The 10 Weirdest Things MCU Fans Have In Their Homes

With the MCU being one of the biggest Hollywood franchises to date, there are many fans enamored with Marvel's heroes on the big screen. Because of their love for the series, those fans collect all sorts of items, figures, and replicas to communicate it.

However, collectibles aren't always just cool figures, posters, or replicas of props used in the films. Because fans are ready to buy anything related to their franchise of choice, there are tons of odd MCU collectibles out there. We're looking at the 10 weirdest MCU things fans have in their homes. You won't believe some of the items on this list.

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If watching The Avengers ever made you want to go and have waffles, that's an interesting response. However, MCU fans have a thematic option when it comes to making waffles. The Avengers waffle maker, which looks like a children's lunch box, has the portraits of Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor on the front. When you make waffles, the iron imprints them with the associated symbols for each of those characters in four sections.

Why would you ever need to have Avengers waffles? We're not sure, but it's probably a novel item that makes breakfast a bit more entertaining.


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Mini-fridges can be quite useful if you have a man cave and want to have easily accessible drinks right there or if you're on the move a lot and want to easily take some snacks with you that can't be left out. However, you can spend a little extra money to have a mini-fridge with the face of Iron Man on the front.

While it might have some MCU fans excited just at the sight of it, it's a weird item to have no matter how you look at it. That said, it can fit about six cans of soda with ease.


GET IT NOW: $12.99

The hype for Captain Marvel is already on the way, with the movie releasing to generally positive reception among critics. Those new Captain Marvel fans might go the store to see what sorts of items they can get related to the new Avenger. Among all the Captain Marvel collectibles, it's possible that some fans might get the Captain Marvel oven mitt.

The oven mitt is just the same as any old oven mitt. The only difference is that it is printed to look like the design of Captain Marvel's suit. At least you'll be able to think of the film while pulling out your turkey on Thanksgiving.


GET IT NOW: $16.95

Those who design mugs can be quite creative. Some will turn the handle into the trunk of an elephant. Others will have neat designs that are only revealed when hot liquids are poured in. Then there is the Infinity Gauntlet mug. Odds are that most if not all MCU fans have seen Avengers: Infinity War and liked it. With this movie being such a success, audiences may be more interested in items related to the film.

However, this mug is an odd-looking item, no doubt. It's bright gold, looks very difficult to hold, and features a closed fist which will be covered by your own closed fist while using it.



When getting a new cutting board, it's important to think of practicality. How big do you need it to be based on what you normally cut? What material is the best for you? Many opt for wooden cutting boards, as they have plenty of support and can take a beating before they have to be replaced.

However, this Baby Groot cutting board takes it to the next level. Featuring the head of the character from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, the cutting board can get fans excited about the film while they cut meat on top of this adorable tree's head.


GET IT NOW: $89.99

The last thing that people are concerned with when buying tools is if it accurately represents their franchise of choice. Nonetheless, there exists a Thor's Hammer toolset. It comes with all the necessary small tools you could want and purchase at a lower price.

The main selling point is that the tools are encased in a box that replicates Mjolnir from the Thor films. It even has a handle sticking out of it, which functions as the handle of a real hammer. You can feel just like the God of Thunder when you put nails in the wall to hang your family photos.


GET IT NOW: $44.95

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that everybody loves cheese and Captain America. In fact, we can't think of anything more wholesome than the two of them. Well, now the world of these two great American staples collide thanks to this Circo Cheese Set featuring the First Avenger.

Coming with four assorted full-tang cheese tools, a hardwood cutting board, and an assortment of knives for cutting or spreading cheeses of all kind, this set will make any wine and cheese party the perfect gathering for MCU-watching marathons.


GET IT NOW: $51.41

Bathrobes aren't the biggest clothing items in the world. However, some companies have been creative in getting more people to wear them. One strategy is taking popular characters and designing bathrobes around them to get more people interested. The end result is often something that looks more ridiculous than it should, but would still be pretty cozy.

This Black Panther bathrobe is no exception. It has subtle details from the Black Panther costume, but it also comes with a hood that could come in handy when you want to let your hair dry naturally. A mask would've looked better, but it might have been just a little too much.


GET IT NOW: $8.99

This bust of Baby Groot might be alright as a collectible sitting on a shelf. However, it was also designed with some functionality in mind. If you have a green thumb, you can put some potting soil in its head and plant a flower. Now you have a flower coming out of Baby Groot's head.

If you'd rather have some extra convenience for your office supplies, the bust doubles as a pencil holder. This might seem like an odd combination, but when you think about all of the different things that Groot can do, it makes sense that this item would be able to multitask.


GET IT NOW: $23.04

You may be wondering what the benefit is of having an alarm clock with the design of a chibi Hulk. Apart from dedicated Hulk sounds, there really doesn't seem to be that much to this thing (unless you're a fan of the big green guy). This alarm clock doubles as a night light and was released to tie in with Avengers: Infinity War.

While most people might opt to just use their phone to wake them up, there's something to be said about having a genuine alarm clock on your nightstand. After all, there's no better feeling than slamming down that snooze button (like Hulk slamming down his enemies) for a few extra minutes of precious sleep.

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