Showtime To Kill 'Weeds' After Season 7?

For over six years, viewers have been tuning into Showtime’s drug-inspired dramedy Weeds. Each season, audiences have become a proverbial family member to the Botwin’s and with it, witnessed all the crazy, impossible situations that Nancy gets herself (and her family) in. Unfortunately, even though Showtime has already renewed the series for a seventh season next year, it will most likely be its last.

This, according to Weeds creator Jenji Kohan:

In my mind, it is [the last season]. Everyone's contract is up next year, [including] the actors and mine. Seven years is a good run, and I'd rather leave while on top. I'd never say never, but I have a feeling this might be it.

For Showtime, Weeds has been a staple for the cable network over the years. While the first season ratings for the series were well below what other networks strive for (averaging 380,000 viewers per episode), Weeds ended it’s freshman year as the highest rated series for Showtime. With each subsequent season, the series continued to gain viewers and ultimately reach 1.3 million viewers for its fourth season premiere.

In television, the end of a series can come about in many ways. While cancelation is the most typical result, series that have been on the air for many years and proved successful typically wait for the right moment before exiting. In many cases, contracts ending are perceived as that moment.

Fortunately, with the knowledge of the upcoming completion of a series, the writers and producers are able to steer the story into a more natural situation in order to ultimately fulfill the creators vision for the show. Considering Kohan has stuck around with Weeds through the entire run, you can bet that she has something planned for the end of Weeds.

There are two versions of the end of the series that I've had in mind, and it would be figuring out which way to go.

As fans of the series can attest, Nancy Botwin has inserted herself in some of the most horrific, life-threatening situations and has always came out on top. So, it wouldn’t be hard to believe that one of the endings Kohan has in mind results in the death of Nancy. As Kohan said, she would go out “in a blaze of glory” because “she certainly does tempt fate, and fate has a way of catching up to you.”

The only question now is… which one of Nancy’s many, many rivals will bring upon the end of the Botwin matriarch.


Weeds airs Mondays @10pm, on Showtime

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Source: TV Guide

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