Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: January 4, 2009

It's that time of the week again. Sunday is here and therefore we must be due a Weekend Movie News Wrap Up. This week we look at the box office as well as:

No Cleo for Hugh Jackman; Mars attacks G.I. Joe; Thor lands in present day and Zombie unleashes a look at Michael Myers in Halloween 2.

Box Office

Marley And Me was top dog at the box office again. The Owen Wilson/Jennifer Aniston pic should bark up another $25 million over the weekend taking its total over $100 million. Adam Sandler's Bedtime Stories should bank another $23 million bringing the film's gross to around $88 million. It looks like Sandler has another $100 million grosser on his hands. Ainiston's ex, a Brad Pitt is next with The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The David Fincher film should manage another $18 million. For a film that wasn't expected to be a huge hit it's doing pretty darn well. Yes Man and Valkyrie should both bank another $15 million each, proving that Jim Carrey and Tom Cruise are still viable movie stars. Meanwhile Will Smith's Seven Pounds should manage another $10 million.  Overall it's a pretty A-List - centric time at the box office. In fact it could be 1999 and nobody would bat and eyelid.

Movie News

1. Hugh Jackman has pulled out of Steven Soderbergh's forthcoming musical Cleo. Jackman was in negotiations to star as Marc Antony, however he has dropped out due to "scheduling conflicts". I can only imagine that the rehearsing for the film somehow conflicts with Jackman's hosting of the Oscars or another unknown film or stage role. As the film is looking for financing at the moment expect a replacement to be announced soon. Catherine Zeta-Jones will play the titular character.

Source: Variety

2. G.I Joe is an unknown quantity of a film. It's got a great concept and an interesting cast (come on, it has Dennis Quaid) but Stephen Sommers did not earn a lot of fans with Van Hesling. In fact word on the street is that Sommers' own mother disowned him following a private screening of the film. That was a joke :-)

Anyway, here are a couple of images of the Mars Troopers from the film.

I still have no idea if this is going to be great or terrible, but the fact that it opens this August and we haven't seen ANY footage from the film sounds like a bad sign.


3. News is slowly starting to leak out on Kenneth Branagh's forthcoming Thor movie. The character of Donald Blake (Thor's alter ego) has now been written into the current draft of the script. This is pretty big news as the film was previously going to be 100% set in the land of the Norse Gods.

Branagh will also act in the film - it's not certain what role, but I'd bet money on it not being Thor.

Thor is due to open July 16, 2010.


4. Rob Zombie has released an early picture of Michael Myers' mask for Halloween 2. Well, considering the loathing of The Love Guru I'm guessing that Myers needs a disguise. Geddit? Mike Myers - The Love Guru...oh never mind.

I'm guessing at some point they'll paint the mask and add hair. Or maybe in the new film Myers has discovered a loving of fake tan. Check it out below:

Source: Rob Zombie

That's it for now. See you at the movies.

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