10 Of The Best Costumes On Westworld, Ranked

With Season 3 on the way, Westworld keeps its better foot forward with great costume design and a tense atmosphere.

Delos is a company that changed how we look at entertainment. Human-like "Hosts" are organic robots that exist as an end all be all attraction for those who are rich enough. Until they gained some sentience via creator Ford's new narrative, that is.

These Hosts live in different zones, such as Westworld - a land of cowboys and bandits. Or Shogun World - a land set in Japan's Edo period. How are these worlds crafted from the standpoint of HBO? Costumes and set pieces. If Westworld was full of cheap outfits, no character would be believable. Since the actors don't need crazy prosthetics most of the time, they rely on solid acting and their costumes to get the job done.

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This list is of Westworld's 10 best costumes, ranked. Do note that characters can be featured twice, as their character arcs feature unique costumes.

Spoiler warning for Westworld seasons 1 and 2.

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Musashi with Akane and Hector
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10 Musashi

Musashi with Akane and Hector

Season 2 of Westworld features new lands, including The Raj and Shogun World. Shogun World features some gorgeous Edo Japan outfits, from geishas to shoguns. Musashi's outfit truly sets the tone for the rich costume details of Season 2. From just one look at him, you can tell that Musashi has been through hell. The story drips down his sword and hangs out of his worn clothes.

Musashi is a 'ronin' and wanders Shogun World as an outlaw of sorts. His plain black outfit and simple katana show that he has no attachments to material things. His focus lies beyond wealth and hit determination bleeds into his outfit choice.

9  Simpleton Dolores


Dolores Abernathy is a farm girl, living with her loving father. Often she falls for Teddy, a man that could make any lass swoon. But harsh people from other lands come by train and crush their story. Often Dolores and Teddy fight for their lives, but to no avail. As Westworld resets, their love for each other stays.

But the simple outlook of Dolores before her "awakening" is what sells it. With her signature western long blue dress, this style perfectly encapsulates what they created Dolores for - obeying her role as a simpleton. But don't worry. "These violent delights have violent ends."

8 Rebellion Dolores

Dolores With Teddy

By the end of season 1, we learn that that horrific killer "Wyatt" is actually Dolores. Her programming made her forget certain memories, such as killing tons of hosts. And now? Now she wants to be Wyatt. After being fully activated by Ford, Dolores decides to lead the other Hosts against the humans.

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Seen as an antagonist against the humans, Dolores goes from a "simple" western girl to the leader of the rebellious Hosts. Her outfit is a callback to her original blue outfit, with a simple blue skirt and a white corset top. This white top depicts how she sees herself: as the messiah for the Hosts. The bandolier and ammo pouch are the perfect additions to display her intent to kill.

7 Armistice

Armistice the Outlaw

Sometimes less is more. Few bandits in television and movies can pull off the drab look as well as Armistice. And this is in no part due to her scowl and snake tattoo that runs down her body. By choosing a basic cowboy hat with a leather covering, we learn about Armistice. From first glance, you can tell that she prefers to focus on her profession and that she cares more about the ideals and guns than the looks.

Although the outfit may scream "typical bland character," her face says otherwise. The attention to detail with the full-body snake tattoo and sunken eyes shows a past that hides beneath the plain clothes. And for that, the simplicity of the clothes is actually a blessing. Instead of creating a noisy character with too many details up front, we get to focus on her actions.

6 Akane

Akane Geisha

So it turns out that the multiple worlds that Delos hosts are very similar parks. Despite the different themes the parks encapsulate, many characters share similar backstory and narratives. And Akane shares a story with Maeve, a Host from Westworld. Both of them watch out for the women underneath them. Both of them are strongwilled and have heartfelt motives that drive them.

The impeccable geisha look clashes with Akane's steeled-yet-emotive heart. She will be the strong fighter that her makeshift family needs. The blood on her outfit and the gaze she holds speak volumes to her personal strength as a woman against a world of ruthless men.

5 Brothel Maeve

Maeve Millay

Maeve Millay as the leader of the girls at the Brothel is a rich character. She is weathered, having seen the worst the sun has to offer. And she clearly cares for her girls, making sure the patrons treat them well. But she wants more than this in life. She yearns to feel "alive" yet isn't sure how.

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Her hard-as-nails attitude is shown in her fiercely stylish outfit. The black perfectly accents the pinkish-purple. She's moody yet vibrant and has her own motives. This outfit highlights assets for the brothel, but Maeve often uses her seductive nature to her advantage.

4 Leader Maeve

Maeve Millay Season 2

Poor Maeve. With bright eyes, somehow she remembers more than she should after every reset. The constant physical assault, the forced interactions with "customers"... but Maeve remembered more than this Brothel life. She remembered a previous story she was in, with a beautiful little girl to call her daughter.

And then it happened. Her ability to control other Hosts. And all of a sudden Maeve knew she could find her daughter - and kill any pesky humans in her way. Maeve knew what she wanted and her outfit matched. In charge, not under men, and able to take on the world.

3 Delos Worker Angela

Angela Season 1

Williams' first experience in Delos' park started with Angela. With a greeting, Angela stated that the park experience started... now. She could provide whatever he wanted. The instant we saw Angela, the outfit alone persuaded us that she was a lead staff member of Delos.

The sleek off-white armless dress features luxurious fabric and carries the vibe of a woman who owns her existence. Which sadly is ironic, as Angela has been a host at the park for years, going between guest services roles and in-park roles. It turns out, the entire point of the attire is to help with immersion. And it worked.

2 Fighter Angela

Angela Season 2

Season 2 Angela is a whole other boat. Ford's narrative has seemingly worked its magic on Angela, and the result is gruesome. Angela is seen following Wyatt (Dolores) as they start the robotic rebellion against humans. Quite the opposite role from the greeter. This down-to-business outfit holds a similar western vibe to Dolores, but with more psychopath-killer vibes.

And if you're wondering what Angela is wearing on her head, we have you covered. That isn't a crown of thorns. Talulah Riley, the actress who plays Angela, said this on Twitter: "It was actually a crown of the blood-encrusted finger-bones of my victims..."

How hauntingly perfect. From Delos servant to one who wears a crown of finger-bones. What a glorious transformation.

1 The Man In Black

The Man In Black

The Man In Black is the aptly named antagonist from the first season, seen constantly killing hosts while looking for clues to the park's mysteries. The Man In Black appears to be a human devoid of any remorse. What is more chilling is that this man is also William, who seen in flashbacks, is a kind and timid man. An Executive Vice President of Delos, he is in line to marry Juliet, Delos' daughter. He travels to the park with Logan, her brother.

After spending time in Westworld, William realizes that he was never able to be his true self... until now. And while slaughtering many hosts, he starts to unravel the mysteries that Ford had hidden amongst the hosts. The all-black outfit perfectly matches William's delve into an absolute madman and killer. The Man In Black's outfit demands fear and fear will be given.

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