15 Weakest Fighters In Dragon Ball Z History

Fat Gotenks failed fusion in Dragon Ball Z

Who’s stronger, Goku or Vegeta; Beerus or Whis? Would Gohan have been the most powerful Saiyan if he just kept up with his training?

Those are questions that you should probably leave at the door for the remainder of this article. This list is going to celebrate the most pathetic, the most pitiful, the most cowardly and all around weakest characters that the Dragon Ball Universe has to offer. So many endless debates have raged for years about who is the strongest, but now we’re taking a look at who is the absolute weakest.

To earn a spot on this list, the character can either be a bumbling villain or lazy do-gooder whose power level doesn’t even raise an eyebrow. They can also be from Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z or any of the various movies; any loser warrior is welcome. To be clear, this is Dragon Ball’s weakest fighters. That means characters that don’t enter the fray don’t enter the running for this list. As useless as Yamcha’s flying cat Puar would be in a bar brawl, you won’t see him here for the fact that he’s not as much a fighter as he is comic relief.

Now, let's see who the 15 Weakest Fighters In Dragon Ball Z History are.

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Krilling in Dragon Ball Z
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16 Krillin

Krilling in Dragon Ball Z

Debuting as early as the fourteenth episode in Dragon Ball, Krillin has had his fair share of highs and lows in the series; well, mostly lows. Initially Goku’s rival, Krillin has always been one step behind his Saiyan buddy when it comes to bigger power levels. By the time the events in Dragon Ball Z roll around, Krillin has clearly been outmatched by Goku and all the other Saiyans, though his Destructo Discs (which could slice through solid concrete) is still a pretty cool maneuver.

Although he certainly has a passion for brawling, this short bald Z fighter has gotten his butt whooped more times than we can count, and has been killed enough times to rival Kenny’s record on South Park. He was beaten to death by Tambourine, blown up by Frieza on Namek, and even turned into chocolate and eaten by Buu (he was even killed again by Android 18 in GT, which isn’t exactly canon). Just like Kenny however, Krillin keeps coming back. A relief to fans, because even though his power has long been outclassed, he still provides some great comedic relief when we need it most.

15 Yamcha

Yamcha getting kicked in Dragon Ball Z

Yamcha may be one of the strongest human fighters, but that isn’t saying much in the grand scheme of things. In a series that now holds tournaments with contestants from other dimensions, Yamcha’s skills are a bit dwarfed by comparison. Sure, he was a pretty good contender in the World Martial Arts Tournaments in the original Dragon Ball, but he wasn’t much help when Earth was paid a visit by the likes of Saiyans, killer Androids and Majin Buu.

Like so many other fighters in DBZ, Yamcha is crippled by his blinding arrogance. After dispatching one of Nappa’s Saibamen, the Z Fighter is quick to turn his back and showboat his victory. Too quick, actually, as Yamcha is caught off guard and killed in a kamikaze attack by the little green goon. His death pose, which shows him shriveled up in a crater, has been a constant source of parody and homage on the internet for years. Including this fight and the many others he took part in, Yamcha only came out victorious in a handful of them. No wonder this guy took a break from fighting mid-series to join a baseball league.

14 Master Roshi

Master Roshi from Dragon Ball Z

You couldn’t tell from his perverted toothless grin, but at one point Master Roshi was considered the world’s greatest fighter. Founder of the Turtle School of Martial Arts, he’s the inventor of the famous Kamehameha Wave, a technique which has become synonymous with the series. He’s one of Goku’s earliest teachers, taking him on as a student after witnessing his massive potential. Although Roshi was able to defeat the tiny Saiyan in the World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku has gone on to eclipse the skills of the "Turtle Hermit" in almost every way imaginable.

These days Roshi enjoys his retirement from fighting on his small island in the middle on the sea. He’s certainly not as active in his old age, but that doesn’t mean you should count him out of the fight just yet. Fans were shocked and delighted to see him going at it with Frieza’s mindless horde of goons in Resurrection F, proving that this old-timer still packs quite the punch.

13 Chi Chi

Chi Chi in Dragon Ball

She may not be the strongest, but Chi Chi is certainly one of the scariest fighters in the series. She doesn’t have an enormous power level, she can’t fly, shoot Ki blasts or turn Super Saiyan. Rather, she relies on her fits of rage to be intimidating on almost frightening levels. She doesn’t take guff from anyone, especially her husband Goku, who she’s quick to slap or yell at when he’s doing something that deserves it.

Chi Chi is like a mother hawk: beautiful to look at, but mess with her chicks and she’ll probably scratch your eyes out. Her overprotectiveness of her children gives her a passion like no other, though intimidation is not the same thing as strength. In Dragon Ball we’ve seen her be a competent fighter, but she’s nowhere near the level of others on the program who have the ability to blow up planets.

Not thinking about the consequences, Chi Chi frequently oversteps her bounds, like scolding Majin Buu for killing so many people only to be turned into an egg and eaten by the walking pink menace. She certainly gets points for being intimidating, but physically powerful? Not so much.

