15 Weakest Force Users In The Star Wars Universe

Within the Star Wars universe, the Jedi and Sith are renowned for the fantastic abilities granted to them by mystical energies of the Force. This level of reverence is so great, that virtually anyone with Force powers is treated with outrageous amounts of awe by those without, as if all Force sensitive beings were capable of the same legendary feats. The actual reality is that, while many Jedi Knights and Sith Lords are indeed breathtakingly powerful, as with any profession, there are also plenty who are actually pretty mediocre – in some cases, almost embarrassingly so.

Yes, you get heavy hitters like Master Yoda who can lift entire X-Wings off the ground with only their mind, but there are also quite a few also-rans who are barely able to levitate a pebble, so weak is their connection to the Force. As these less capable guys and gals rarely take centre stage in your typical adventure set in a galaxy far, far away (and rightly so), many of them tend to go unnoticed by your casual fan – but no more!

Read on as we comb through the entire Star Wars canon – as well as the non-canon pre-Disney era expanded universe (the stories from which are now labelled “Legends”) - in order to shine a spotlight on the 15 Weakest Force Users In The Star Wars Universe.

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Star Wars Rebels season 3 - Ezra
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15 Ezra Bridger

Star Wars Rebels season 3 - Ezra

This one might seem a little controversial – after all, over the course of four seasons of Star Wars: Rebels, Ezra has shown plenty of potential. But that’s the point: at this stage of his career, the young Jedi Padawan has (occasional flashes of brilliance aside) failed to actually deliver much in the way of an out-and-out display of Force power.

Of course, as his training continues, Ezra’s abilities have only improved – with his Force visions particularly impressive. However, until his training wheels have been removed, the young Jedi-in-training has a long way to go before he can be truly considered a powerful practitioner of the Force. Unfortunately, we may never get to see that day, thanks to the recent announcement that Rebels will wrap up at the end of the current season, which is a real shame.

14 Coleman Trebor

Coleman Trebor in Star Wars Attack Of The Clones

The face that launched 1,000 memes, poor old Coleman Trebor has been the source of fans’ derision ever since his untimely (and less than inspiring) death in Attack of the Clones. It seems that a seat on the famed Jedi Council doesn’t mean as much as it used to, as the intimidating-looking Jedi Master was easily dispatched by several well-aimed shots from the business end of non-Force sensitive bounty hunter Jango Fett’s blaster.

According to the Legends canon, Trebor was more of a diplomat than a warrior, but even so, you’d expect any half-decent Jedi to be able to sense an incoming volley of laser beams fired at close range and defend themselves. Alas, this proved too much for poor Coleman’s Force-fuelled abilities, and that was all she wrote – horse-faced alien creature, we hardly knew ye.

13 Maris Brood

Maris Brood Guard Shoto

Generally speaking, virtually any Force sensitive character in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is crazy-powerful, in keeping with the over-the-top sensibilities of the game’s mechanics. That said, even in a version of the Star Wars universe where a Sith Apprentice like Starkiller can toss around entire Tie Fighters with ease, fallen Jedi Padawan Maris Brood still manages to come across as weak. And that's with her powers beefed up by the Dark Side of the Force!

Sure, Brood displays some solid fundamental skills – as well as an impressive knack for the Beast Control ability – but when it comes down to it, she’s comprehensively outmatched by Starkiller when the pair of undergraduate Force users face off. Heck, the Sith Apprentice even steals Maris’ tonfa-like lightsabres (both of them!) from her at one point during combat, which is as sure a sign of limited Force potential as any!

12 Bolla Ropal

Admittedly, Bolla Ropal was a talented Seer (and a gifted historian, for what it’s worth), but by his own admission, he wasn’t very strong with the Force in the traditional sense. Even his clairvoyant abilities weren’t without fault either.

Despite being able to predict the future with greater accuracy than the majority of his Jedi peers, according to Legends, Ropal failed to foresee the invasion of Davoron by Cad Bane. That screw-up ultimately cost him his life, when he was effortlessly subdued by non-Force user Bane and then tortured to death.

If you need any further proof of just how poor Ropal’s Force powers really were, consider this: in Bane’s dossier, Ropal’s talents were listed as “in question”; an assessment that unfortunately turned out to be entirely accurate.

