Wes Anderson’s Upcoming Musical to Star Recent Academy Award Winner

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Wes Anderson's upcoming mid-century-set musical will star a recent Academy Award winner - though it hasn't yet been revealed who that will be. In the past few years alone, there has been a mix of actors who have worked with the eclectic filmmaker, as well as actors who have on-screen experience with musical theater, so there's a fair share of possibilities.

Despite the fact that it's set in a fictional French village in the '50s, there are very few details surrounding Anderson's upcoming untitled musical comedy. Originally rumored to be a post-war musical that might explore post-wartime living, a la various sections of The Grand Budapest Hotel, there are now fewer specifics regarding the plot. That said, the musical will continue Anderson's recent string of live-action period movies, following Moonrise Kingdom and The Grand Budapest Hotel. However, the most interesting update surrounding the movie is the recent Academy Award winner Anderson has cast in the lead - whose identity has yet to be revealed.

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According to Charente Libre (via The Playlist), the movie's lead will star any one of the most recent Academy Award winners within the past five years. However, along with what little details surround the movie (a budget that is reportedly between $17 and $23.5 million, as well as the historically preserved city Angoulême serving as its central filming location), Anderson has not revealed the actor's identity.

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What's more is that the start date for production has moved up significantly. Filming was anticipated to begin sometime in 2019, but reports indicate filming (which is expected to last somewhere between four and five months on location) will begin as early as November, meaning a casting update is likely to be released fairly soon. And, speaking of casting, Anderson is no stranger to attracting revered talent to his projects. In his very first feature-length movie, he managed to bring James Caan aboard, while later attracting the likes of Bill Murray, Anjelica Huston, Meryl Streep, and Willem Dafoe, among many others.

For his latest project, Anderson could easily pick any one Academy Award winner within the past five years, though educated guessing doesn't hurt. The recent Academy Award winning actors with whom he's already worked include Frances McDormand and Cate Blanchett; and the actors who either have musical backgrounds or have showcased their musical theater abilities on-screen include Emma Stone, Eddie Redmayne, Gary Oldman, and Brie Larson (who had a brief career in music in the early 2000s). That said, assuming the five-year limit isn't especially strict, Anderson might also have wrangled the talents of Academy Award winner Jean Dujardin, who may not have done any singing in The Artist, but is a French actor who's no stranger to mid-century song-and-dance sequences.

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Source: Charente Libre, The Playlist

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