Weekly TV Update - March 27th, 2009

Due to technical difficulties beyond my control, the digital dog ate my homework. Or, I had to write this article twice! The digital dog just sounds more light-hearted than what the second line implies. Enough about my woes with technological gremlins.

There wasn't a ton of news to report or snark on this week, so I had to dig up enough to make this yet another interesting read. Well, at least I think it is! I do have a few snippets that might be spoilers for The Office (Guest appearance) and Lost (Possible finale shoot notes).

Shall we get on with it?

Big Reminder:

The DVD movie, Stargate Ark of Truth will be on Friday night on The Sci-Fi Channel!  Don't forget!

Viewer Numbers From Last Week

As of Wednesday, these are some of the viewer estimates from some shows we like, and some we think you may follow.

The top performing show of the week was Wednesday's American Idol which brought in just over 23 million viewers. After that, are some of the shows we'd be more interested in how they're doing.

Show (Network): Number of viewers in the millions

  • 60 Minutes (CBS): 17.04 (Would you look at that! People like the news!)
  • NCIS (CBS): 15.84
  • The Mentalist (CBS): 15.49
  • Desperate Housewives (ABC): 14.75
  • Grey's Anatomy (ABC): 14.61
  • Two and a Half Men (CBS): 14.12
  • Criminal Minds (CBS): 13.74
  • CSI: Miami (CBS): 13.61
  • House (Fox): 13.13
  • CSI: NY (CBS): 12.79
  • Without a Trace (CBS): 11.87
  • Rules of Engagement (CBS): 11.42
  • Cold Case (CBS): 11.41
  • 24 (Fox): 11.36
  • Castle (ABC): 10.97
  • Law & Order: SVU (NBC): 10.74
  • Bones (Fox): 10.52
  • Lie to Me (Fox): 10.26
  • Brothers & Sisters (ABC): 10.15
  • The Big Bang Theory (CBS): 9.69
  • ER (NBC): 9.47
  • Lost (ABC): 8.82
  • The Office (NBC): 7.95
  • Burn Notice (USA): 7.31
  • 30 Rock (NBC): 7.02
  • Ugly Betty (CBS): 7
  • Heroes (NBC): 6.48
  • My Name Is Earl (NBC): 6.42
  • Better Off Ted (ABC): 5.50
  • Kings (NBC): 4.60
  • Dollhouse (Fox): 4.14
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Fox): 3.65
  • Smallville (CW): 3.29
  • Supernatural (CW): 3.15
  • Battlestar Galactica (SciFi): 2.4

Better Off Ted

As you can see the premiere of Better Off Ted wasn't as big as ABC might have hoped for. Maybe things will pick up after basketball.

Some Of Our Faves

Though the Fox network had its usual low set of numbers for a Friday with Dollhouse and The Sarah Connor Chronicles, both shows had a small improvement from the week before. Supernatural also had some increase in viewers but Smallville had a slight drop.

Word on the street is that despite the numbers, Dollhouse may return next season. No promises Though.

Battlestar Galactice Finale

The highly debated two-hour series-finale of Battlestar Galactica brought in 2.4 million viewers last Friday. No, not big on the numbers compared to network, but good enough for cable networks. That number made it the most-watched episode since Jan. 6, 2006 and it outperformed the season three-finale by 56%.

Burn Notice

The second season-finale of the USA drama Burn Notice hit a record 7.31 million viewers in its Friday 10 p.m. time slot. Go Michael Westin!!

Sources: Media Week, TV By The Numbers, TV Guide

Nothing Says Canceled Like...

This is pure conjecture on my part, but from what I'm seeing, I feel that The Sarah Connor Chronicles is not coming back next season. I say that because Stephanie Jacobsen, (Jesse from The Sarah Connor Chronicles), has joined the cast of the Melrose Place pilot in the role of Lauren. Lauren is a med student who is a high-end call girl by night. (Now let's see if you can get her accent out of your head now!)

On top of that, Brian Austin Green, is being reported as lining up a role in another CW pilot called Body Politic.

Granted, these two are not main characters and these shows are only pilots, but I'm guessing some contracts either allow for this, or have ended on TSCC. My feel is that the execs at FOX aren't holding their breath for an additional season and specific characters are not going to be needed. I actually got that feel from the panel at WonderCon in 'Frisco anyway.

TSCC did get their 2nd season from the advertisers, and again - my conjecture - because of the upcoming Terminator Salvation movie. With that movie fast approaching release date, the curiosity seekers have dwindled and the tie-ins that could be, are no longer.

Last weeks episode carried quite a bit of drama with it and I am enjoying it. Yet there's only so far they can go with it.

In case you have the hots for additional news on the desperate reboot attempt of Melrose Place, other cast members reporting in are Colin Egglesfield, (All My Children), Michael Rady (Greek), Katie Cassidy (Supernatural), Ashlee Simpson (7th Heaven) and Jessica Lucas (90210).

