Westworld Star Teases Finale & Addresses Fan Theories

Westworld star Ben Barnes teases the show's upcoming season one finale, and his issues with so many fan theories running around.

Ben Barnes in Westworld Season 1 Episode 5

Fan theories have been following Westworld since the series first premiered. The sci-fi series has managed to capture the attention of viewers in a way few shows have. And now, after nine episodes full of mysteries that gave way to several twists and turns, the HBO series is preparing for what will be a highly scrutinized season 1 finale.

As with most popular shows that contain a heavy puzzle element, some of the Westworld fan theories have already been proven true, while others have not been so lucky. According to one of the show's lead stars, though, the fans shouldn't be as concerned with figuring out the series' mysteries, as much as they should with simply enjoying the experience of it.

During a recent live Facebook Q&A in anticipation of the upcoming finale, Ben Barnes (who plays Logan in the series) teased what viewers can expect from the 90-minute episode, calling it "terrifying," and urging viewers to stop trying to uncover its secrets, lest they be disappointed:

"I think sometimes if you try too hard to theorize and work out whats going on instead of just letting yourself enjoy the show and digesting it it can ruin some of the surprises because you're more excited about being right than you are about being surprised or feeling the emotions that these reveals are supposed to envoke."

So stop thinking so hard and just enjoy the finale for what it is...and let it wash over you like a huge terrifying wave!"

Barnes is certainly on to something with his warning, and there's almost always a danger that speculating and theorizing about a series will beget disappointment at the actual outcome. So far, it seems fair to say that Westworld has managed to deliver with most of its reveals, especially the ones involving Bernard and Arnold's characters, providing the series with some of its most dramatic and thought-provoking moments to date.

As for Logan, his storyline seems as though it may be nearing an end based on the situation he found himself in at the end of last week's 'The Well-Tempered Clavier', with he and William seemingly going out in search of Dolores. Depending on how, when, and if they find Dolores, Barnes' Logan may be around for some of the show's most integral and game-changing twists to date -- provided several more fan theories prove to be true, of course.

Westworld will air its season 1 finale next Sunday @9pm on HBO.

Source: Facebook

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