Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs Concept Art Arrives

Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson's unique style has made him one of the most acclaimed directors in Hollywood. The director's most recent works, in particular, like Moonrise Kingdom (2012) and The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) showcase his talent for creating eccentric, charming and, of course, beautifully composed movies. And while he generally sticks to live-action films, he's also dabbled in animation. Anderson struck gold with his first stop-motion animated movie, Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009), and he's back at it once again with the upcoming Isle of Dogs.

Anderson officially announced the project a few weeks ago through a formal video. Even though it was known for a long time that his next film would more than likely be a stop-motion movie, the announcement still generated a lot of buzz from fans. The video revealed the film is currently being shot in London, will feature the voices of Bill Murray, Bryan Cranston, Jeff Goldblum and Scarlett Johansson, among many others, and will obviously center around dogs. But what surely excited fans the most was getting the first look at the film's animation, which came in the form of a lovable gray dog that Anderson briefly introduced. If that teaser wasn't enticing enough, well, you now have another great look at what's to come.

Courtesy of Hellow, a new piece of concept art has been released for Isle of Dogs. It features the film's lead character, a young Japanese boy who sets out to find his missing dog. And if any fans out there were worried that Isle of Dogs would just recycle the art style of Fantastic Mr. Fox, you can now rest assured that it will not. Take a look below:

Isle of Dogs concept art

As the years have gone by, the director's use of strict camera symmetry, dark deadpan humor, and vividly colorful sets and costumes has noticeably intensified. With that in mind, it will be interesting to see just how Isle of Dogs differs from not only its stop-motion predecessor, but also Anderson's many other works. But by this latest look at Isle of Dogs, we can probably infer that the film will definitely have a darker tone. It is, however, always hard to tell exactly what elements Anderson will throw in, and so it's really anybody's guess at this point.

Isle of Dogs is shaping up to be a very exciting film. If it wasn't great enough that Isle of Dogs is helping to keep stop-motion animation alive, it makes things even better that Anderson is helming it. The film's huge star-studded voice cast and refreshing art style makes this one look like an almost sure bet for success. Now, we just have to wait and see how it all turns out.

Isle of Dogs is expected to hit theaters sometime in 2018.

Source: Hellow

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