11 Rosh Penin

Rosh Penin in Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy

The poster child for the classic “arrogant yet incompetent” personality type, Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy’s Rosh Penin holds the ignominious dual honor of not only being one the most obnoxious non-player characters in video game history (and that is a hugely competitive field), but also serving as the basis for one of the easiest boss battles of all time.

Consistently failing to equal the achievements of the game’s legitimately powerful lead character Jaden Korr – despite bragging ad nauseam regarding his supposedly superior natural gifts – Penin later turns to the Dark Side, only to find himself utterly schooled by Korr yet again.

Korr found a Dark Side-enhanced Rosh to be about as much of a hassle to defeat as the regular kind – which is to say, “not very much at all”.

10 Bene

Granted, very few Jedi Knights – let alone Padawans! - could hope to go toe-to-toe with a Dark Side-possessed Anakin Skywalker and live to tell the tale, but Bene’s demise showcased an especially poor connection to the Force. Even teamed-up with legendary swordsman Jedi Master Cin Drallig at the time, she proved wildly ineffectual during her battle with the newly-christened Darth Vader. Bene was weak to the point where it appears she barely even managed to get a lightsaber swing in.

But most ignominious of all, Bene was ultimately strangled to death by Vader using his non-dominant hand, while the Sith Lord used his sword-hand to deal with Drallig – leaving no illusions about just how little a threat (or even distraction) Bene’s Force powers really were.

9 Every Single Reborn

Anyone who ever played Star Wars: Jedi Knight II – Jedi Outcast will remember the Reborn: average Joe warriors super-charged with artificially-infused Force powers. While the thought of a highly-trained army of Force users dedicated to the ideals of the Empire sounds terrifying, in reality, these guys proved to be little more than cannon fodder for the game’s hero, Kyle Katarn.

Often resorting to attacking in pairs to pick up slack in the Force power department, the Reborn were nevertheless outmatched by the much more powerful Katarn in every single one of the many duels scattered throughout Jedi Outcast’s levels. Most players will have fond memories of leaving a frankly staggering number of one-armed corpses in their wake by game’s end.

8 Johun Othone

Johun Othone

Yet another Jedi who relied on diplomacy skills over Force potential, Johun Othone was, at the very least, prepared to get down and dirty in the trenches – it’s just a shame he didn’t have the power to back it up. Much like Bella Ropal and Coleman Trebor, Othone found himself in over his head against at least one non-Force sensitive opponent, barely escaping alive from a scrap with warrior Kelad'den (and even then, only by resorting to a brute-force driven kamikaze attack).

Sadly for the esteemed consular, he would not be so lucky when up against actual Force users. Joining a group of his fellow Jedi in the Force equivalent of an all-in brawl, Johan quickly came off second best to ancient Sith Lord Darth Zannah. It was a sticky end that his vaunted negotiations expertise was ill-equipped to prevent.

7 Knox

On the face of it, Knox constitutes an identical case as that of Ezra – both are only apprentices yet to fully reach the upper limits of their Force-using potential. It’s that last word that separates the two Padawans, however. While Ezra has at least pulled off the occasional impressive feat that suggests he could one day become a powerful Jedi Knight, the manner of Knox’s swift, brutal death argues that a similarly promising future was never really on the cards for him.

Despite being ordered by his master not to engage Sith acolyte Savage Opress – itself not exactly a glowing endorsement of his power levels – Knox soon entered the fray, only to receive a sliced chest and crushed skull for his troubles. Sure, Ezra would have almost certainly lost that fight too – but you have to think he’d land at least one shot before he bit the dust…

6 Tru Veld

Remember in Return of the Jedi, when Darth Vader is inspecting the lightsaber Luke made himself using only his Force abilities and whatever resources he could find in Ben Kenobi’s hut, and Vader is impressed with his capabilities and innovation? Tru Veld’s situation is pretty much the exact opposite of that.

Even during the heyday of the Jedi Order, with literally thousands of fellow Jedi to consult and the entire Jedi Archive at his disposal, this guy still struggled to properly build his own lightsaber! Going by his Legends profile, Veld excelled in certain fields – he had a photographic memory and was a whiz with machinery – but mastery of the Force obviously wasn’t one of them.

