Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: October 23, 2011

Paranormal Activity 3 tops the box office

This week:

Paranormal Activity 3 scares away the competition at the box office; it's not all for one and one for all for The Three Musketeers - and Johnny English may be Reborn but he's not topping the box office chart.

The Paranormal Activity franchise is the gift that keeps on giving to Paramount – the films are cheap to produce and they make back some serious coin. This latest installment is budgeted at $5 million, but it should gross over ten times that ($54 million) by Monday morning. The first Paranormal Activity cost just $15,000 (yeah – you read that right) and went on to score $107 million ($193 million globally) - while the sequel opened to $40 million on its way to $84 million ($177 million worldwide) from a $3 million budget.

Poised for a run into Halloween, Paranormal Activity 3 (read our review) should play reasonably well for a horror, but it will have a steep decline once October is over. Having said that, it’s already profitable, so everything from here on out is gravy. Factor in global ticket sales and DVD's, and anyone with a profit share will more than likely be skipping around their living room. Pencil in Paranormal Activity 4 for next year.

Real Steel should bank another $11.3 million, for a $67 million total. The Hugh Jackman film looks like it might actually limp to a $100 million domestic gross, but it’ll need a lot of fight.

Footloose held up well after last weekend’s disappointing start. The music driven remake should gross $10.8 million for the weekend upping its total to $30 million. It’s a decent figure, but not the hit that the studio (Paramount again) had hoped.

The Three Musketeers fail to top the box office

Paul W.S. Anderson’s The Three Musketeers (read our review) had a limp $8.8 million debut. The umpteenth remake of Alexandre Dumas' swashbuckling tale failed to ignite audience interest - even with the added bonus of seeing the action in 3D. Star (and Anderson’s wife) Milla Jovovich came out and lambasted Summit Entertainment’s marketing of the movie - which has taken $50 million outside the US.

George Clooney’s The Ides of March should score another $4.9 million, upping its gross to $29 million. The film is set to become Clooney’s highest grossing film as a director, and it could hit $50 million, if it gets award nominations.

Dolphin Tale should also bank around $4.2 million, upping its cume to $64 million, while fellow holdover; Moneyball should score another $4 million for a $63 million total.

Johnny English Reborn had a low $3.8 million start. Rowan Atkinson’s bumbling spy is joined by former Bond girl Rosamund Pike, X-Files star Gillian Anderson and The Wire’s Dominic West in this sequel to the 2003 film which grossed $28 million ($160 million worldwide). Now, this weak debut seems like a disaster, but the film has already scored about $100 million globally – with more to come, so this US release is just a formality.

Universal’s prequel to The Thing dropped 63% from last weekend. A $3.1 million gross sees the film up its gross to just $14 million. Meanwhile the top ten was rounded out by 50/50. The cancer themed dramedy took a smidgen under $3 million for a $28 million total.

Outside the top ten Cowboys & Aliens finally hit $100 million ($167 million globally). The milestone now means that star Harrison Ford has $100 million hits in every decade since the 70s. It’s also Ford’s thirteenth film to gross more than $100 million – with the Indiana Jones star’s box office average now standing at $104 million. Now there’s something to throw into a conversation at the dinner table!

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Source: Box Office Mojo

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