Weekly TV Wrap Up - February 19th, 2009

As we all know, ratings weren't too hot for Dollhouse and Sarah Connor Chronicles. Dollhouse did better than expected, while The Sarah Connor Chronicles did suffer the consequences of the dreaded Friday night time slot. That's an ouch. But I also touch a little on what I saw on Battlestar Galactica, have a bit of Smallville cast news and more cast has been hired for the NCIS spin-off that everyone waiting for. And a few other tidbits & dribbles along the way.


I think we need to chalk up ratings to a very narrowly focused group of people. With the blinders on, the advertisers trust in them pretty blindly considering how the viewing technology has changed. Why am I yet again (like I always seem to do), bashing the ratings system? Because even though Dollhouse underperformed in its Friday night time slot, it has found its way to the #1 spot of TV episodes on iTunes. When it first hit iTunes, it was 19th but it quietly made its way to the top. So the Nielsen families missed the point, in fact many of us did. But the Whedon fans have made their statement. They have shown their faith. (Oh my, that wasn't supposed to be a pun!)

Source: TV By The Numbers

Battlestar Galactica

Is it getting crazy or what? They've presented a lot of background in these last few weeks but now Adama has to begrudgingly have the Galactica repaired with living Cylon ship material? I just have to wonder how that is going to play out in the remaining episodes. I am at least being surprised with Ellen as the final Cylon, and their letting on there was a 6th and 7th model!! And who is this Daniel Cylon model that had to be boxed? Wow, they are just pouring out the revelations as we continue to wonder about Starbuck.


Want to hear some wacky news? As of last week, Tom Welling has yet to sign a contract for the 9th season of Smallville. I gotta wonder what's up? Does he have them by the whats, knowing the show can't go on without him?



Spin-off news: A few more roles have been cast for the upcoming NCIS spin-off! Louise Lombard (CSI-Sofia Curtis character) will be playing Clara, the female lead. Clara used to be a major in the MP force and has become an investigator. Peter Cambor (Notes from the Underbelly) will be playing psychologist with a quick wit. A newcomer to the American scene, Daniela Ruah is playing Kensi, a young investigator.

Source: TV Guide

Rescue Me

Despite not starting its 5th season yet, Rescue Me with Denis Leary has been renewed by FX for a sixth season.  FX is very impressed with the upcoming 5th season episodes that much.  Rescue Me premieres April 7th on FX.  I saw the funniest ad for the show the other week.  One of the firefighters is sitting on the can in a house thats burning down, and the posse comes up and says dang, even with the house burning down he still stinks it up!  If you see this ad, get ready to hold your ribs.

Source: TV Guide

The Oscars

Sadly... OK... not - the Academy Awards lost their biggest advertiser last week. L’Oréal Paris pulled out, leaving the Academy to scramble for a new cash cow. General Motors also pulled out, but that's understandable. Hyundai and Audi took GM's place, but it's being rumored that the Oscars are still missing 12% of their advertising time. Oh goody, more ABC show ads. Personally, I kind of got tired of Hollywood patting itself in its own back.

Source: Media Week

Miscellaneous Tidbits

This is so not TV or Movie related, but: SIRIUS XM had an investor bail them out of a situation that would have put them in bankruptcy last Tuesday. Liberty Media Corp. gave them a $530 million loan, for a 40% equity interest in the company. I don't get why anyone would want to try and bail out a company that on top of last week's debt, still owes $1 billion in debt due later this year and $3 billion in debt due in the coming years.

Source: Media Week

Hugh Laurie of FOX's House will be serving as the Grand Marshal for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Auto Club 500 at Auto Club Speedway on Feb. 22. (Fontana, CA.) All this means is he gets to yell into the microphone, "Gentlemen, start your engines!" I've seen some good ones, and I've seen some lame ones. I hope he pulls it out. While NASCAR is in town they rub shoulders with as much Hollywood as they can, and with that in mind the Band from TV are scheduled to rock the California FanZone Stage at the track. This band Band from TV includes well known actors like: Greg Grunberg (drums) and Adrian Pasdar (guitar) both from Heroes; James Denton (guitar), from Desperate Housewives; Bob Guiney (vocals), who appeared on The Bachelor and Jesse Spencer (violin) currently starring in House. Source: NASCAR Media

And that's all for now gang!

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