Today’s Weekly TV Wrap Up will have a little One Tree Hill (Something a bit new, but a reader asked about the show.), some more on Dollhouse after the finale and Lie To Me news. We also touch on David E. Kelley’s disappointment, the dumping of a few shows by NBC and how Fox seems to be treating Ronald D. Moore’s Virtuality just like Dollhouse, but worse – If you can imagine that. I also have some David Tennant news for you.

Despite the season finales, it’s a bit of a quiet week for me.  Of course, I have the TV ratings from last week and a bit of a surprise at the end of the post, if you make it that far.

Shall we get on with it?

One Tree Hill (Might Be Considered SPOILERS)


one tree hill Weekly TV Wrap Up   May 14th, 2009

It looks as if Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton are not returning for the 7th season of One Tree Hill.

Apparently a deal could not be brokered for their contracts to return to the show and that’s a shame considering the popularity of the show.  I presume it was about pay raises and not the fans, but it is what it is.

The CW will be filling these two roles with three new characters.  The newbie roles will be an older sister for Haley, a sports agent for Nathan, and an diva that Brooke hires for her clothing line. On top of that, Austin Nichols (Julian) will become a regular.

You asked us in the comments, we answered!

Source:  EW

Dollhouse Has Not Been Sent To The Attic Quite Yet

I’m not holding my breath on this one, but word on the street is that Joss Whedon is pitching his vision of season two and looking at how the show can appear financially feasible to the advertisers.

So maybe there’s a little hope?  It’s Fox… If they renew, they’ll probably move them to midnight Friday nights.

Source: Whedon Info

Lie To Me Renewed

lie to me Weekly TV Wrap Up   May 14th, 2009

Fox has renewed Lie To Me and in the same process (more or less) has hired The Shield creator Shawn Ryan to be the new showrunner.

Human Target Gets A Chance

Human Target, starring Mark Valley (remember him, the in-Olivia’s-head ghost and ex-boyfriend in Fringe?) will star in the show.

Human Target will be about a man who changes identity each week for a client, taking his place in a dangerous situation.

Some say that with the personality changes that go on in the show, it might be compared to Dollhouse but “they” say it’s more along the lines of 24.  Sure.  Anything to pitch a show.

Source:  THR Feed

Ronald D. Moore’s Virtuality May Be Short Lived

Ronald D. Moore and Michael Taylor’s fox project titled Virtuality is getting the short stick from Fox. What was originally reported as a possible sci-fi series for Fox looks to be only getting a single day air-date of July 4th as a TV movie.

Yea, the same July 4th that is the least watched night of television of the year – for some reason… I can’t recall right now.  Cool, they can now join Dollhouse in the time-slot shafting department.  Oh.  I didn’t say that.

It’s been said that the show had been submitted to Fox and then returned for a re-editing.  This is like a parallel story line.  What is it with Fox and the shows of PROVEN SHOWRUNNERS?  I am befuddled.

Viruality revolves around a starship that had a malfunctioning virtual reality system.  The cast included Clea DuVall, James D’Arcy, Jimmi Simpson, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Joy Bryant, Kerry Bishe, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and Sienna Guillory.

Sources:  Variety & SF Universe

NBC passes on a David E. Kelley Pilot

If you’re a David E. Kelley fan looking forward to his next project, you can put it in park.  His new show, called Legally Mad, had the plug pulled by NBC.  Eh.  I like his stuff.

Speaking of plugs, Fox pulled the plug on their poorly performing cartoon, Sit Down, Shut Up.  Maybe it was the rude title that did not lure people in.

Source:  Variety

For The David Tennant Fan

David Tennant has landed the role of hosting the long running television show called Masterpiece Contemporary. He’ll be filling shoes that have been filled by the likes of Alan Cumming and Laura Linney.

The Masterpiece series began as Masterpiece Theatre in 1971, and now also encompasses a sister series, Mystery.

Source:  Salisbury Journal

Last Weeks Ratings Numbers for May 4th to 10th 2009

The top-10 shows stayed the same but moved a little up or down, but more or less, the same.

