Welcome to Night Vale TV Show Being Developed By FX

It might be time to welcome Night Vale to TV screens. A deal is moving forward between the popular podcast series Welcome to Night Vale and network FX to adapt the podcast series into a TV show. This would bring the weird world of Night Vale, which has existed only in audio and novel form, to small screens everywhere.

Welcome to Night Vale is a bi-monthly podcast that is delivered as if it were a fictional radio program from the town. The program is hosted by one of Night Vale's residents Cecil Palmer, although the actor who plays Cecil is also named Cecil Baldwin. Welcome to Night Vale was created by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, who met through the New York theater group the New York Co-Futurists. It's due to Fink and Cranor's connections to the theater world, as well as the podcast's huge popularity (it boats 180 million downloads) that the series has seen several relatively high profile guest stars, including Wil Wheaton, Jasika Nicole and Felicia Day.

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The news of the adaption broke through Deadline. It's being reported that while Fink and Cranor will serve as executive producers, Better Call Saul's Gennifer Hutchison will adapt the series for television. There are no other details being given yet about what the series will entail or which characters it will involve. While Cecil is the voice and "hero" of the podcast, the world has expanded far outside the quirky internet host. The town is as full as colorful characters as it's undeniably strange. Whether Welcome to Night Vale will adapt the podcast directly or explore a smaller part of the world remains to be seen.

The one thing that is clear is that Fink and Cranor feel the series is in good hands. In a joint statement the co-creators explained:

We’ve never met anyone in the industry who understands our world and approach to storytelling better than Gennifer does. We are lucky to be working with her, as well as FX – a network with a long history of creating excellent television.

In the overall quality of FX's work, Cranor and Fink are certainly right. The network has an extremely high pedigree for original comedies and dramas. It's also unclear which genre Night Vale could fall into because the podcast lends itself to either comedy or drama. Welcome to Night Vale certainly has bit more of a genre bent that FX's typical programming. Although the network did bring to life Legion, which is one of the best and most off-the-wall series on TV. However, anyone who has listened to Welcome to Night Vale will know that the series could (and most likely will) give Legion a run for it's weirdo money.

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Source: Deadline

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