The 16 Most Ridiculous Villains In Sailor Moon

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Every franchise that focuses on heroes taking on the bad guys - whether built on the page or the screen - has its share of fantastic villains, and then those who are, well, just plain ridiculous. They might be really bad at what they do or just make no sense in the context of the story being told. Whatever the reason, every hero has at least one of those villains that fans can’t help but laugh at. If you’re Sailor Moon and her Sailor Scouts though, you’ve got a whole lot more than one.

Throughout the various incarnations of the anime, Sailor Moon took on monsters created from everyday objects, those brought to life from illustrations on playing cards, those brought to the past from a future life, and those copied from the looks of heroes. With so many types of monsters of the day, they can’t all be winners. Check out 16 of the most ridiculous that dared to try and take on Sailor Moon.

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Sailor Moon villain Mawashitaro
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16 Mawashitaro

Sailor Moon villain Mawashitaro

It’s not Mawashitaro’s fault that he’s so ridiculous. After all, he didn’t have any say in what he looked like. One of the Lemures, the beings summoned by the Amazon Trio whenever they needed a little backup, he was basically a lackey. Summoned to pretend to be Pegasus (the hero of Chibiusa’s dreams), he’s meant to resemble the mythical winged horse and cause a little chaos. The head in the middle of his chest prevents the full picture, though. Instead, he looks more like a guy dressed up for a really weird costume party.

It’s not just his appearance that earns him a spot on our list of ridiculous baddies, though. Some of his abilities are just plain weird. While he can create statues that cause a forcefield around those between them, that’s not the only thing he can do. One of Mawashitaro’s abilities involve flexing his muscles to get what he wants. No, that doesn’t mean he uses his immense strength to get the job done. Instead, he literally flexes his muscles to make things appear -- like a carousel meant to stop the Sailor Scouts in their tracks.

15 Blizzar

Sailor Moon villain Blizzar

One of the earliest monsters to appear in the anime, Blizzar isn’t a monster outright. In the early days of the show, the creatures of the day were normal people who got their villainous abilities from those working for the Dark Kingdom. In this case, Kunzite turned a champion skier by the name of Saeko Yamamoto into Blizzar. Her name is a shortened form of the English word “blizzard”, namely because all of her skills have to do with the cold or creating snow storms. Not only could she freeze things and create avalanches, but she could also create earthquakes. Sounds like a pretty formidable foe, right?

A lot of viewers just can’t take her seriously, though, mostly because her costume leaves much to be desired. Instead of making her look cold and ferocious, the animators opted to take the snow theme way too literally. Her outfit is made up almost entirely of little snowmen placed in strategic spots to cover up her anatomy. As she takes on Sailor Moon, it even looks like those little snowmen are sentient creatures, since their expressions change depending on which way the fight is going. It's as creepy as it is unintentionally hilarious.

14 Bakene

Sailor Moon villain Bakene

Bakene, whose name comes from the Japanese word “bakeneko,” meaning shadow cat, was one of the Seven Great Youma, which should make him an incredibly powerful villain to face off against. The Seven Great Youma, for those who don’t remember, were shadow villains whose life forces were imprisoned into several crystals. Queen Beryl wanted to unite them to make one powerful monster, but each of their life forces had been reincarnated on present day Earth in new forms.

Bakene just so happened to be reincarnated on Earth as Rhett Butler. No, not the fictional character from Gone With the Wind, but as a cat named for said character. This harmless kitty had quite the crush on Luna, the feline-like alien that accompanied Sailor Moon on her quests. As a result, when Bakene was woken by the evil forces at play, this ferocious cat didn’t really do much. Instead, he saved Luna from death. It would almost be romantic...if he was ever seen again.

13 Akumuda

Sailor Moon villain Akumuda

Akumuda received the name Hypnotica in English dubbings because her abilities, you guessed it, involve hypnosis. In fact, she’s got a laundry list of powers that would make you think she’d surpass monster of the week status and become a real big bad. But nope! Akumuda can hypnotize people into a deep sleep that allows her to enter their dreams and steal their energy from them. She can also fly and turn herself into vapor. She sounds a lot like some of the myths that surround vampire stories, right? There’s just one thing that’s different.

Akumuda doesn’t have fangs like a vampire would. Instead, she’s got a horn in the middle of her forehead. But that isn’t just any old horn, though. It’s actually hiding another weapon. She can remove the horn to withdraw a sword -- from her head. As weird places to store a weapon go, that one probably takes the cake.

12 BiriBiri

Sailor Moon villain BiriBiri

Quite possibly one of the strangest Lemures to appear on Sailor Moon, BiriBiri looked like a humanoid catfish. Per the anime, he’s actually an electric catfish. Toting a microphone and tasked with the duty of eating dream mirrors, the Amazoness Quartet sent him to interrupt a live show, putting the audience to sleep and taking their mirrors. Seems like a solid plan, but there was a flaw for him.

