Sailor Brinkley-Cook Says Wendy Williams’ Theory About Mom’s Faked Injury is ‘Insane’

Sailor Brinkley-Cook says Wendy Williams’ theory about her mom’s faked injury is"insane." The young model and Dancing with the Stars contestant took to her mother's defense after Williams accused her of lying.

On a recent episode of The Wendy Williams Show, the host told her audience that she had a theory about why Brinkley had been replaced by her own daughter, Sailor Brinkley- Cook, after falling and breaking her arm during one of the last rehearsals. The morning show host insisted that the fall looked very fake. The video showed the supermodel tripping over her partner’s foot during a turn which caused her to fall to the ground.

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Brinkley-Cook wasn't happy about the way Williams has been treating her mother. The Sports Illustrated model, who decided to lend her mother a hand and fill in for her for the rest of the season, decided to speak out against Williams for her rants. The 21-year-old told ET that it was completely "insane" to her that anyone would question how her mother injured herself. She said, "It's so insane to me. I can't even find comments because it's so real to me, the emotions are still so new."

Sailor Brinkley-Cook

She explained that when she got the call that her mother would be pulling out of Dancing With the Stars, she was devastated. The model was vacationing out in the Hamptons and helped calm her mother, reassuring her that she had not let anyone down. Even though Christie must sit on the sidelines for the rest of the season, she's still involved with her daughter and ex-partner Val Chmerkovskiy's dances.

While Christie has been sidelined for the season, she’s remained involved in Sailor and Chmerkovskiy’s partnership. Like any mother-daughter relationship, clothes and beauty tips are shared. Also, Chmerkovskiy teased that Christie could be making a surprise appearance on the dance floor with her daughter later in the season.

After the accusations from Williams, Christie defended herself, saying she believed that she and Williams were friends, adding that it's easier to be kinder than mean. At the premiere, she attended as a smiling face in the audience, happy to be able to support her daughter. Sailor and Chmerkovskiy ended up earning an 18 out of 30 for their dance, which was the fourth-highest of the night, and there is still plenty of room for bigger successes throughout the rest of the season.

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Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays at 8pm EST on ABC.

Source: ET

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