Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: November 28, 2010

This week:

Disney gets Tangled with Harry Potter; Twilight producers have a Game Theory; the truth is out there with Mulder and Scully; Gael Garcia Bernal and Al Pacino say "no more" with Hands of Stone; the Empire doesn’t strike back but there is indeed love from Russia and Michael J. Bassett hears the bells of Saint Mary’s.

Box Office

Harry Potter remained box office champion over the Thanksgiving weekend.

The boy wizard and the Deathly Hallows: Part One should bank in the region of $80 million over the five-day weekend ($50 million for the three days). That gives the film a huge $220 million cumulative gross.

potter tops thanksgiving weekend

Disney’s Tangled in 3D had to settle for the runner-up position. The mouse house shouldn’t feel too bad, as the film banked an impressive $69 million over the five days.

Megamind was third after grossing approximately $19.7 million, for a total gross of $130 million.

Denzel Washington’s Unstoppable upped its total to $61 million after bringing in another $16.5 million over the weekend. It won’t hit $100 million, but it shows that Washington is a safe bet with older audiences.

Burlesque opened at number five. The Cher/Christina Aguilera musical should bring in about $17 million over the weekend. Expect the film to find more success on DVD - much like the maligned Showgirls.

Love and Other Drugs debuted at six after pulling in just under $14 million worth of coin. The Ed Zwick directed romantic comedy stars Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal. It could do better as awards season looms, since there has been some talk of Hathaway getting an Oscar nod (amongst other nominations) for her performance.

It looks like nobody is interested in what "The Rock" is cooking. Faster should take $12 million over the Turkey weekend - making it a miserable under-achiever. You can read our review of the film here.

Due Date continues to hang in there. After bringing in another $9.6 million over the Thanksgiving weekend, the film's total now stands at $85 million. It looks like the film will limp to $100 million after all.

Russell Crowe's The Next Three Days scored $7.5 million over the last five days. The Paul Haggis directed film has now brought in a smidgen under $15 million.

Morning Glory rounded out the top ten. The TV-set comedy brought in $5.9 million over the weekend for a $27 million total.

Movie News

1. Twilight producers Temple Hill, Alex Goldstone, and Adam Shulman will produce Game Theory for Summit Entertainment.

Michael Alan Lerner's penned action-thriller is “focused on a college professor and game theorist who gets sucked into a large-scale global incident.”

Might it be stocked with some Twilight alumni?

Source: Variety

2. Recent rumors that a third X-Files film was imminent have been shot down - and it appears that Mulder and Scully have been making fun of the recent speculation.

duchovny and anderson talk x-files 3 rumors

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson were at the launch of Duchovny’s latest play The Break of Noon and when quizzed by NY Mag the pair said the following:

How often do you see each other?

Duchovny: Not often. Twice a year?

Anderson: Yes, twice a year.

Duchovny: Depending on whether we’re doing an X-Files movie or not. If we’re doing an X-Files movie, we see a lot of each other.

Anderson: In France, apparently, there is going to be one in France.

With you guys?

Duchovny: No, no. Not at all. Apparently the script’s written.

Anderson: We’re not in it at all.

Duchovny: But we always would love to do another one. So we’ll see. We’re getting a little long in the tooth, but we’ll do it. Just me. Not her. Long in the tooth, I mean.

Would you do your same roles or become FBI mentors?

Duchovny: Well, I wouldn’t be doing her part.

Anderson: I’ll be on crutches. He’ll be in a wheelchair. But, yeah, it would be fun.

Duchovny: I would do it forever. I will always come back. By the end of the run, we were all good.

The truth is out there. Who do you trust?

Source: NY Mag

3. Gael Garcia Bernal is attached to play Roberto Duran in an upcoming movie called Hands of Stone.

no more

Jonathan Jakubowicz will write, direct, and produce the film, while acting legend Al Pacino is being courted to portray boxing trainer Ray Arcel.

The film will chronicle the “inside story” of Duran’s "No Mas" fight with Sugar Ray Leonard. In the dying seconds of the match Duran turned his back to Leonard and quit the fight, saying "No mas" ("No more").

Source: The Wrap

4. The iconic air pistol held by Sean Connery on the movie poster for the 1963 James Bond film From Russia With Love was sold for $439,000 at auction in London. That figure was more than fifteen times the estimated amount!

bond pistol at auction beats empire strikes back prop

Meanwhile, at the same Christies auction a Darth Vader costume from Empire Strikes Back failed to sell. The costume was expected to fetch somewhere in the region of $212,000 to $305,000.

Source: THR

5. Michael J. Basset will write and direct the supernatural horror film Saint Mary’s, working alongside creator and co-writer Matthew Kingshott.

michael j. bassett directs saint mary's

According to THR:

“Billed as a psychological horror story about an evil presence in a disused mental asylum, Saint Mary's details the story of a group of young people who are deliberately trapped inside a labyrinthine building where they find their deepest nightmares manifest themselves.”

Before then, Bassett has to call the shots on Silent Hill 2.

Source: THR

Just For fun:

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your favorite movie franchises got Disney-fied?

disney-fied bond
disney-fied twilight

Go here to see more Disney-fication of your fave franchises.

That’s it for now. See you at the movies.

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