When he was confronted by the Sailor Scouts while he was busy eating dream mirrors, BiriBiri couldn’t even put up much of a fight. Why? He ate too many dream mirrors, which most of the audience probably had never thought of as a danger to the monster of the week up until this point. His consumption of too many people’s dreams actually meant that he short-circuited on his own, instead of the Sailor Scouts having to defeat him. What a way to go out.

11 Osoji

Sailor Moon villain Osoji

If you’re familiar with Japanese at all, you might be able to guess what some of Osoji's powers entail. Her name is actually derived from the Japanese word for “house work.” It’s a fitting name, since Osoji was created from a vacuum cleaner. If you think she doesn’t quite look like a vacuum cleaner, though, there’s a good reason for that too. She wasn’t just created from your standard household carpet cleaner, but from one made to look like an elephant. Yeah...

Vacuum cleaners, as we all know, are made to suck up debris from your floor or furniture. They’ve got a pretty straightforward premise. Osoji should as well. While she can turn her arms into vacuums, they don’t actually appear to have any suction abilities as far as we can tell. Instead, it looks like she just blows air at her enemies. Her other big ability? Throwing bags of dust -- like the bags that used to be dominant in the vacuum cleaner world. Most vacuums today are bagless. Add to that the fact that she lost the one pure heart she attempted to extract on her mission right at the start of a fight, and you very much get the sense that she’s not the best monster around.

10 Atsugessho

Sailor Moon villain Atsugessho

If you’ve ever wanted to see a monster created from cosmetics, Atsugessho is your girl. She’s sent to Tokyo to take over a cosmetic shop, so, of course, she starts out as a harmless saleswoman. Harmless, of course, until you say no to her sales pitch, as Usagi finds out. Atsugessho then reveals her true form, which appears to resemble a human being wearing a vintage perfume bottle.

Amongst her abilities are utilizing her applicator as a weapon and spitting out a liquid that disintegrates anything in its path. The pump that attaches to her head completes the bizarre, perfume bottle look. She can also manually pump it to make it larger in an effort to flatten her enemies. Atsugessho isn’t on the list because she’s a bad villain -- her abilities are actually pretty cool, and surprisingly in line with her look -- but simply because the premise is a little strange. It’s not often you see a villain based on beauty supplies.

9 Falion

Sailor Moon villain Falion

An interesting conundrum, Falion is also known as The Lion, but there aren’t really any lion-like powers in their skill set. In the original Japanese anime, Falion was a female Cardian, though, in the English dubbing of the anime, the character was changed to male for some reason. Cardians are those enemies of the Sailor Scouts pulled from a deck of cards to drain energy from human beings; that energy then powers an alien tree that is the last of its kind.

While Falion has claws and teeth she can use, just like any real lion would, she also has the ability to breathe out sharp bursts of energy to knock out her opponents. (If she has all this energy stored up, you have to wonder why she gathers energy for a tree, right?) Most of her powers though actually come from a spinning wheel, surprisingly. Why exactly a spinning wheel would keep Falion powered up, or why a single rose courtesy of the Moonlight Knight could destroy it, is never really explained either.

8 Bon-Bon Babies

Sailor Moon villain Bon-Bon Babies

One of the few “monsters” on this list to appear in one of the full-length movies instead of the anime, the Bon-Bon Babies are as sweet as they come. Why? Because they’re made from candy. The large group of monsters that look like infants are based on bonbons and created by a group of malevolent fairies that work for Queen Badiane. Unlike most monsters, these little guys have no real abilities on their own.

When it comes to Bon-Bon Babies, the name of the game is numbers. They’re created in such large quantities that their job is simply to distract the Sailor Scouts and impede their progress. They can bounce around, but they can’t do much else. When you have hundreds of babies bouncing around, though, they do tend to get in the way. Luckily, there was an easy fix for that: when the fairies that created them were defeated, so were the corresponding Bon-Bon Babies.

7 U-Estern

Sailor Moon villain U-Estern

Inspired by old movie Westerns, U-Estern is simply one of the most ridiculous looking villains there is on the show. You would think that a baddie inspired by old school spaghetti westerns would be a gunslinging cowboy, and she is -- to a degree. In this case, however, her gun shoots something that looks like paint, she wears a cactus on her head, and her horse is actually a pogo stick with a horse’s head on top. Classic villain design, right?

To be fair, U-Estern has a lot of abilities that seem to correspond to her inspiration. She was created by the fusion of a daimon egg and a gun, so she could have been even weirder. She’s got earrings shaped like horseshoes that grow in size when she throws them at her enemies, and that paint-like liquid she shoots is enough to break through some of Sailor Moon’s attacks. If only she didn’t have the appearance of a children’s toy that met a chop shop.

6 Puko

Sailor Moon villain Puko

Also known as the Balloon Woman, Puko is one of the most emotional monsters of the week to ever grace the anime’s screen. She spends much of her fight with Sailor Moon looking for the beauty in it, and as the fight goes on, she’s moved to tears -- though that doesn’t stop her from trying to do her job.

