Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: October 2, 2011

Dolphin Tale Box Office Numbers


This week's newcomers failed to make an impact as Moneyball and Dolphin Tale fought it out for the top spot over the weekend.

However, it looks like the fishy tale will capture the number one slot.

The fishy family film should see the weekend out with $14.2 million after declining roughly 25% from its debut last weekend. That would give the film a solid $37.5 million total, with more to come in the future.

Brad Pitt’s latest film, Moneyball, dipped nearly 40% for a weekend take of $12.5 million. The adult orientated drama has grossed over $38 million – not a bad figure considering the subject matter (a turn off for non-sports fans). It should end its run with a respectable number before grossing serious money on DVD if (when?) Pitt gets an Oscar nod for his role.

Former number one The Lion King continues to do well, grossing another $11 million and upping its gross to almost $80 million. The re-released Disney classic has been a surprise hit, scoring more green than many expected. The forthcoming Blu-ray release means even more money for Disney.

50/50 was the highest new entry, grossing a solid (if not great) $8.8 million. The cancer dramedy which stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen has good reviews (read ours here) but the subject matter is more than likely a turn-off for the masses. Word of mouth may mean that the film will break-out, but people just aren't thrilled by the prospect of spending their hard earned cash watching a film about cancer. In the end, 50/50 is a noble film, but not for everyone.

Courageous opened in fifth place, grossing a decent $8.7 million – not bad for a film which cost a reported $2 million. The faith based drama gained a lot of support from church groups, but its more than likely front-loaded and in the end it will probably gross less than the similarly themed Fireproof.

Dream House lacks punch on its debut

Daniel Craig’s latest misfire Dream House should open to about $8.2 million. The troubled chiller from director Jim Sheridan wasn’t screened for critics (although you can read our review here) and weak critical reception means that this won’t stay on screens for long. The film suffered from poor marketing (seriously – who made that trailer?) and the stars did no publicity - everyone will probably hope that this one is forgotten. The debut is about $3 million less than Craig's The Invasion, another film that had a troubled production and needed reshoots. In general Craig hasn’t had a great year cinematically speaking – with Cowboys and Aliens barley recouping its $165 production budget at the worldwide box office. At least Craig met his new wife Rachel Weisz on the set of Dream House.

Anna Faris and a post-Captain America Chris Evans had a poor turnout for What’s Your Number? It’s number should be an unimpressive $5.3 million. A generic premise and poor reviews mean that this will be at a bargain bucket near you soon. Faris' last lead role in a romantic comedy was The House Bunny in 2008, that opened to $14.5 million and ended up with over $48 million - a final number that What's Your Number? will never see.

Twilight star Taylor Lautner’s Abduction failed to find traction after last weekend’s middling launch. Dropping almost 50% to %5.1 million gave the action thriller a little over $19 million – not a great number for a fledgling A-lister.

Contagion coughed up another $5 million, meaning that its gross has now spread to over $64.5 million. The virus thriller is director Steven Soderbergh’s highest grossing film since 2007’s Ocean’s Thirteen.

Killer Elite rounded out the top ten after grossing just under $5 million. The film, which stars the odd trifecta of Jason Statham, Robert DeNiro and Clive Owen dropped more than 50% from last weekend and its going to struggle to cover its $70 million production budget. So far it has grossed just $17 million and it won’t have much left in it as it drops down the charts. Its final gross should end up coming in at the lower end of Statham’s action efforts.

That's it for now. See you at the movies.

Source: Deadline

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