West World: 10 Best Costumes On The Show, Ranked

We've all seen the fascinating, technology-meets-Wild-West show, Westworldright? Well, this show officially has two full seasons of western drama, mind-blowing artificial intelligence, and some pretty confusing and interesting characters. Actually, you're probably confused 99% of the time watching this series unfold, but that's kind of the appeal, isn't it? What is even more amazing about this show is that the old western vs. futurism makes for a whole lot of stellar costumes.

While a lot of people made this thing look as brilliant as it is, we'd like to make a shout out to Ane Crabtre (season 1) and Sharen Davis (season 2) for their incredible work. So, since there's so many to keep track of, we thought we'd make a list. Here are the 10 best costumes on the show, ranked.

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10 Ultimate Cowboy

You probably remember this moderately strange and creepy woman known by the name Armistice, but you gotta admit - her costumes are killing the game. There are "cowboys" in this show, and then there's this badass gal. She's definitely slaying it with that coat, hat, full-length bandanna, and even those gloves? Can we also talk about the open sides?

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She's putting every Halloween cowboy costume out there to shame, and we'd love to get our hands on every piece of this outfit.

9 The Lab Suits

Honestly, these aren't the most attractive costumes. However, they're pretty stellar. Admit it - you'd love to borrow Felix and Phil's lab attires for some non-designated occasion that may or may not involve the questionable creation of human-like robots. Also, Maeve is slaying that black coat, and this entire photo is bursting with costume goodness.

While we might hate Felix and Phil, those lab coats (or whatever they should be called) are both practical and pretty awesome, and the costume designer should be super proud.

8 Anything Charlotte Hale Wears

We decided that this bombshell actually deserves her own spot on the list. Sure, we actually also love Bernard's snazzy three piece black suit, but Charlotte is blowing us all away with that satin yellow dress. This was just our top pick, but let's be honest - every single thing the Executive Director of the Delos Destinations Inc. wears deserves an award for best costume.

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From the fancy dresses to the casual yet stylish white button-up and slacks, Charlotte Hale is killing the costume game.

7 Everything In Shogun World

Honestly, the entirety of this world themed after Feudal Japan took us by a bit of surprise. What really matters here, though, is that the characters are dressed and made-up so brilliantly that these scenes blew us away with how stunning they looked.

From the very top of this character's head all the way to her toes, this costume has both cultural significance and stunning flair. The presence of the samurais and other people donning Feudal-era garb only makes everything better. We're definitely on-board with this whole premise.

6 The Saloon Ladies

We'd be off our rockers if we didn't at least include Maeve and Clementine in this list. They're two stunning women who don even more stunning costumes. That frilly lace, those stripes and checkers, and those hair feathers have us standing up and applauding every time they showed up at the Mariposa Saloon.

These dresses are Western, vintage, and totally flattering. Mave and Clementine definitely bring the Wild West to life in those dresses, and we can't praise the costume designers enough for these amazing ensembles.

5 Button-Up Casual

These two also slay in pretty much whatever they're wearing, but we especially love William's brown coat and Dolores's striped button-up shirt. These outfits are simply perfect for this time period. We sincerely couldn't think of anything better, and they both still manage to look absolutely stunning no matter what time of day they wear said outfits.

These two costumes are making us want to jump back to the Old West, actually, so we could look as ready-for-business as these two. Also, we definitely want that beautiful cowboy hat, William.

4 The Dark Badass

Let's get real for a second - is there literally any costume on this entire show that is as badass as Hector's black hat and leather suit? Definitely not. From that brilliant detail on that stunning hat to the button-front of that stellar costume, we're loving every single inch of this one. Even more so, we're definitely not going to mess with him while he's wearing it.

This costume also perfectly encompasses everything about Hector, and is definitely driving that badass vibe of his home. And all the while, it's letting him absolutely slay the game with a stunning outfit.

3 The Old-Fashioned Lace

We're not sure which one of these ladies is crushing it more, but it'd be unfair to choose one over the other. That plaid skirt and white button-up corset definitely caught our attention, and we're not even going to mention that stunning vintage coat. On the other hand, Clementine is making all of us ladies envy the fashion of the Wild West.

Even though both ladies are (appropriately) filthy in this scene, they're still crushing these costumes. Again, these fit these characters' personalities flawlessly as well as the Old Western goodness. Bravo.

2 The Cowboy Boys

We love these costumes because of the brilliant dichotomy that's visually displayed. Not only do they both look absolutely dashing (and leave us wanting our own cowboy), but these costumes perfectly represent their characters. For Logan, it's a satin tie, a sleek black hat and, well, a solid black look.

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William's more innocent and 'good' personality is demonstrated by a white hat, which is always worn by the good guy, and he chose a more modest color scheme. They look stunning, and the message of this look is so purposeful we're beyond loving it.

1 Dolores's Signature Blue Dress

Would any of us really be here if it wasn't for Dolores's blue dress? Be honest: it's half of the reason we fell in love with her. Yes, Teddy is also slaying that grey suit, but we couldn't help but let this dress take the top spot.

It's elegant, innocent, and it's totally in line with Dolores' theme and personality, so is there really any other competition? We're still upset that she ditched this look when she went all rebellious. Still, this blue dress will stay in our hearts forever, and we definitely want our own.

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