, and chairman of the board. In the early episodes of season 1, Dr. Ford mainly interacts with hosts (he's first seen talking to a host that has been in cold storage for some time) and keeps to himself as he builds a new narrative into the park.

Although Dr. Ford seems to have a good mentor relationship with Bernard, he can be antagonistic toward other members of the staff. He was presumably close with his fellow Westworld co-founder, Arnold, who Dr. Ford says died in the park after becoming obsessed with giving the hosts consciousness. However, Dr. Ford keeps his plans for his new narrative, and the park as a whole, close to the vest.

Bernard Lowe

Jeffrey Wright in Westworld

Portrayed by: Jeffrey Wright

Human or Android: Presumed human

Head of the Westworld programming division, Bernard is in charge of giving the hosts their personalities, working out the kinks in their behavioral programming, and fixing any glitches that cause the hosts to stray from their storyline. He works with both Dr. Ford and Elsie, as well as collaborating with Theresa and Lee in the goings on behind the scenes of the park.

However, Bernard is keeping secrets from his coworkers, including a relationship with Theresa and conversations with Dolores about her mental state, programming, and divergence from her typical loop. It's unclear what Bernard's motivations are, or what he hopes to achieve with his conversations with Dolores.

Bernard additionally has a wife, Lauren (Gina Torres), who he communicates with from the Westworld facility, and he had a son that died.

Theresa Cullen

Westworld Character Guide Theresa

Portrayed by: Sidse Babett Knudsen

Human or Android: Presumed human

As the Westworld operations manager, Theresa is in charge of the day-to-day goings on of the park, overseeing all the divisions so that the hosts stay on their loops, the guests don't get too out of control, and the park doesn't fall into unscripted chaos. She is described as "terse" in her dealings with the Westworld employees and she acts as the go-between for the employees and the Delos Destinations board.

Little is known about Theresa's life outside Westworld, though she maintains a relationship with Bernard. In a conversation with Dr. Ford, Theresa reveals she visited the park as a child with her parents and quickly decided it wasn't a place she could enjoy. She also says that she hates Westworld.

Elsie Hughes

Westworld Character Guide Elsie Hughes

Portrayed by: Shannon Woodward

Human or Android: Presumed human

A member of the programming division, Elsie reports to Bernard and works on fixing any glitches in the hosts' code that would cause behavioral abnormalities. She is described as a "rising star" within the division and Bernard has complimented her talents, specifically when it comes to pinpointing odd behavior in the hosts and attempting to deduce the problem. In fact, Elsie was the one to figure it out when a host killed droids that had wronged him in previous narratives -- and that the host was talking to someone named Arnold.

Dedicated to her work, little is known about Elsie outside of Westworld -- though she does kiss the host Clementine while the android is offline and receiving a programming update.

Ashley Stubbs

Westworld Character Guide Ashley Stubbs

Portrayed by: Luke Hemsworth

Human or Android: Presumed human

As the head of Westworld's security team, Stubbs is tasked with monitoring all goings-on in the park to ensure the safety of the guests. If there is a problem with the hosts -- such as in the premiere episode when there was a disturbance in cold storage, or later when a host went off his loop and started wandering in the desert -- Stubbs responds either with a security team or on his own.

He also has the ability to call the shots in the control room, as evidenced when a technician asked if they should slow down the Man in Black after he went on a killing spree, and Stubbs made the call that the guest was allowed to do whatever he wanted.

Lee Sizemore

Westworld Character Guide Lee

Portrayed by: Simon Quarterman

Human or Android: Presumed human

Head of the Narrative division, Lee is in charge of developing and implementing new storylines into Westworld. He is described as someone whose "storylines tantalize the guests, while his temperament grates on his colleagues." Certainly, that temperament was evident in the early episodes of Westworld, when he cared more for his narratives than the glitches of the hosts (or, presumably, the safety of the guests).

Although Lee planned a major new narrative arc, "Odyssey on Red River," to be implemented into Westworld, Dr. Ford vetoed the storyline (which included both vivisection and self-cannibalism) because it isn't true to the park's mission. Rather than have the storylines reveal to the guests their true selves, as Lee believed, the narratives are meant to show the visitors who they could be, as Ford explained.

