Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: February 22, 2009

It's the most important day in the movie calendar - and that's just not because it's time for the Weekend Movie News Wrap Up but it's also Oscar night!

This week:

Tyler Perry tops the box office; Wes Craven talks Scream 4; The Dark Knight is mildly successful; Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigel know Five Killers (hint - it's not their last few movies); Sandra Bullock has a Blindside (it's the only reason for Hope Floats) and Martin Lawrence goes Back To Africa.

Box Office

Tyler Perry continues to surprise with each movie. Madea Goes To Jail should lock up about $40 million over the weekend giving the control freak a career best despite terrible reviews.

Liam Neeson's Taken closes in on the $100 million mark with a weekend gross of $11 million. Did anyone imagine this film making that much money?

Comedy Fired Up had a weak $8 million debut. That's pretty much what Kevin James' Paul Blart: Mall Cop grossed this weekend. Who ever imagined that the phrases "Kevin James" and "good legs" would be used in the same sentence?

Movie News

1. Wes Craven has talked about Scream 4. It looks like he hasn't ruled out directing the film, but if you're a fan of the franchise I wouldn't hold your breath. Craven told Bloody Disgusting:

"It would take it being really as good a script as the first one was and the pay day reflects what I've done for that company and what I've gone through on Cursed."

Sounds like he's playing hard ball. He should go work for Marvel!

Source: Bloody Disgusting

2. The Dark Knight has reached yet another milestone. The Caped Crusader film has now grossed $1 billion around the world!

The film has now banked $533 million domestically and $567 million overseas. Factor in DVD and TV sales and the film must have made some people very rich in these rough economic times.

I wonder what Joel Schumacher has to say about all this?

Warner Bros has apparently stopped production on Batman 3 due to the low grosses.  Joke!

I can only imagine that this gross increases once Heath Legder wins an Oscar.

Source: Variety

3. Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigel will star in Five Killers.

According to Variety:

"The story kicks off when a woman meets the man of her dreams while on vacation. Married bliss is turned upside down when they discover that their neighbors may be assassins hired to kill them."

The film will be directed by Legally Blonde and Monster In-Law director Robert Luketic.

I don't think that I need to add anything else!

Source: Variety

4. Sandra Bullock will star in Blindside. The sports drama will be directed by John Lee Hancock, the man behind The Rookie and The Alamo.

According to Variety:

"The story follows Michael Oher, projected to be one of the first players selected in this year's NFL draft. He was homeless as a teen and was taken in by a well-to-do family. Bullock will portray the matriarch of the conservative suburban household Oher joins."

Sounds very boring!

Source: Variety

5. Martin Lawrence will star in the "comedy" Back To Africa.

Variety inflicts the following synopsis:

"The comedy centers on a working-class man from Queens who discovers he is heir to the throne of an African country and travels there to claim his birthright."

Here's a bit of advice - go and watch Coming to America in reverse. It'll save time and money.

Source: Variety

That's it for now. See you at the Oscars!

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