5 Tionne Solusar

Tionne Solusar is essentially a celebrated Jedi Librarian, which explains why Luke Skywalker’s new Jedi Order in the Legends canon valued her more for her knowledge than her Force powers. In fact, Solusar is herself the first to admit that Skywalker’s initial reading on her capabilities was correct, and that her connection to the Force is relatively faint.

Indeed, she had to work exceptionally hard to attain the rank of Jedi Knight, and was only really elevated to Master status in recognition of her scholarly contribution to the Order. As such, it won’t come as any surprise that Solusar later ended up with several prosthetic limbs as a result of her attempts to engage in more traditional, “warrior monk”-style Jedi activity. Still, there is something to be said for her willingness to mix things up for the cause of justice, despite her Force inadequacy.

4 Sha'a Gi

Shaa Gi from Star Wars Clone Wars

Another academic rather than powerhouse, Sh’a Gi’s main claim to fame is that director Genndy Tartakovsky and the team behind the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated shorts designed him to resemble a member of the Scooby-Gang (no, it’s not Fred…)

Other than that, Legends lore tells us that he was something of a computer guru, and unsurprisingly, had aspirations of a desk job working in the Jedi Archive. Unfortunately for Gi, the strain placed on the dwindling Jedi Order by the Clone Wars meant that every able-bodied Jedi capable of swinging a laser sword was forced onto the battlefield, which was no place for an IT geek with barely any Force ability to speak of.

The young Padawan seemed acutely aware of this, completely losing his cool when threatened by non-Force sensitive killing machine General Grievous, leaving himself open to be fatally curb stomped by the cyborg. It was a pathetic sequence of events that highlighted how little faith Gi had in his own modest Force abilities.

Gi's life ended with a death scene that could only have been less dignified if he had screamed “Zoinks!” as it happened.

3 Zayne Carrick

Zayne Carrick is the “Little Starship That Could” of the Legends corner of the Star Wars Universe – despite barely meeting the Force sensitivity levels required in order to qualify for Jedi training, by virtue of dogged determination, he completed his training and made the cut for knighthood.

While his Force potential truly was marginal, Carrick did show a knack for clairvoyance and developed the unusual ability to somehow grow more powerful with the Force the more he failed. Given just how often he did drop the ball, that sure came in handy!

So let’s pour one out for Zayne Carrick: a character created to represent “the other kid” – a person born without the natural talents of a Skywalker or Kenobi – who tries again and again to get things done, despite being a borderline non-Force user.

2 Darovit

Imagine there’s a special type of bomb designed to specifically target and kill Force sensitive beings. Now imagine that bomb is detonated, and your power levels are so feeble that you survive the resultant physic explosion, having registered as essentially a non-Force user. Well, that’s exactly the win/lose scenario Darovit found himself in the Star Wars: Jedi vs. Sith Legends comic book series – spared from death, but doomed to a life where his dreams of becoming a mighty champion of the Force will never be realized.

It gets even more humiliating for the wannabe Jedi Master. While it initially appeared that Davorit possessed a solid degree of Force potential, it later transpired that this was only because he shared a “Force Bond” with – and was unintentionally leeching power from – his far more gifted cousin, the future Darth Zannah. Talk about your tough breaks…

1 Ulic Qel-Droma

If there’s anything worse than having to piggyback your way to a decent Force connection, it’s going from being one of the most powerful Jedi of your generation only to be completely cut-off from your powers. Seriously, just ask Ulic-Qel Droma. Qel-Droma was a rising star in the ancient Jedi Order of the Legends canon who succumbed to the lure of the Dark Side and wound up as a Sith Lord, waging a campaign of terror against the Republic (that old chestnut).

After committing countless war crimes – including the murder of his own brother! – Qel-Droma was finally stopped in his tracks by Nomi Sunrider. She used her own considerable Force abilities to permanently sever her one-time lover’s attachment to the Force, transforming him into a normal human (and without doubt the weakest Force user on this list) in one fell blow.

Are there any other weak Force users in Star Wars who aren't featured on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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