Source: TV Guide

Speaking of Brian Austin Green

Brian Austin Green's role as Derek Reese on TSCC may not be the only thing he's possibly leaving behind! This is just shameless gossip, and a great excuse to add a nice picture to my post, but it's been reported that Megan Fox moved out of the house she was sharing with Brian.

You know those moments that we look back on and reference about the "One that got away"? I think Green just took the cake on this one!

Guys, the line forms to the right!

Source: E Online

The Sopranos Creator Returns To HBODavid Chase, the creator behind The Sopranos, is coming back to HBO with a new idea in mind.

A Ribbon of Dreams is a mini-series that is set in 1913 and follows two very different men — one a college-educated mechanical engineer and the other, a cowboy with a violent past.

They form a partnership and become motion picture pioneers. Their journey is followed as the Hollywood film industry evolves from silent westerns to talking pictures and into the studio system of present day.

The premise initially seems kind of 'meh', but if you dwell on this, it may have a ton of potential with the various eras and lots of different people that may come and go through the series.

Source: TV Guide

No Heather Locklear Here

Even though the CW landed many of the veteran stars back on set for the 90210 reboot, they are having no luck getting Heather Locklear for their new version of Melrose Place. I think it might have been a matter of who is employed and who is not. Locklear has a few projects in the making.

The CW has tried to cover their tracks with this thinly disguised cop out press release:

"There wasn't a way to bring her back that made sense."

Riiight. I love PR. But some days it seems like it really is their job to get blood out of a turnip. (Have you figured out this was just another excuse to post a pretty face?)

Source: EW

Back Gets More CastCBS has two more stars for their new pilot titled Back. The CBS pilot will star Skeet Ulrich (Jericho) and the two new cast members are Sherry Stringfield (ER) and D.B. Woodside (24).

Back is about a man (Skeet Ulrich) who returns home after eight years. The catch? Everyone thought he died in the 9/11 tragedies, so he was reported as missing.

Sherry Stringfield is Ulrich's wife. Upon his return, he discovers she's moved on with a new hubby, which is classic Cast Away. (Man I hurt for him when Hanks returned home to find his wife off with a new hubby and kids.) With Ulrich's return to this depressing scenario, he's going to need a shrink. That's where Woodside comes in. He will be playing that shrink.

Dang, I'm depressed for him already!

PS: Before you ask, no, I don't know why he went away.

Source: TV Guide

The Office Guest Star

(Mild actor / story line Spoiler)If I'm not mistaken, Idris Elba (The Wire, Rocknrolla), has started his 6 week guest stint on The Office.

Amy Ryan (The Wire, Gone Baby Gone), is also scheduled to show up as the H.R. goddess Holly Flax for the final episode of the season.

Source: E Online

Lost Season Finale Conjecture

(May be a mild finale spoiler)It seems that ABC was advertising or seeking extras in Hawaii to play the parts of guests at a wedding on Lost. The timing of such an inquiry is not lost on a few. If schedules are on track, this is the time frame that they would be shooting the season-finale.

Now what would a wedding pertain to? Who knows. It could be a past wedding, or a future wedding. Or a future wedding from their past that is really the present yesterday? I think I just hurt my brain.

Eh, just thought I'd toss this snippet out.

Source: E Online


Next Top Model Gone Bad

Last week 4 people were injured and 2 hospitalized after a stampede of high heel cuties erupted in New York during a casting call for America's Next Top Model.

At first I thought there was an impromptu makeup sale on the street corner.

It turned out that while hundreds of fashion model wannabe's were lingering around in line to audition for the show, an argument had ensued. During or after the spat, a BMW either drove by or broke down near the mascara smeared mob and when it spewed some smoke, someone in the automotive-challenged hoard had yelled bomb, and the surge for pseudo safety was on!

The three that were arguing were arrested.

I really enjoyed the reference to this whole thing from the source article over on E Online:

"Fashion Week meets Thunderdome."

I can't imagine what a herd of spiked heels running might sound like.

Universal Pictures Has Some !!!!'s

The Advertising Standards Authority, (ASA) a London-based watchdog group, is asking British broadcasters to not air a commercial regarding the DVD release of the 2008 Angelina Jolie flick, Wanted. They're saying that the movie glorifies and glamorizes gun violence.

Being that the ASA doesn't get that people are not that stupid, Clearcast, the approving agencies for TV advertisements feels confident that viewers just might be able to distinguish the difference between the fantasy shooting action in Wanted vs. real life. What? You can't curve bullets? Crap.

Per BBC News, Universal Pictures has replied with the most humorous statement:

"Maybe the ASA, which also banned the 'Wanted' posters last year, objects to a female lead handling the big guns, rather than the guns themselves."

Though I have a hard time believing that was their official company line on the issue, I think Universal Pictures just made a fan out of me anyway.

Source: E Online

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