12 Chaoitzu

Chiaotzu in Dragon Ball Z

There have been ongoing debates for years as to which of the Z Fighters is the weakest, and the name that would pop up most frequently in the discussions is Chaoitzu. He isn’t the most intimidating fighter, who would look more at home on the shelf in a toy store than on the battlefield. Being around three feet tall with bleach white skin, red rosy cheeks and a beanie cap, Chaoitzu looks like if you were to squeeze him, an animatronic voice would call out that says, “I love you!”

He may have psychic abilities, but Chaoitzu is forever doomed to the life of a throwaway Z Fighter. His voice is so high pitched that it’s almost impossible to take him seriously; it’s like fighting a ten-year-old kid. Except Gohan, as a real ten-year-old kid, is more threatening. He gets points for being nice and always having his buddy Tien’s back, but Chaoitzu definitely gets our vote as the one of the weakest Z Fighters ever.

11 Colonel Silver

Colonel Silver in Dragon Ball

Another mindless goon in the Red Ribbon Army, Colonel Silver has about as much military expertise as Homer Simpson. A write-off character in the manga, his role was beefed up in the anime because the Red Ribbon Army was introduced in the story much earlier, subjecting us to an endless barrage of painful filler episodes, most of which featured the clueless Colonel Silver.

This expert marksman, who is never seen without his goofy red ascot and smug demeanor, might be a high ranking officer but is quickly embarrassed against kid Goku. Although Silver is able to destroy Goku’s Flying Nimbus with his rocket launcher, he only makes matters worse when he challenges the young Saiyan to a fistfight. Goku easily bests his opponent by delivering a series of eye-popping kicks to Silver’s stomach, knocking him out cold. With his tail between his legs, Silver retreats to his superiors in shame, who must not have taken his failure lightly as he’s never seen or heard from again.

10 Hercule

Hercule and Cell in Dragon Ball Z

The anime version of “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Dragon Ball Z’s Hercule is the showboating blowhard that viewers just loved to hate. Taking the thunder and applause away from the Z Fighters, Hercule, aka Mr. Satan, thinks himself Earth’s mightiest warrior. He proudly stomps around with his loyal band of groupies and cohorts declaring his strength unmatched and unparalleled, even though he’s clearly a pipsqueak in need of a serious attitude adjustment.

His delusional rants are first put on blast during the Cell Games where Hercule, still believing himself to be some sort of martial arts god, challenges Cell to a one-on-one match. His “Dynamite Kicks” like the one pictured above do virtually nothing to harm the bio-android, who easily dispatches Hercule with a swift kick to the face. Still, the blowhard is too proud to admit that he lost to his public, even though it was just broadcast on worldwide television.

While his physical strength is easily outclassed, Hercule’s delusional ego and cocky attitude is without rival in the series.

9 Nam

Nam from Dragon Ball Z

Nam may be a weak fighter but unlike Hercule, he at least has good intentions. His motivation behind entering the World Martial Arts Tournament in Dragon Ball is to raise enough money for his village to purchase a clean water supply. With that kind of inspiration, Nam is wise, level-headed and competent, but he’s unfortunately just not that great of a brawler.

After narrowly overpowering Ranfan’s sexy maneuvers, Nam advances to the next round to fight Goku, who is still just a kid at this point. Although the fight is intense with Nam pulling out the big guns with his “Cross Arm Dive” technique, Goku bests the Indian fighter by delivering a high powered kick square to his stomach. Nam flies out of the ring, but has enough respect in the end to shake Goku’s hand after his defeat.

Although Nam didn’t win the tournament, he does get a somewhat happy ending when Master Roshi gives him a capsule that allows him to store water from a well. Nam is able to return to his village a hero, which isn’t a bad consolation prize considering he was booted out of the ring by a child.

8 Giran

Giran in Dragon Ball Z

Not many people could rival Goku in the ring, but Giran might be able to best him in an all you can eat buffet. This walking garbage disposal of a dinosaur has a voracious appetite like no other. He’s lewd, crude, rude, and a complete bully that will foolishly take on any challenger without thinking twice, who is even seen stealing a fish away from a grizzly bear.

He may consider himself as an imposing threat, but he’s just another punching bag when he’s stacked up with the likes of Goku in the World Martial Arts Tournament. After using a series of despicable and underhanded tactics that fail, Giran raises his pathetic white flag of defeat when he realizes Goku’s power far surpasses his own. Talk about sad.

Giran is a revolting mass of a fighter who isn’t very competent or intelligent. The fact that this guy spits out a strange gooey substance he calls “Merry-Go-Round-Gum” to ensnare his opponents makes him not just a weak fighter, but a rather disgusting one as well.

