Wes Anderson Directs Adrien Brody in H&M's Christmas Short Film

Adrien Brody in Wes Anderson's H&M short

It's been two years since writer/director Wes Anderson's last, award-winning film, The Grand Budapest Hotel was released. Inarguably one of the most creative and specific filmmakers to emerge from America in the 21st century, it was films like The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, and more, that helped to make casual moviegoers and critics believe in Anderson's promise, only for his later films to fulfill on it.

Like many other iconic filmmakers as well, Anderson has his usual stable of actors and collaborators that he likes to work with in all of his films. One of the more notable and consistent has long been Adrien Brody too - and while we all wait for Anderson's next feature film, he and Brody have reunited for a new Christmas-themed short film this year, to help satisfy fans of both auteurs in the meantime.

Titled "Come Together," the short film was done for H&M. Clocking in at just under 4-minutes long, the project imagines Brody as a hard-working train conductor, who goes to some extraordinary means to make sure his passengers' Christmas experience isn't ruined by the train's unexpected weather delays. Like with many of Anderson's projects, it's also both gloriously colorful and perfectly symmetrical.

Wes Anderson
Wes Anderson working on Fantastic Mr. Fox

In addition to this short film, Anderson is currently hard at work on his next feature project, which will be animated like his 2009 critical darling, Fantastic Mr. Fox. It will, of course, feature the return of a number of his most frequent collaborators with Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, and Bob Balaban all confirmed to be lending their voices to the movie. Described only as a "short film about dogs," not much is known about its plot, story, or characters currently. Like with all of his work, however, the anticipation from Anderson's fans for the film is no less palpable than any of his previous projects to date.

Similar to Spike Jonze's recent commercial work, this new short film marks a nice, if not smaller than usual return from a beloved filmmaker for fans who are impatient to see more original content from the writer/director. With all of the usual, family-oriented Christmas commercials and promotional campaigns that will likely be clogging up our everyday lives throughout the rest of the year too, Anderson's short film (about a group of strangers coming together to celebrate the holiday together) is a unique and predictably well-executed addition to this year's holiday-themed commercial lineup.

Source: H&M

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