Weekly TV Wrap Up - May 21st, 2009

Welcome to Screen Rant's weekly TV Update.

It seems that I've reported most of the developing TV news throughout the week.  I'm exhausted but I still dug up a few more bits about the Gossip Girl spin-off, a Chuck tidbit, the move that Smallville is making.

And I've got the usual set of numbers for the ratings from last week.

Onward, my fair readers.

Gossip Girl Spin-off

The news is fickle and iffy that the Gossip Girl spin-off, tentatively titled Lily will happen.  Over the front half of the week, sources say it's dead in the water.  Yet on Wednesday other sources are saying it's not dead yet.  We'll find out for sure today (Thursday).

The source that says it is dead has been pretty accurate this week, so for the moment, I am leaning towards DOA.

Sorry folks.

Sources:  EW, KorbiTV

Chuck And Subway

Will that be white or wheat?

Concessions have been the name of the game in getting shows renewed.  Yes, it is a tough economy but things are still moving forward.

In the case of Chuck, NBC made a marketing deal with Subway.

Subway will become part of the show where one character will be working at the franchise. We'll all be hungry for our Veggie-Delights after Chuck it may seem.

Source:  IO9

The CW Is Moving Smallville

To what night am I moving?

In a bit of preemptive news, The CW is splitting up the pair of shows Supernatural and Smallville that have been the mainstays for Thursday nights on The CW.

Part of the situation is that The CW is bringing in a new show called Vampire Diaries to take the place of Smallville.

Yes, you read right.  Smallville is moving to Friday nights.  When I found out, I twittered the following:  "Smallville to Fridays?  Has Fox taken over The CW?"

The hope by The CW is that the 3 million regular viewers will follow Smallville to Friday nights to give them some presence on the worst TV night of the week.

Laughingly, Smallville will be followed up by an encore showing of America's Next Top Model.

It really sounds like The CW is giving the show the shovel.  We saw that moving The Sarah Connor Chronicles lost over 1/2 their viewers when it was moved to Friday nights.  Not to mention it will be up against Ghost Whisperer who sort of owns Friday nights, and is now teamed up with Medium and Numbers.

Statistically speaking, I think Smallville will be dead in the water with this move.  Maybe they know something we don't about next season.

FYI:  Reaper is being reported as canceled.  Sorry Reaper fans.

Source:  The Hollywood Reporter

Stop Me If You've Heard This Before

The new show that The CW is swapping into Smallville's place is called Vampire Diaries.  It's about high school students specifically...  (Have we heard this one yet?) and is about a girl who's torn between two vampire brothers.

Sounds like a cheap effort to try and capitalize on the various vampire franchises popping up over night.  get it?  Over night.  That was a pun.  Sorry.

This highly original television programing is based on novels written by L.J. Smith.

Last Week's Ratings

The following ratings are for May 11th to 17th and there weren't too many big changes amongst the shows from last week.

Thanks for coming by this week.

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