Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: August 3, 2008

Another week another Weekend Movie News Wrap Up. Hard to believe that we are into the month of August already! Crazy.

This week: Robert DeNiro visits the Edge of Darkness with Mel Gibson, we see more of The Terminator, Wes Craven's old movies get remade..again, Thomas Jane lands a big role and Sam Raimi does comedy in The Transplants.

1. Mel Gibson's comeback movie has apparently just nabbed Robert DeNiro as a co-star. The Martin Campbell directed The Edge of Darkness. This one appears to be shaping up nicely.  Gibson plays a retired police detective investigating the death of his daughter.

Don't these criminals ever learn?  Never mess with Mad Mel's family!

The film starts shooting in the next couple of weeks in Boston. DeNiro's part is unknown.

Source: Boston Herald

2. A new Terminator: Salvation image has been released. It shows Christian Bale's John Connor having a face-off with Sam Worthington's Marcus.

Source: CHUD

3. There's more horror remake news this week with word out that Wes Craven's People Under the Stairs might be next up for the face lift treatment.

Craven tells Shock Til You Drop:

"There's a pretty high likelihood Rogue would like to make 'People Under the Stairs' as the next film we make. It will be a remake, not directed by me, but something Marianne Maddalena will produce after she completes 'The Last House on the Left.'"

Man - I gotta get me the rights to an old horror movie!

Source: Shock Til You Drop

4. With all the talk about The Punisher recently lets not forget about Thomas Jane.

Jane has just signed up for a role in Hung, a pilot for HBO to be directed by Alexander Payne (Sideways).

According to Reuters:

"The dark comedy pilot centers on Ray a well-endowed struggling middle-aged high school basketball coach who figures out a way to use his best asset."

It sounds like a tough role to pull off... ahem...

Source: Reuters

5. Sam Raimi has signed up to produce the superhero comedy The Transplants. The film comes from Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson who also decided to inflict Not Another Teen Movie on the world. Disney will unleash the film sometime in the future

I can't even think of a joke for this one.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

That's it for another week.

See you at the movies!

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