Wes Craven (Sort of) Confirmed to Direct Scream 4

It looks like it’s official (well, sort of) – Wes Craven is back wielding the megaphone for Scream 4.

MTV caught up with original Scream stars (and real life husband and wife) Courtney Cox and David Arquette at The Golden Globes, where the pair dropped a few details on the forthcoming horror sequel.

When he was asked about the horror film on the Golden Globes red carpet Arquette said:

"Yes, Wes is in, Neve is in, everyone is in.”

However, Cox seemed to imply that Craven’s involvement was far from a done deal and that his contract hasn't been fully ironed out yet:

"I know they're trying to make that work. They'll make it work. I hope."

It seems that the film is starting to really gather momentum, with production set to start this April. Scream 4 is the start of a new Scream trilogy, with fresh blood being injected into the franchise that re-ignited the slasher movie genre in the late 1990’s.

By the time that Scream 3 rolled around in 2000, it appeared that the series had reached its natural end, with all of the principal cast and crew vowing never to return to the battle Ghostface. However, you can't keep a good horror icon down and last year rumblings started that series creator Kevin Williamson was penning a fourth installment and that Neve Campbell, Cox and Arquette would reprise their roles.

How Cox and Arquette fell in love...

The jury was always out on Wes Craven’s participation, but as we know, money talks in Hollywood and it would seem that the horror director will be handsomely rewarded for his work on the film - if it all goes as planned.

More on Scream 4 when we get it.

Source: MTV

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