Wesley Snipes To Star In 'Game of Death'

Wesley's jump-kicking his way back into theaters with a new action flick from Abel Ferrara, the man who brought us Bad Lieutenant and King of New York back in the early nineties.

A little birdie over at First Showing told me that Game of Death follows Snipes' character, a "politician's bodyguard who must fend off five of the world's top assassins."  Is anybody else thinking of Ninja Scroll right now and resisting the urge to expect an amazing movie? There's a lot of room for creating super bad-ass villains here and if these guys are smart, they'll recognize that a huge draw for the movie could be the creative, deadly specialties of the surely-to-be-thwarted killers.

For those who don't know, Snipes and the U.S. Government had a falling out.

This guy spends his life playing characters who never back down and then he's ridiculed for failing to bow to the IRS, the biggest bully of all? Anyway, Snipes impressed us all with his martial artistry in the Blade Trilogy and a sense of humor in Demolition Man. He seems capable of holding up his end of the deal in the crazier and quieter moments of action films.

Abel Ferrara has been directing since the '70s and may be most well-known for King of New York, a great film IMO with a young Wesley Snipes, among other notable actors. As evidenced by that movie and others from Ferrara, including Driller Killer, the man's directed his share of violence.

Does anyone else in the world have any interest in seeing one of these top assassins actually figure out a way to take out Snipes?  Here's hoping for a little variation from the Hollywood formula.

No word yet on when Game of Death will be in theaters.

Source: First Showing

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