Initially, Puko is in the shape of a ball when she attempts to suffocate Mamoru, but Sailor Moon jumps between them, willing to sacrifice herself for him -- or at least hold out until reinforcements arrive -- which causes Puko to burst into a fresh round of tears as she exclaims how “beautiful” the sacrifice is. Mamoru ends up taking the initiative and stabbing the villain, effectively deflating her and stopping her from being able to suffocate anyone. Once he does, Puko attempts to bandage herself up and manually fill herself with air to get back to her full-sized glory. That takes a little too long though, and she’s quickly dispatched.

5 Avogadora

Sailor Moon villain Avogadora

Avogadora was chosen to help spread dark energy at one of the crystal points in the Sailor Moon R series, though the way she went about doing that is an unusual one. Dressed in strategically placed fruit, Avogadora is chosen to sell “dark fruit” at a market stand. Said dark fruit actually causes those that eat it to spread the dark energy around, as any food they touch afterward immediately rots.

Avogadora wields fruit-inspired weapons as well, like lychee bombs and a knife made out of a banana, but that’s not what lands her on the list. What does is the apparent homage her clothing makes to performers like Carmen Miranda in the 1930s and '40s. At the time, performers from Latin countries had difficulty getting work in the U.S. film industry. Women like Miranda played to racist stereotypes in order to keep work, something she admitted to regretting years later. The tribute to such an odd time in history was a bizarre choice by the creators, to say the least. 

4 Hurdler

Sailor Moon villain Hurdler

Hurdler was never meant to be anything more than a distraction while the real bad guys got to work, so it’s not a huge surprise that she’s not the greatest villain. Produced by combining a daimon egg with a running shoe, Hurdler was created by Eudial to occupy the Sailor Scouts while she went after someone else’s pure heart. If you didn’t know Hurdler was created by a shoe, her look would certainly give it away, since her torso is literally made of that running shoe.

Now, she does have incredible speed, which enables her to outrun some of the attacks sent her way. In fact, she just jumps over one at one point, which is a pretty neat trick, considering that most of the enemies the girls face either get hit or deflect instead of dodge. Weirdly, though, she can also draw a line on the ground that then turns into rope she can use, which doesn’t seem to have anything to do with her inspiration.

3 Kurumiwario

Sailor Moon villain Kurumiwario

Kurumiwario is an interesting villain - especially if you're into ballet. He looks exactly like a nutcracker, and much of the inspiration for his character and fighting style is taken from the ballet The Nutcracker, which even appears in the episode. All of that is well and good, but it’s his fighting style that will leave you laughing.

As a nutcracker, Kurumiwario can shoot nuts from his abdomen as well as spit them out of his mouth at his enemies. That alone is weird enough without adding any dance numbers to the mix. He uses actual ballet moves to take on Sailor Moon, and even spends so long spinning in circles that he distracts her into applauding him at one point. He takes the opportunity to trap her in a tutu, lecture her about her weight, and try to force her to execute proper moves. He’s less of a nutcracker and more of a psychotic ballet instructor in that particular sequence.

2 Ponko

Ponko Sailor Moon villain

As part of the Dead Moon circus, Ponko is certainly reminiscent of an old school carnival act. Instead of the Sailor Scouts throwing a ball to win a prize, however, she spits differently colored balls at them. Actually, Ponko first swallows said projectiles and then makes her opponents guess which color ball she’s going to spit back out. Get the answer wrong? The ball explodes. Refuse to answer? You get an even bigger bomb thrown your way. She’s all about the games.

Of course, Tuxedo Mask eventually manages to stop her from spitting out any more shoving his hat in her mouth. He does this when she’s too embarrassed to explain that her final attack is called the “golden ball attack,” something Japanese audiences would definitely be amused by, since “golden ball” is another term for testicles. That's not exactly an attack move you’d think of first on a show like this.

1 KeroKero

Sailor Moon villain KeroKero

Another one of the lemures on this list, KeroKero is definitely one of the strangest villains ever produced for the anime. As the Lemures were used throughout the “dream” arc of the fourth season, they became weirder and weirder, a fact even remarked upon by the Sailor Scouts in dialogue for the show. Anything and everything was fair game, at this point. KeroKero was basically a tadpole, though she does, as the Japanese word “kero” in her name suggests, eventually become a frog.

Unlike other lemures, KeroKero doesn’t appear to have any particular set of skills. Sure, she goes from being a tadpole with a bow on her head to a frog, but she doesn’t actually do anything special outside of having the ability to swallow a dream mirror, which all of the lemures can do. You know, since that’s their sole purpose and all. She ends up destroyed before exhibiting any actual powers, so we’ll never know if she could do anything else. We're okay with it.


What do you think? Did the most ridiculous Sailor Moon villains make the list? Or do you have a favorite that was passed over? Let us know in the comments!

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