Weekly TV Wrap Up - July 23rd, 2009

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Hello from San Diego at Comic-Con.  Today's bit of weekly TV news is a bit short today but I have managed to include some not so good news about Burn Notice's Jeffrey Donovan, some good news for 24 star Keifer Sutherland, returning news for Jorja Fox on CSI, and TV ratings from last week.

Jorja Fox Returns to CSI

Jorja Fox's relationship with CBS and CSI is an off-again, on-again event over the last few years.  It looks like things are "on" again as Fox will be appearing in the upcoming 10th season premiere and an additional few episodes throughout the season.

When inquired if Petersen would return and CBS has no comment.  Grr.

Source:  TV Guide

Michael Westen Really BurnedBurn Notice star Jeffrey Donovan has been busted on July 12th for operating his motor vehicle while under the influence, down in Florida.

He was released on bail.

Source:  TV Guide

24's Keifer Sutherland Off The Hook

While one star got into trouble, another got out of it.  The Manhattan district attorney has decided not to pursue charges against Keifer Sutherland in that head butting case where Keifer stepped in and reportedly head-butted fashion designer Jack McCullough.

Then again, Sutherland and McCullough did meet and reconcile their issues after the fact.

With the charges dropped, Sutherland is no longer threatening his five-year probation issue from his 2007 DUI.

Source:  TV Guide

Torchwood To Continue

Without giving away too much, Russell T. Davies has said that he's fairly confident that Torchwood will go on.  There are many different options on the table, so don't fret.

Just thought you'd like to know.


TV RatingsThis week, sports led the way in ratings while a few reality shows kept sticking their nose in the ratings mix.

I try to stick to the 'all viewers' mode to capture a better, more rounded set of ratings, though at times, reality programming just doesn't go away.

Rank, Show, (R)= Repeat, (S)=Special, Network, Viewers (Millions)

1.  MLB All-Star Game (S) - FOX - 14.62.  America’s Got Talent - Tue - NBC - 13.53.  America Got Talent - Wed 9PM - NBC - 11.64.  MLB All-Star Pre-Game - (S) - FOX - 11.25.  NCIS (R) - CBS - 10.56.  Two and a Half Men - (R) - CBS - 9.17.  The Mentalist - (R) - CBS - 8.48.  The Big Bang Theory - (R) - CBS - 8.29.  The Bachelorette - ABC - 8.010. CSI: Miami - (R) - CBS - 8.011. CSI: NY - (R) - CBS - 8.012. Wipeout - ABC - 7.713. CSI - (R) - CBS - 7.714. CBS News: Remember Cronkite - (S) - CBS - 7.615. Criminal Minds - (R) - CBS - 7.516. America Got Talent - Tue 8PM - (R) - NBC - 7.517. So You Think You Can Dance - Thur - FOX - 7.218. Law And Order: SVU - (R) - NBC - 7.119. So You Think You Can Dance - Wed - FOX - 6.920. America Got Talent- Wed 8PM - (R) - NBC - 6.5

Noted Shows On Cable

Rank, Program, Net, Viewers (millions)3rd - Burn Notice on USA - 6.74th - The Closer on TNT - 6.65th - Royal Pains on USA - 6.219th - NCIS on USA - 4.3

Source:  TV By The Numbers

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