Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: April 26, 2009

This week:

Beyonce is Obsessed with being number one; Tony Scott and Denzel Washington are Unstoppable; it's all Greek to Warner Bros. with Odysseus; James Marsden hassles the "Hoff" in Straw Dogs; will DiCaprio Beat the Reaper? Catherine is Keener for Jackson.

Box Office

It looks like all the independent women threw their hands up in the air for Beyonce Knowles starring Obsessed. The female fronted film grossed $28.5 million - which is about $10 million more than the studio predicted.

Zac Efron had to settle for a runner-up spot this week with an $11.5 weekend take for 17 Again. The film has so far banked about $39 million clearly going through the door-marked profit.

Channing Tatum (who's on the cusp of big things with G.I Joe) and Iron Man's (but not Iron Man 2) Terrance Howard came a close third this weekend with $11.3 million for Fighting.

Iron Man himself Robert Downey Jr was fourth with The Soloist. The film which co-stars Jamie Foxx was delayed by Paramount and although reviews were good it couldn't make enough sweet music. With a weekend gross on just over $9 million it looks like The Soloist might have to sing for its supper.

Monsters vs. Aliens earned another $8.5 million. With a total of almost $180 million - expect a sequel.

State of Play couldn't use its good reviews to build on its audience. With just over $7 million it looks like the Russell Crowe/ Ben Affleck film will have to find its audience on DVD.

Hannah Montana: The Movie has now banked $65 million (if you care) at least Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus will be happy. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker's Fast and Furious has powered to $145 million. I wonder how fast and furious the next installment will be?

Movie News

1. Tony Scott and Denzel Washington are like er... Tony Scott and orange filters - inseparable.Washington is in talks to star in Unstoppable, Scott's runaway train movie.

If Washington cho-cho-choses (I know I made that joke before) the action pic will be their fifth film together...

Their fourth The Taking of Pelham 123 opens on June 12.

Source: Variety

2. Warner Bros. have won a major bidding war for the script Odysseus.According to The Hollywood Reporter:

"The story centers on the legendary hero Odysseus, famed king of Ithaca, who returns to his island after 20 years of fighting the Trojan Wars, only to find his kingdom under the brutal occupation of an invading force. Odysseus single-handedly defeats every last man and takes back his wife, his son and his kingdom."

Warner's seem to love Greek based movies - a few years ago they had Troy, 300 and they have the forthcoming Clash of The Titans.

Haven't they heard the expression "beware of Greeks bearing gifts"?

Source: Variety

3. James Marsden will play the Dustin Hoffman role in Rod Lurie's Straw Dogs remake.The former X-Man will star in the film which is due to start shooting in August.The controversial original film Sam Peckinpah saw an American return to his wife's rural village in England, only for the locals to turn nasty.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

4. Brian Koppelman and David Levien have been hired to adapt the Josh Bazell novel Beat the Reaper in the hopes that Leonardo DiCaprio will star.

"The drama, being developed as a potential star vehicle for Leonardo DiCaprio, revolves around a Manhattan ER doctor whose life becomes complicated when a mobster recognizes him from his former life as a hitman."

Well, we haven't seen this since A History of Violence.

Source: Variety

5. Catherine Keener will join former James Bond Pierce Brosnan, Uma Thurman, Sean Bean, Kevin McKidd in Christopher Columbus' Percy Jackson.

The non Warner Bros. produced Greek fantasy film "put(s) Greek gods in modern times, (it) involve (s) Poseidon's half-human son, Percy, who is on a quest in modern America to prevent a war among the gods."

Keener will play Percy's mother in the film which is currently shooting in Canada.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

That's it for now. See you at the movies.

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