8 Bizarre Arrowverse Rumors We Hope Aren’t True And 7 That Wouldn’t Surprise Us

So far on the CW, all four of their DC shows have been breaking really interesting ground, taking their stories in fun new directions. This evolution in story telling was on best display during the 'Crisis on Earth-X' crossover event in which heroes from all four teams joined forces to fight a crew of angry, multiverse Nazis.

Even before the crossover, exciting things have been happening on each show. On Supergirl, Kara and Alex are getting over break ups, J'onn J'onzz is living with his long lost father now, and an evil parallel version of Supergirl is becoming a villain before our eyes. On The Flash, Barry and Iris' wedding has been bubbling up all season, and Caitlin is still battling her inner demons in the form of Killer Frost. In Star City, on Arrow, John Diggle has concluded another tenure as the Green Arrow, possibly, and Oliver and Felicity are finally back together. Lastly, the Legends of Tomorrow crew is still jumping around time, trying to fill in holes and wrangle anachronisms.

A whole Arrowverse of action is happening out there, so we've culled the internet fan theories and done a little creative thinking about what we might or might not see next in DC television.

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The Flash When Harry Met Harry Elongated Man
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15 We Hope Isn't True: Elongated Man will Become the Next Love Interest of Caitlin Snow

The Flash When Harry Met Harry Elongated Man

Elongated Man has come to The Flash recently to give the show a shot in the arm in action and character dynamics. Ralph Dibny, played by Hartley Sawyer, is a fast talking, wise cracking ladies man who has easily made his way into Team Flash to become Barry’s next protege. Elongated Man probably thinks he has a chance with Caitlin Snow and her alter ego Killer Frost, which is likely why it's being rumored.

It’s doubtful. We’ve been on team Caitlin from the beginning. We’ve seen her character grow through her share of ups and downs: she watched two fiancéd die within a year of each other and she’s struggled with her family, her work life balance, and becoming a supervillain (just like one of us). Killer Frost deserves happiness, but she can do a lot better than the too corny Ralph Dibny. Unless he shapes up and proves he’s worthy, we say no way.

14 We Want To See: Lena Luthor Getting Ready for an Evil Turn

Long time watchers of Smallville from way back will remember when a young Clark Kent and Lex Luthor became best friends, only to become inevitable enemies. Fans can’t help but think the recent story line bringing Supergirl and Lena Luthor, played by Katie McGrath, closer together is going to end in a repeat of history.

Lena has gone to great lengths to prove that she’s different from the rest of her family. So far she’s helped take a stand against Cadmus, Maxwell Lord, and Metallo, but something tells us she won’t stay on Supergirl’s good side forever and we kind of want to see it happen. Look for them to develop their friendship a little bit more before Lena is put in an impossible position and makes a turn.

13 We Hope Isn't True: Red Tornado will be The Flash’s Big Bad in the Next Season

Red Tornado Android Superhero on CW Supergirl

A lot of good things came out of the recent two-day crossover event. One of the overlooked highlights was the return of Red Tornado to the Arrowverse. We saw him previously on Supergirl, but this version of the character came from Earth-X, which got fans wondering: if we see the Red Tornado come back to the Flash, could it be as a the next season’s main villain?

Red Tornado was created in 1960 by Gardner Fox and Dick Dillin. T.O. Morrow is a android with a conscience who can manipulate the wind. He could be an interesting match-up for Barry Allen and Team Flash as they move on from The Thinker, this season’s main villain. As enticing as that sounds, most versions of the Red Tornado feature him as a superhero, so it’s more likely he’ll join the team than fight against it. We say it’s doubtful.

12 We Want To See: The Next Firestorm will Include a Ronnie Raymond from the Multiverse

The crossover broke all of our hearts when it was revealed that it was Dr. Stein’s death that would cause his character to leave the show. This makes things tricky when it’s explained that Stein and Jefferson, the other half of Firestorm, have together formed a symbiotic life form, as what happens to one impacts the other.

Thanks to some quick scientific thinking, a potion was synthesized to separate the two, so Jefferson was spared when Dr. Stein died, but now Legends of Tomorrow has an opportunity to pair him up with Ronnie Raymond. In the comics, Ronnie Raymond was the quarterback paired with Dr. Stein to become Firestorm. On the CW, Ronnie Raymond was also the name of Caitlin Snow’s fiancé who perished in the Star Labs explosion. We’re not sure how they can fit all the pieces together, but there’s definitely a great story in there somewhere and there's mumblings around it.