Dolores Abernathy

HBO sets Westworld premiere date

Portrayed by: Evan Rachel Wood

Human or Android: Android

Designed to be the quintessential rancher's daughter, Dolores starts out as an innocent and naive host who is programmed not to hurt a fly (though, at the end of the premiere episode she breaks this rule). Her narrative loop includes gathering supplies in town -- dropping a can to give an opening to any guest who would want to interact with her -- spending time with Teddy, and returning home to find bandits have murdered her parents. Many times, the Man and Black has joined the bandits and assaulted Dolores.

However, as evidenced by Dolores killing the fly in the premiere episode, she is beginning to open her eyes to the world around her. Between her conversations with Bernard -- which showcase a troubling amount of self-awareness -- her shooting a bandit that intended to assault her, and leaving her loop to spend time with William, Dolores is getting farther and farther off track. She also keeps hearing a voice (presumably Arnold/his original programming), and she reveals to Ford that she was part of Arnold's plan to destroy Westworld.

Maeve Millay

Westworld Character Guide Maeve

Portrayed by: Thandie Newton

Human or Android: Android

The madam of Westworld's brothel, Maeve is described as "beautiful and razor-sharp" with a sense "for reading people and a knack for survival." She easily reads the guests in order to procure whatever will meet their desires, and has a backstory that includes arriving in the new world and creating a new life for herself.

However, Maeve has grown increasingly self-aware -- having memories of herself and her daughter being attacked by Native Americans, then waking up on a table in the Delos facility and seeing hurt androids waiting to be repaired. Additionally, she has visions of the Delos team members who enter the park to retrieve hosts and learns that she has had these visions many times, storing drawings of the figure under a floorboard in her room. Maeve puts together that her actions don't matter since she will return to her life with all injuries healed.

Teddy Flood

Westworld Character Guide Teddy Flood

Portrayed by: James Marsden

Human or Android: Android

An android host whose storyline sees him arriving in Sweetwater on the train along with the guests, Teddy is a gunslinger who is in love with Dolores -- though a sense of guilt over his past deeds prevents him from running away with her. Teddy and Dolores' love story is a tragic one and, as the Man in Black points out in the series premiere, their relationship seems to exist mainly to provide another obstacle for black hats like him and the bandits.

Although Teddy's back story didn't have any specific details, Dr. Ford decides to weave him into a new narrative and introduces a new character. Wyatt is established as a new foe for Teddy, and the two have history together, serving in the army together as friends until Wyatt became a murderer who claimed to hear the voice of god. He inspired followers to his cause, and Teddy's new storyline includes him seeking vengeance on Wyatt for all the people he killed.

Hector Escaton

Rodrigo Santoro in Westworld

Portrayed by: Rodrigo Santoro

Human or Android: Android

Westworld's most wanted bandit, Hector is a host within the park who instigates one of the biggest shows in Sweetwater's narrative. He spends the early days of his loop in jail, until his friends break him out, and they head to Sweetwater to steal the safe from the Mariposa Saloon, leading to a showdown in the middle of town between the bandits, the sheriff's men, and any participating guests. Hector is described as subscribing to "the theory that the West is a wild place, and the only way to survive is to embrace the role of predator."

Hector also has ties to the Native Americans, answering Maeve's questions about their beliefs and culture. He also gets drawn into Maeve's quest for understanding as she tells him that nothing they do matters because they will be returned to their lives whole again.


Westworld Character Guide Armistice

Portrayed by: Ingrid Bolsø Berdal

Human or Android: Android

A bandit who runs with Hector, Armistice is one of the more fearsome outlaws in Westworld. She is described as "a savage fighter and brutal bandit, whose ruthlessness is surpassed only by her abiding loyalty to her fellow outlaws." She participates in the showdown in Sweetwater, and is instrumental to the maze that the Man in Black is seeking. He helps her rescue Hector from jail in exchange for her telling the story behind the snake that is tattooed along her body.

