Wes Anderson's 'Moon Rise Kingdom' Attracts Big Talents

Wes Anderson is very much a true auteur whose "quirky indie" filmmaking sensibilities will surely be on full display in his latest project, a period piece titled Moon Rise Kingdom.

Anderson was responsible for last year's stop-motion adaptation, Fantastic Mr. Fox, but will return to working with flesh and blood thespians in his new film, which has already attracted the attention of several big name talents.

Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Frances McDormand, and Tilda Swinton are currently in talks to star in Moon Rise Kingdom, which was scripted by Anderson and his Darjeeling Limited co-writer Roman Coppola. Deadline describes the project as a 1960s-set tale about two romantically-involved young adults, a boy and a girl, who choose to flee their New England hometown. The local city leaders set out to find the couple, as they believe the two disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Personal drama ensues as the townspeople have their own fair share of personal issues and secrets to deal with as well.

Willis is in talks to star as the town's sheriff, while Norton would play a Boy Scout leader that leads the investigation into the couple's disappearance. Moon Rise Kingdom would mark the sixth collaboration between Anderson and Murray, who's in line to star as the troubled father of the missing girl, and the first for McDormand as (most likely) the vanished girl's mother. No word yet on Swinton's role in this pic, but we'll keep our ears open.

Anderson has a limited but loyal cult following that very much adores his particular approach to the art of cinema. While his trademark preference for colorful cinematography, eclectic musical soundtracks, laconic acting style, and characters that suffer from a variety of neuroses and personal issues is not to everyone's taste, Anderson's films tend to be critical hits that play well with the arthouse crowd. Moon Rise Kingdom will likely be no exception.

Moon Rise Kingdom is expected to begin production next spring and could reach theaters by late 2011.

Source: Deadline

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