What Went Wrong In The Force Awakens Pitch Meeting

Our latest original video offers up a comedic take on what really happened in the first pitch meeting for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. As you know, a few years after the underwhelming fan response to the prequel trilogy, George Lucas sold the rights to the franchise to Disney, who then laid out plans for a new film series that would serve as sequels to Lucas' first three efforts in the galaxy far, far away. The stakes were understandably high, but thankfully, Episode 7 proved to be a return to form for the beloved franchise. Debuting to glowing reviews, TFA smashed box office records left and right on its way to a $2+ billion haul. It set the series back on the right path and proved that Disney was a worthy home for the franchise. Basically, it did everything fans hoped it would do and more.

The Star Wars fandom may well be the most passionate group in the world, and we imagine that they'd love to be able to catch a glimpse at how that first pitch meeting for TFA went down. So we took it upon ourselves to put together our take on how things played out in that first sitdown. It probably went a bit differently than it does in the video above, but hey, we weren't there, cut us some slack.

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Obviously, our video was made for laughs, but there's plenty of truth in it. The Force Awakens' undeniable success brought with it its fair share of detractors. Far and away the most common criticism of the movie has been its not-so-coincidental similarities to A New Hope. In the end, it's tough to argue that TFA isn't essentially a mirror image of the first Star Wars film. A really, really good mirror image, though!

A number of other criticisms were leveled at The Force Awakens, and another biggie we tackled was the sheer number of plot points that essentially hinged on coincidence. Chalk it up to the will of the Force if you want, but TFA's story is almost entirely driven by happenstance. (We were as psyched as you to see Han Solo come back, but Rey and Finn stumbling upon the Millennium Falcon when they needed to steal a ship sure was convenient.)

At the end of the day, however, The Force Awakens' awesomeness far outweighed its flaws. It reminded the world of how awesome George Lucas' world can be, and it secured the franchise's future for years to come. With The Last Jedi hitting theaters this weekend, plenty of fans will be revisiting TFA before checking out the latest Star Wars adventure, and they'll likely do so with a smile on their face. Worst case scenario, the mandatory rewatch will be super easy; barely an inconvenience.

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