Armistice reveals that her village was raided when she was young, and her mother killed viciously. Armistice only survived the raid by covering herself in her mother's blood and playing dead. Since then, she has been hunting down the raiders, killing them, and using their blood to tattoo the snake. There is one part of the snake left to be filled in - a spot she's saving for Wyatt.


Westworld Character Guide Lawrence

Portrayed by: Clifton Collins Jr.

Human or Android: Android

Another bandit within Westworld, Lawrence is a host who is rescued from hanging by the Man in Black in order to join the guest's search for the maze. The Man in Black drags Lawrence around throughout his quest, using him as a distraction to help break Hector out of jail, then later using his blood to revitalize Teddy. The Man in Black enjoys Lawrence's company, though he inevitably disposes of the android with little compassion.

It's later revealed that the earlier part of Lawrence's loop sees him in Pariah -- a city in which the rules of civilization don't apply -- as the outlaw El Lazo. He enlists the help of Logan and William to steal a shipment of nitroglycerin from U.S. soldiers to sell to the Confederados. However, Lawrence switches the nitroglycerin with tequila and steals the explosive chemical for himself, framing Logan and William. Though Logan is captured, William makes it to the train and joins Lawrence on the trip to the front lines of the war on the edges of Westworld.

Clementine Pennyfeather

Westworld Character Guide Clementine

Portrayed by: Angela Sarafyan

Human or Android: Android

A host working in the brothel for Maeve, Clementine is described as "one of Westworld’s most popular attractions, every aspect of Clementine is perfectly beguiling, by design." She is often seen in the Mariposa Saloon greeting new customers -- both guest and host -- with the line, "You're new. Not much of a rind on you." When Maeve is having trouble with the new update, the park briefly upgrades Clementine to the madam of the brothel.

During the park-wide programming update in the series premiere, Clementine is in diagnostics, where she exhibits one of the reveries in Dr. Ford's update. Bernard explains to Elsie that reveries are programmed actions and gestures that are tied to specific memories. However, little is known about Clementine's backstory.

The Man in Black

Portrayed by: Ed Harris

Human or Android: Presumed human

A mysterious older guest of the park, the Man in Black has been visiting Westworld for over 30 years. He plays the part of a sadistic black hat villain, terrorizing the residents of Sweetwater, particularly Dolores -- it's implied he has assaulted Dolores regularly over his many years in the park. The Man in Black is searching for a deeper level of the Westworld game, a truth established by Arnold within the confines of the park that is at the center of a maze.

Outside of the park, the Man in Black's identity is a mystery, though he revealed himself to be a wealthy investor who saved Westworld from ruin following Arnold's suicide. As a result, he's allowed to do whatever he wants within Westworld, killing or torturing hosts in his search for the maze.


Westworld Character Guide William

Portrayed by: Jimmi Simpson

Human or Android: Presumed human

A first time visitor of Westworld, William chooses to enter the park as a white hat (a good guy). He constantly butts heads with his companion, Logan, the brother of William's fiance and co-worker. While Logan urges William to take part in everything Westworld has to offer -- from the prostitutes to letting off steam by killing the hosts -- William doesn't want to cheat on his fiance or take life needlessly.

Dolores, after defying her programming and shooting a fellow host, winds up with William, who wants to protect her while Logan forces their group to Pariah in search of a more interesting adventure. However, when their dealings with El Lazo go south, William shoots a trio of hosts -- some of them unarmed -- and reaches a breaking point in his antagonistic relationship with Logan. William leaves Logan behind, going off on his own with Dolores.


Ben Barnes in Westworld Season 1 Episode 5

Portrayed by: Ben Barnes

Human or Android: Presumed human

Logan is a returning guest of Westworld, bringing William along as he assesses the park and its financial viability. Logan's family business is an investor in Westworld, and may be looking to buy the park outright. Unlike William, Logan has no qualms about shooting hosts for fun, partaking in the services of Maeve's brothel, and searching for the most dangerous narratives in the park.

However, Logan's desire for danger -- and his cruel words to William about the man never being a threat -- leads him into trouble when he's blamed for El Lazo's double crossing of the Confederados. He is captured by the rogue Confederate soldiers while William and Dolores escape.


Westworld airs Sundays at 9pm on HBO.

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