Weekly TV Wrap Up - June 25, 2009

Last Weeks Ratings

With the big sporting events out of the way, scripted dramas dominated the top-10 spots in last week's ratings.

A repeat of the ever-popular NCIS led the way for CBS and helped the stations claim 9 of the top 10 spots.  The lone intruding network in the top 10 was Fox's So You Think You Can Dance, lodging itself into 6th.

ABC's best performer last week was the hilarious yet repetitive show Wipeout, sitting just outside the top 10, in 11th.  On a sad note, NBC's best rated show was Dateline, sitting in 21st.

The CW's best performer was a repeat of Smallville, putting the ever-dragging network solidly into 79th.

In case you had not taken note, Eli Stone (69th) and Kings (77th) are airing once again in what looks to be the obligatory completion of purchased episodes.  Sadly, I don't remember seeing any marketing for these shows.  Do you?

On the cable side of things, Royal Pains dominated the cable box followed by The Closer.  I caught a bit of Royal Pains and I found myself being curious about it.  It has potential.

Here's the chart:

Source:  TV By The Numbers

That's the wrap-up for the week.  If there's anything of interest you'd like us to look over, let us know in the comments section.  Or heck, you could even leave comments about anything I spoke to.

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