Weekly TV Wrap Up - March 5th, 2009

Day One - NBC

It was a busy news week for some big shows and some other shows that aren't so big... so let's get on with the tidbits of news!

NBC's Day One

NBC is pulling together a post-apocalyptic drama called Day One. It's about a group of neighbors from an apartment complex after a catastrophic event. The cast includes David Lyons, Carly Pope, Adam Campbell and Thekla Reuten.

So will NBC give this a chance? They've nabbed Heroes ex-writer Jesse Alexander for the task of creating this little mini Jericho. Why do I call it that? It's about a small band of survivors who strive to rebuild society and unravel the mysteries of the disaster than took place to force them into this situation.

Sources: Sci-Fi Wire, Hollywood Reporter

The Bachelor Turns Fans Off

Jason Mesnick outdid anything any other bachelor may have, or will ever do. At the end of the season, he picked his girl and asked her to marry him. Melissa was a happy ex-cheerleader from the Dallas Cowboys. He later dumped Melissa and went for plan B, Molly. Molly is the girl he dumped in favor of Melissa on the last day of the season of The Bachelor.

According to various polls, this move didn't go over so well and people think he's a stinker. (Different words used to protect the eyes of any youngsters reading!) But don't worry, Melissa has already hooked up with a guy she's been seeing on and off for the last two years.

Source: E Online


FOX is not committing to anything yet as people are starting to wonder if FOX will renew Fringe for another season. They say they want to wait and see how it does after its April 7th return to the air. Come on people. Do it. You know you're going to.

Source: TV Guide

Prison Break

FOX is putting together those extra two hours of Prison Break in the form a two-hour movie. It's a self contained adventure and it takes place a few days after the events of the season (and series) finale.

Why? I have no clue. But that woman we all love to hate, Gretchen, is in it. Grr. I hope it finally happens to her!

Source: E Online

Knight Rider

In case you're wondering, Knight Rider's last episode aired last night. The organized fan clubs are trying to rally to let NBC know that they want to see it return. They even admit that the show is completely different than it was when the season began and they say that it's finally getting its legs under it. The cast has been trimmed and they stopped figting the terrorist of the week. Just like it used to be in the original series. No news is good news, but in this case, no good news is probably just that, no good news. We'll see what they have in store.

Life On Mars

I hope you weren't a Life On Mars fan. If you are, you're in for some real disappointment as your reality crashes back to Earth. ABC canceled Life On Mars. They are going to let it run its course of 17 episodes and they're done with it.

At least the fans of this show can get themselves some closure as the exec producers have been told with enough time to put together a decent series finale. Unlike the way ABC unceremoniously dumped Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money and Eli Stone.

At least you'll get an answer to the obvious question everyone has: Is Sam Tyler in a coma or been smacked back in time by the car accident!

Source: Variety


Knowing how all of our readers are such big reality TV fans... crickets... I just had to warn you that CBS has ordered two more editions of the Gilligans Island mockumentary of sorts. At least that's what I like to call it.

These two new "editions" will air in the 2009-2010 season. This will put the show into it's 20th season, edition or whatever the h**l you want to call it and will officially make it the longest running reality TV show ever. Oh goody. I get quality time with my wife who happens to like this show.

Source: CBS Press

Jerry Seinfeld Returns!

Jerry Seinfeld is joining forces with NBC for a new reality series. Yes, another one... but this one sounds like it could get interesting. Bear with me here! The show is tentatively titled The Marriage Ref and will feature celebrities, athletes and comedians, who will judge couples in marital disputes and recommend resolutions to their problems.

LOL... this sounds like a can of worms. Comedians tossing out advice to sparring wedded couples? Heck, cops don't even like dealing with domestic disputes. This could be funny... and that is exactly how Seinfeld is playing it out... as a comedy.

Six one-hour episodes have been ordered and are expected to premiere in the fall.

Source: TV Guide

Burn Notice

Finally! After two seasons of Burn Notice where we've been learning how to be an operative on the lamb and getting the job done taking down bad guys, Michel Westin is going to come face to face with the person who had him burned in the first place. This is going to happen in tonights season finale.

Along with that event, Michael and Carla are putting each other in the crosshairs too. It should be an exciting episode.

Season 3 will be about Michael and Fiona still trying to not be together and Michael dealing with things from his past and his career choice.

With the guy who burned him outed, I hope they can continue to make this interesting. It's been great having this subplot always in the background generating that little extra intensity to each episode.

Source: TV Guide


Scott Wolf has joined the cast of V. Wolf will play Chad Decker, the reporter tapped by the visitors to distribute their propoganda.


The Simpsons

FOX has renewed The Simpsons for two additional seasons. That will bring the longest-running series in prime-time television history through its 22nd season. Zoinks!

Source: Sci-Fi Wire

That's it for this week!

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