Weekly TV Wrap Up - July 16th, 2009

Upcoming Television Series

In this weeks TV Wrap Up, I've found  casting news about Stargate Universe, Supernatural, Psych, Friday Night Lights, Smallville, Criminal Minds and Stephen King's book-turned-tv-series, Cell!

As usual, I have a ratings recap at the bottom, but it's the Summer Lite edition being as how we're in repeat mode for the Summer (except for the reality drabble that is intertwined throughout the chart).

Let's "git 'er done", shall we?


Stargate Universe

Stargate Universe is looking to cast a "name actress" to play the wife of Robert Carlyle's character.

These will be flashback scenes since she will be dead by the time we see her.



The CW's Supernatural is adding a recurring role of a possessed mechanic named Raphael.  He's supposedly going to be possessed by one of the most powerful entities in the universe.



David Naughton (An American Werewolf in London) has signed up to appear in the Halloween episode of Psych.  He'll be playing a one Dr. Ken Tucker, who is a self-serving sociopath!

Season 4 of Psych will be starting on August 7th.

Source:  EW


Friday Night Lights

Casting has begun for season 4 of Friday Night Lights.  As high school students graduate, they move on.  So too must Adrianne Palicki, Zach Gilford, and Minka Kelly.

The rolls they're looking to fill are named Vince, Luke, Jess and Becky.

I'll miss watching Palicki on FNL, but she's moving onto Supernatural, so I won't go through any withdrawals.

Source:  EW



Word on the street is that the upcoming season of Smallville will have a full on Clark and Lois romance going.  I know many of you are of mixed opinions on this issue, but we'll just have to take what they give us and hope we don't suffer too much from any forced acting or stretched out story lines.

I guess this means Lois comes back from where ever she went last season.

Oops, does that make this a SPOILER? Sorry.


Criminal Minds

If you're wondering if Hotch survived the season finale - heck, I don't know!  But what I've read is that they are casting for the role of an emergency room doctor.

That can't be bad news.  Can it?

Source:  EW


Stephen King's Cell

So how do you get turned into a rampaging killer?  Quite possibly by a signal sent through your cell phone, according to Stephen King.

His novel Cell is being taken up by John Harrison (Tales From The Darkside: The Movie) who is putting together a script for a 4-hour mini-series based on the book.

I don't know about you, but hopefully Harrison will figure out how to liven up the ending.  I've always found endings to King's movies lacking something, but could never put a finger on it.  But that's just me.

Source:  Fangoria


TV Ratings

On the big networks, CBS took the majority of the top spots, with NCIS once again ranking supreme in the ratings.  The Mentalist & CSI: Miami were the other crime dramas filling out the top-10.

Trivia:  Did you know that ABC turned down the CSI franchise when it was being shopped around?  Oops.

In the oddity department, I'm almost relieved to see that Big Brother premiered in 18th.  For me, it shows that at least one more reality cornerstone is slowly losing its grip on the viewers.  My exuberance is short lived though, as I realize the other reality competition shows for dancing and singing are still ranking up there.

On Cable, The Closer keeps closing the door on the other shows, Royal Pains is hanging in there, while the Michael Jackson memorial dominated the top 20 in different slots, as each hour of the event was broken down and placed in the rankings.

Nielsen Top Twenty, for the week ending July 12, 2009, all viewers:

Rank, Program, Network, Viewers (Millions)1.  America's Got Talent, Wed, NBC, 11.92.  NCIS, CBS, 10.993.  America’s Got Talent, Tue, NBC, 10.64.  Two And A Half Men, CBS, 9.45.  The Mentalist – Tue, CBS, 9.26.  60 Minutes, CBS, 8.87.  CSI: Miami, CBS, 8.88.  Primetime: Family Secrets, ABC, 8.79.  The Big Bang Theory, CBS, 8.310. The Mentalist, CBS, 8.311. Wipeout, ABC, 8.212. So You Think You Can Dance, Thur, FOX, 7.913. The Bachelorette, ABC, 7.714. CSI, CBS, 7.715. So You Think You Can Dance - Wed, FOX, 7.616. CSI: NY, CBS, 7.317. Criminal Minds, CBS, 7.118. Big Brother 11 Premiere, Thur, CBS, 6.6

Cable1.  The Closer, TNT, 6.12.  Royal Pains, USA, 5.73.  Jackson Memorial Service, CNN, Tue, 3:00P-3:48P, 5.74.  Burn Notice, USA, 5.55.  WWE Entertainment, USA, 5.46.  Jackson Memorial Service, CNN, 2:00P-3:00P     5.47.  iCarly, NICK, 5.28.  Jackson Memorial Service, CNN, 1:33P-2:00P     5,1259.  M Jackson Memorial Cvg     CNN     Tue     03:48P-04:00P     4,96710. WWE Entertainment, USA, 4.911. Sprint Cup Racing/Chicago, TNT, 4.816. Harry Potter/Goblet, FAM, 4.117. In Plain Sight, USA, 3.9

Source: TV By The Numbers


That's it for another fun filled week of tidbits.  As always, Screen Rant readers thoughts, ideas or suggestions are always welcomed additions to the article.

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