Wes Craven Talks 'Last House On The Left' [Spoilers]

Wes Craven is synonymous with the horror genre. From Freddy Kreuger to the mutant monsters in The Hills Have Eyes and everything between, he's been making nightmarish movie magic for over 40 years.

And now the film that catapulted his career, The Last House On The Left, has being remade with Craven as producer and newcomer Dennis Iliadis directing.

There are some spoilers below, so consider yourself warned...

The story line remains similar: A young girl is brutalized by a group of convicts on the lamb, who leave her for dead and after an accident of their own, seek refuge in her parents' home. Once the parents realize who they're boarding they decide to get their revenge.

Craven spoke to Sci Fi Wire about the remake and the differences between the two films, including the daughter making it home in the remake:

"Well, I think there are a bunch of things that happen that are different. To me, the fact that she makes it back just makes it not only into a revenge [movie], but a protection-of-the-child film, which I think is very powerful. I don't think it spoils. I don't think it's like a soft ending or anything like that. There's certainly no feeling that any of those people are going to be the same again, but, to me, it adds a complexity to it, because it's not only a revenge but it's protection of her. I'm sure everybody will know at a certain point everything about the film, so I don't think it's giving away some big secret."

In addition, he added:

"In this one, it's more about the child somehow survives, and they have to do something to protect the child. The element of revenge comes at the very end, where the father does something he doesn't have to, just to get revenge "

Craven also talks about the merciless ways in which Iliadis has the parents take out their revenge.  He says that during a scene where a garbage disposal is used that it was "just inspired, just visually" and that the sequence will eventually be looked upon as a classic example of the horror genre.

Speaking of the horror genre, Craven talked about how the remake in both the acting and storytelling is just so powerful that is aptly blends the horror genre with the drama genre saying, "Dennis describes it as drama with horrible things in it, and I think that's kind of what it is. It's a horrific drama."

Without giving too much away, I think Iliadis' remake of Craven's classic horror film has enough new elements in it to give the film a much fresher and updated feeling to it, without losing the sense of terror, anger and grief.  Although, there is the added bonus of the protection of the child, as she makes it home in the remake.  It'll be interesting to see how everything plays out, as well as, seeing exactly how Iliadis' has the parents take out their revenge on the convicts, which sounds like it will be all sorts of awesome!

The Last House on the Left opens this month on Friday the 13th.

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