11 We Hope Isn't True: Green Lanterns will make an Appearance in Supergirl Next Season

Green Lanterns have already made a couple of appearances in DC films, first in an ill fated solo movie and next in their latest appearance in Justice League. With that in mind, it might be time to bring them to the small screen, according to some fans. Supergirl, as the Arrowverse’s most cosmic show, would be a natural place to bring in some mention of the Green Lantern Corps.

Supergirl’s always been the star of her show though, which is why we love both it and her. There’s hardly even room for her cousin Superman. Weaving in a Green Lantern story sounds too delicate for anything greater than a passing reference. If they tried to develop an Earth Green Lantern, it would be so powerful that the show would go in an entirely new direction. Bringing in heroes from alternate universes is always a possibility, but we'd rather just wait for the eventual franchise reboot.

10 We Want To See: There Will Be More Martian Civil War

J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter, played by David Harewood, has been one of the great breakout characters from Supergirl. He’s a great hero to have around if you need some shape shifting, flying, or mind reading. We also get a lot of his back story and a lot of time spent on his Martian heritage.

J’onzz is a green martian and is nearly the last of his kind since they were exterminated by the white martians. The war is still ongoing though as, most recently on the show, a surviving faction of green Martians has been found, led by J’onnz’s father, M’yrnn. The Martian Manhunter and his father barely escaped the white martians with the resistance but they took with them a precious artifact, the Staff of Kolar. We have a feeling this conflict will come back to the surface shortly, and Supergirl will have to help J’onn J’onzz and the resistance fight the White Martians.

9 We Hope Isn't True: Thea Queen will Betray Team Arrow

Speedy AKA Thea Queen (Willa Holland)

Thea Queen has been in a coma all of this season, until just last episode where she awoke to rejoin the cast. Willa Holland, the actor behind Thea Queen, has taken the character in several directions since the show's inception, struggling with substance abuse, being killed and brought back to life, becoming the Red Arrow and discovering she’s the daughter of Malcolm Merlyn. Maybe the next move for Thea Queen is to turn against the family and put Team Arrow in conflict with one of their own, which has been rumored?

We don’t buy it. Thea has been a source of support for Oliver in the past. When everything else collapses around him, she’s still his sister and she’s been with him through it all. Rumours have been circulating that a traitor will hit close to home at the end of this season, but we can’t bring ourselves to expect it to be Thea. Or, if she does, it couldn’t be a permanent betrayal.

8 We Want To See: The Ray will Join the Legends

Ray Terrill, The Ray, made his CW debut in this season's ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ crossover event. Russell Tovey gave life to the golden age character and he’ll supply the voice for the CW’s animated series Freedom Fighters: The Ray, on the CW Seed app. The Ray has the ability to manipulate light to various degrees and effects. He also adds to the Arrowverse’s growing ranks of gay characters, making the show more diverse.

The last time we saw the Ray, he was kissing an Earth-X version of Captain Cold goodbye as Cold stayed to help the Legends of Tomorrow team, but we wouldn’t be surprised if The Ray himself also joined the Legends crew for a season or two on the Waverider.

7 We Hope Isn't True: Batman will Show Up in the Arrowverse

Two references have already been made in passing to Bruce Wayne and The Caped Crusader. It happened once in The Flash, with off hand jokes to pointy eared vigilantes, and most recently in Arrow, when Oliver Queen calls out Bruce Wayne in a mayoral press conference. This marks a big step as it forces fans to wonder if we could really ever see that live action Batman TV show in this incarnation.

Though Batman mentions will always keep fans guessing, Gotham is still performing well over on Fox and they’re growing their own form of a Batman TV show. This rumor also suffers from being a little too ambitious. Any introduction of Batman into the Arrowverse would be packed with way too much pressure, almost inevitably feeling cheesy or forced. We can do better, Batman fans.

6 We Want To See: Black Lightning will be in Next Season’s Crossover

Arrowverse Black Lightning Crossover

Black Lightning is already announced to be coming to the CW after the winter break and the first episode is set to premiere on January 16, 2018. The show is going to focus on Black Lightning and his two daughters as they navigate their power to manipulate electricity. Cress Williams, China Anne McClain, and Nafeesa Williams are cast in the three leading roles.

