Weekly TV Wrap-Up - June 4th 2009

There is a god, that's all I have to say.  With American Idol out of the way and the onslaught of repeats and summer reality TV shows sliding towards us, I'm happy to report that most of the top-10 shows were scripted shows and most of those came from CBS.  CBS rocks.

Of the top 10, CBS clocked the competition in 9 of the top 10 spots.  Oddly, 8 of the top 10 were repeats.

Despite the rankings, viewership plummeted.  The week before last, American Idol snagged almost 25 million viewers, whereas the No 1 ranked show last week, a repeat of NCIS, drew in a mere 12.5 million viewers.

In fact, as summer starts up, last week the top 10 ranked shows tallied up to 101.8 million viewers as opposed to the week prior where the top 10 shows drew in a total of 171.4 million.  It's not hard to see why networks dole out reality TV.

No 1 shows for each network were NCIS for CBS at No. 1 (12.5 million viewers) in the charts, Fox slid into 9th with So You Think You Can Dance (9.2 mil), ABC's Wipeout settled in at 12th (8.7 mil), NBC had Medium lead their viewing charge (7.9 mil) in 14th and bringing up the list of networks is the ill-supported return of Reaper for The CW, with 2.1 million fans tuning in.

Some shows premiered last week and did so with little ratings fanfare.  Wipeout at 12th, So You Think You Can Dance in 13th, Fox's Mental at 30th, The Goode Family at 52nd and a few others.

Of course nothing says "Most Popular" or "Most Beloved" like a show coming in dead last in the ratings; repeats of Jericho pulled just over half a million viewers.  Thanks for advertising you're even broadcasting it, CW.  Oh... did that snark slip out?  Sorry.

Here's the ratings chart for the week:

Thanks for coming by gang.  If there's anything TV related you want to discuss, let 'er rip in the comments!  I will be watching.

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