Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: May 11, 2008

Welcome to another news filled Weekend Wrap Up. The summer is well and truly here, the sun is shining and the weather is hot and Indiana Jones is only eleven days way!

This week's Wrap up includes news on:

Tom Cruise, Common signing up for McG's Terminator film, Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster in Pandorum, Kevin Costner decides not to take The Holy Road but he is prepared for a Swing Vote, Death Race and The X-Files: I Want to Believe.

1. It seems that every week I write about Tom Cruise in this update, and to make sure that I don't break my routine here's some more Cruise related news: Warner Bros want him to star in The 28th Amendment alongside Denzel Washington. The political thriller is set to be directed by Phillip Noyce, the director of Clear and Present Danger and Patriot Games.

Looks like the brothers Warner have a spare $50 million hanging around to secure these guys for the film. I wonder if Speed Racer's box office crash will make them change their minds?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

2. Rapper Common has signed up for McG's new Terminator film. It is rumored that he will be playing Daniel Dyson, son of Myles Dyson, the character played by Joe Morton in Terminator 2.

Does anyone else think that this film is beginning to sound a bit stupid? Yeah... me too!

Source: Joblo

3. Dennis Quaid is a very busy man. Hear that Meg Ryan? He's employable!Quaid and Ben Foster in final negotiations to star in the sci-fi action film Pandorum.

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

"'Pandorum' centers on mysterious events aboard an abandoned space craft, with Quaid and Foster as crewmen who must discover what's happened to them and to the planet they're orbiting."

Sounds pretty cool. German director Christian Alvart is directing the film.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

4. Kevin Costner has turned down the film The Holy Road, a sequel to his epic Oscar winning western Dances With Wolves.

No word on why Costner has decided not to return to the character of John Dunbar, but I'd bet pretty good money that one of the reasons is that Simon Wincer is directing the film. If he had so much control over the original I can't see him starring in the film when he can't call the shots. Just ask Kevin Reynolds!

The producers have an alternate choice - Viggo Mortensen.

Please, please don't do this! Dances With Wolves is one of my favorite films, and I'd hate to see it ruined, and making this film without Costner is only going to highlight it as a cheap imitation.

5. Keeping up with Costner his new film Swing Vote is released this summer - August 1st. In the film Costner stars as booze loving everyman who has the worlds press take an avid interest in him when the US presidential election comes down to his vote.

It looks like Costner is on Tin Cup form. Could be the sleeper hit of the summer.

Check out the newly released poster:

Sources: Swing Vote and Joblo

6. If you're looking forward to Death Race 3000 then you'll be pretty happy with this news: Universal Pictures has moved the release of the film from a late September slot to August 22. Paul W.S. Anderson's remake stars Jason Statham and Joan Allen.

Source: Coming Soon

7. The Polish poster for The X-Files: I Want to Believe has been released and it looks... strange. It kind of looks like a direct-to-DVD cover. Considering the low key marketing on this I was expecting something great.

It also looks like it's been made up of most of the stills that have been released so far.

What do you think?


That's all folks for another week, see you at the movies!

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