CSI Miami moved up 5 spots, gaining over 1.5 million viewers from the week before.  As House on Fox built up to their phenomenal season finale, they moved up 4 spots.  Castle made a massive 17 spot jump to 23rd in the ratings as they gained around 1.5 million viewers.

One of my favs, The Unit, stayed static around 25th with just under 10 million viewers on Sundays, but that’s not enough for CBS and word on the street is that it won’t be coming back next year.  Buggers.

So let’s see what the numbers looked like from last week, courtesy of TV By The Numbers.

Rank – Show (Network) -Viewers In The Millions
1 – American Idol – Wed -Fox No.1(FOX) – 23.574
2 – American Idol – Tue(FOX) – 23.414
3 – Dancing With The Stars -ABC No 1(ABC) – 20.278
4 – NCIS -CBS No 1(CBS) – 16.723
5 – The Mentalist(CBS) – 16.678
6 – Grey’s Anatomy(ABC) – 15.546
7 – CSI(CBS) – 14.912
8 – Dancing W/Stars Results(ABC) – 14.556
9 – Two And A Half Men(CBS) – 14.169
10 – Criminal Minds(CBS) – 14.128
11 – CSI: Miami(CBS) – 13.718
12 – CSI: NY(CBS) – 13.397
13 – Desperate Housewives(ABC) – 12.293
14 – House(FOX) – 12.047
15 – Survivor: Tocantins(CBS) – 11.993
16 – Cold Case(CBS) – 11.838
17 – Without A Trace(CBS) – 11.831
18 – Rules Of Engagement(CBS) – 11.328
19 – Amazing Race 14(CBS) – 10.49
21 – 24 (FOX) – 10.107
23 – Castle(ABC) – 9.968
24 – Law And Order:SVU -NBC No. 1(NBC) – 9.82
25 – The Unit(CBS) – 9.639
27 – Numbers(CBS) – 9.567
28 – Ghost Whisperer(CBS) – 9.5
30 – Fringe(FOX) – 9.245
31 – Biggest Loser 7(NBC) – 9.13
34 – Bones(FOX) – 8.755
35 – Brothers & Sisters(ABC) – 8.747
36 – Lost(ABC) – 8.703
37 – Lie To Me(FOX) – 8.675
38 – Flashpoint(CBS) – 8.618
40 – Law And Order(NBC) – 8.143
41 – Office(NBC) – 7.845
42 – Ugly Betty(ABC) – 7.378
43 – Medium(NBC) – 7.241
45 – Fox Nascar Sprint Cup(FOX) – 6.671
46 – Southland(NBC) – 6.606
48 – Family Guy(FOX) – 6.357
49 – 30 Rock(NBC) – 6.132
50 – Law & Order:CI – Wed(NBC) – 5.71
53 – Simpsons(FOX) – 5.192
55 – Scrubs-Wed 8Pm(ABC) – 5.067
58 – NBA Playoffs – Sat(ABC) – 4.964
59 – American Dad(FOX) – 4.876
60 – Parks And Recreation(NBC) – 4.725
61 – The Unusuals(ABC) – 4.632
62 – Law & Order:SVU-Wed 9Pm R(NBC) – 4.515
63 – My Name Is Earl(NBC) – 4.472
64 – Deal Or No Deal – Mon P(NBC) – 4.356
66 – King Of The Hill(FOX) – 4.165
67 – America’S Top Model – CW No 1(CW) – 3.817
71 – Smallville(CW) – 3.392
72 – Better Off Ted (ABC) – 3.066
73 – Prison Break(FOX) – 2.992
74 – Supernatural(CW) – 2.787
75 – Dollhouse(FOX) – 2.7
79 – One Tree Hill-Mon(CW) – 2.227
80 – Gossip Girl-Mon(CW) – 2.215
82 – Reaper(CW) – 1.893
83 – 90210 (CW) – 1.841
86 – Sit Down Shut Up(FOX) – 1.549

I Did Say I Had A Surprise For You

We all miss Firefly and we miss The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The common denominator?  Summer Glau.

The super nice people over at Whedon Info posted a nice picture to help us remember Summer between gigs.  Enjoy team!

And don’t forget, sound off on any info you want to know about next week and don’t forget to tell all your friends, relatives and co-workers about this uber cool website.

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