Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: November 13th, 2011

Immortals opens at the top of the box office

This weekend the box office took an upward turn, but like many school reports – it could have been better.

Immortals topped the box office with a weekend take of $32 million. It’s not a bad number, but not great if compared to the debuts of similarly themed films like 300 ($70 million) and Clash of the Titans ($60 million). Next weekend’s hold will be the real test, and there is a chance that this will hit $100 million domestic, but profit will probably be earned through foreign grosses. Immortals (read our review), directed by Tarsem Singh, stars new Superman Henry Cavill and Mickey Rourke.

Adam Sandler’s latest comedy Jack and Jill opened at two. The $26 million gross is slightly lower than usual for a Sandler film, but his films routinely gross upwards of $100 million and this shouldn’t be an exception.

Puss in Boots is showing impressive legs. After a somewhat disappointing debut, the film has managed to gross $25.5 million during its third weekend on release. The Shrek spin-off has now banked $108 million, and over $150 million worldwide.

Brett Ratner’s Tower Heist dropped to four after stealing another $13.2 million away from moviegoers wallets. The Ben Stiller/Eddie Murphy comedy has banked just under $43.9 million. The film will fall short of its $75 million budget on its domestic run, and foreign grosses haven’t been stellar either.

Clint Eastwoods J Edgar opens at five

Clint Eastwood’s latest piece of Oscar-bait J.Edgar opened at five, with a weekend gross of $11.4 million. The Leonardo DiCaprio starrer has had mixed reviews (read ours) and it opened in line with Eastwood’s last film Hereafter. That $50 million budgeted film went on to end its run with just $32 million (although over $100 million worldwide). DiCaprio is a bigger star than the latter film’s Matt Damon, so this might gross more – especially if it gets some awards traction, something that Hereafter failed to achieve.

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas dropped a whopping 64% from last weekend. The film laughed up $5.9 million for a $23 million total.

Justin Timberlake’s In Time scored another $4.1 for a $30.6 million cume. The $40 million science fiction film has banked over $70 million worldwide.

Fright film Paranormal Activity 3 brought in $3.6 million, and crossed the magic $100 million line. The $5 million film has grossed more than $180 million around the globe and it should end its domestic run as the most successful film in the franchise – besting the original Paranormal Activity’s $107 million final gross.

The Footloose remake banked another $2.7 million, an amount that brought its gross closer to a $50 million cumulative number. Real Steel rounded out the top ten after grossing an additional $2 million. The Hugh Jackman starrer has banked a smidgen under $82 million, and it won’t hit $100 million domestic, despite a valiant effort. The film has brought in over $200 million internationally, and DVD sales and other ancillaries should ensure profitability, but as I’ve been saying for weeks – it’s a disappointment.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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