Developers at the CW have already gone back and forth on whether Black Lightning will connect with the Arrowverse at all. The last word says plans are to keep the projects separate for now, but after the success of the most recent crossover event, the Berlanti-verse will be hard pressed to draw a line between Black Lightning and the rest of the DC heroes throughout the week. If the shows continue to do well, the CW’s DC universe could be looking at a five way crossover event in the near future.

5 We Hope Isn't True: Felicity Will Choose Helix Over Team Arrow

Oliver and Felicity Are Trapped on Arrow in Underneath

The Ross and Rachel of our times; Oliver and Felicity have been flirting with romance almost since the show began. Their intermittent adoration has been punctuated by accidents, violence, and a lot of evil craziness. At the end of the crossover, Oliver and Felicity finally tied the knot. After some hi-jinx, of course.

Now everything seems so perfect for Oliver Queen, as the family man has pulled his life together and he’s picking up the pieces after Prometheus and Deathstroke. Felicity, as we’ve seen, is great with Oliver’s son. It feels a little too convenient to tie it all up with Oliver and Felicity finally getting together. We aren’t convinced this relationship is here to stay this time, but we do think it’s going to take more than Helix, the start-up Felicity and Curtis have founded, to break them up.  

4 We Want To See: Superman is Going to Make an Appearance in the Next Crossover

Played by Tyler Hoechlin, Superman, Supergirl’s Kryptonian cousin, has kept a low profile on the show so far. He’s made an appearance in only four episodes so far and is only mentioned in passing every now and then. For the most part, this has been a good thing, as this is a show about Supergirl, not Superman. So far, there haven’t been too many situations Kara couldn’t handle herself.

Watchers of this season’s crossover event may have theorized a comparison between TV’s DC heroes and the ones seen most recently in the Justice League movie. It’s not a fair comparison really, as the shows have much more time to develop their characters, but 'Crisis on Earth-X' was definitely a more exciting version of the super team. Since he has already been mentioned, cast and developed in the Arrowverse, fans can easily picture a crossover event that incorporates Superman could and we'd love to see.

3 We Hope Isn't True: Harrison Wells Will Be From Earth-44

Each season of The Flash has brought a new version of Harrison Wells, played by Tom Cavanagh, to the team, revealing seemingly infinite faces of this actor. Not only has Wells been, good, evil, and struggling in between, he’s also acted as the character that bridges fans between the multiverses. Harrison Wells have come from dozens of different earths by now, introducing the concept of parallel universes with little tweaks.

One new way to freshen up the super team would be bring in the Metal Men. The team of heroes, composed of elemental metals, is a longstanding DC fan favorite. On Earth-44, these Metal Men make up the Justice League, defending their planet from its mightiest foes. Dr. Magnus invented these robots in the comics, but Harrison Wells could have played a part as well. This rumor's a long shot and we really don't expect to see it, but some fans will continue to dream.

2 We Want To See: The Legion of Superheroes Help Supergirl Defeat Reign

Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes

On the episode of Supergirl just before the crossover ‘Crisis on Earth-X’, we see Mon-El returns to the show, at least at first. Kara is excited to have her significant other back until she discovers that it’s not the Mon-El she’s in love with, but a version from the future. The stasis pod in which Mon-El is found has a partner pod, one that houses someone Mon-El reveals to us is his fiancé, Imra.

Long time comics fans will know that Imra is the real name of the hero known as Saturn Girl, one of the founding members of the Legion of Superheroes. Mon-El is also a frequently recurring member of that team in the canon, as is Braniac-5, a future being related to the classic Superman villain, but instead she uses her 12th level intelligence for good. Braniac-5 has already been introduced in a separate arc. With these three pieces on the board, the possibilities are really endless.

1 We Hope Isn't True: Killer Frost will Betray Team Flash

The Flash Season 4 Girls Night Out Review Killer Frost

Caitlin Snow cannot seem to catch a break. She’s been pulled in every direction, while she’s suffered tragic loss and moral desperation. If The Flash creators really wanted to mix up the team chemistry on the show and shake things up, one option would be to give Killer Frost the ultimate heel turn and let her break bad entirely.

The series has set up Caitlin’s evil alter ego for seasons now. She’s been walking the line, trying to keep Killer Frost in check. The writers could easily use this as a device to blow up Team Flash, which is why it's being rumoured, and send everyone into turmoil, but we hope she stays on the good side. At least for now.


Which of these are you DYING to see? Let us know in the comments!

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