7 Ranfan

Ranfan from Dragon Ball Z

Using her sexuality as a weapon, Ranfan is a competitor in the World Martial Arts Tournament that uses a unique combination of both beauty and brawn. By showcasing a little sweet talk and flirting, she’ll put her opponents in a trance, and just when they least expect, throw a quick jab before her competitors know what hit them.

Ranfan doesn’t seem to mind showing off her body while squaring off in a brawl. During her fight against Nam, she strips all the way down to her pink laced bra and panties to get him all hot and bothered. Initially Nam is flustered enough to inch towards the edge of the ring, but at the last second pulls it together, jumping over Ranfan and delivering a blow to the head, knocking her out cold.

Though she has some skill in Martial Arts, Ranfan primarily relies on her good looks during a fight. Still, we have to give her props for using everything in her disposal in order to win, including an innovative stripping technique that in her case, is worth a hundred kamehamehas.

6 Emperor Pilaf

Emperor Pilaf in Dragon Ball Z

You may remember Emperor Pilaf from the early days of Dragon Ball as the impish blue creature who foolishly dreams of ruling the world, and he hasn’t changed much since. With no special powers and an ignoramus level IQ, Pilaf is the Dr. Evil of the Dragon Ball franchise. He’s a selfish, cocky and bumbling villain that always seems to end up worse off than when he started.

For a character so cowardly and moronic, Pilaf manages to have two followers who will blindly follow him to the ends of the Earth; Shu and Mai. Together, the three doofuses frequently come up plans to steal the dragon balls that never pan out. Their schemes almost always blow up in their faces in a spectacular fashion, like freeing King Piccolo only to have him throw them out of a moving plane.

Though he is used primarily for comic relief, the Emperor did go toe to toe with Goku in Dragon Ball using his “Pilaf Machine,” a weak robotic suit that is easily destroyed, making him a viable candidate for this list. Even though Pilaf has already had a few appearances in Dragon Ball Super, it’s unlikely that his clumsy plans will ever pose a real threat to the Z Fighters, or anyone ever.

5 Oolong

Oolong from Dragon Ball Z

How threatening can a humanoid pig that wears people clothes be? As it turns out, not very.

Oolong first made his appearance in Dragon Ball as a shapeshifting demon terrorizing a village. When encountered by Goku, he takes the form of a menacing robot that threatens to throw his opponent in a giant bowl of soup and eat him like a dumpling. Not one to back down, Goku puts his skills on display by breaking three bricks with his finger, which sends Oolong running for the hills.

Even though the series has become notorious for featuring especially long fights, the bout between Oolong and Goku (if you want to call it that) lasts only a matter of minutes. Though he can take the form of almost anything imaginable like a dragon or flying missile, Oolong’s skills are mostly just smoke and mirrors used to intimidate his opponents. By the time Dragon Ball Z starts, Oolong is less handy in a fight than he is in taking part in his favorite hobby: collecting women’s underwear.

4 Yajirobe

Yajirobe smiling in Dragon Ball

Yajirobe is an asocial ronin (masterless samurai) that prefers to pick up a fork and knife rather than his katana. Due to his love for food, the short samurai is quite overweight, even bordering on the obese. Not just physically unfit, Yajirobe tends to be a coward in a skirmish, hiding behind a rock in the distance while he watches the battle play out from afar.

He first met Goku during the King Piccolo Saga in Dragon Ball. The two warriors cross paths while looking for Piccolo’s lackey Tambourine, and eventually square off in a fight with one another. Both land good blows, but this is probably the last time Yajirobe was ever proficient in a fight. The following portion of the series has the character lounging about and endlessly eating, with his only useful job of providing the Z Fighters with much needed Senzu Beans.

Although Yajirobe is notorious for being a coward, he gets major hero points at the end of the Saiyan Saga when he finally musters up enough courage to cut Vegeta’s tail off. His only real contribution to the team, he’s been shoving it in the face of the Z Fighters ever since.

3 Veku

Goku and Vegeta failed Veku fusion in Dragon Ball Z

The Z Fighters learned the hard way that the Fusion Dance can be a bit tricky to pull off. If just the tiniest finger is out of place, or one word is slightly mispronounced, the results can be disastrous. The purpose of fusion is to combine two fighters into a super-warrior, but botched fusions result in a fighter that is either too fat or too skinny to be much help to anyone.

Goten and Trunks had two failed fusions before they finally got it right while training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. While both Fat Gotenks and Skinny Gotenks are poor excuses for a warrior, we’re going with Goku and Vegeta’s failed fusion in the movie Fusion Reborn because that pitiful excuse for a character actually got the embarrassing opportunity to fight someone.

Named Veku by Southern Kai, this gelatinous blob is the result of Vegeta not extending his index finger enough at the end of the dance. The result is an embarrassingly weak version of Gogeta that becomes winded from taking a short jog. Veku is virtually worthless in a fight against the super-demon Janemba. All the fat fighter can do is pass gas in shame and use his signature technique that he calls “Rabbit Feet,” which is just Veku quickly running away with his tail between his legs.

2 Captain Ginyu (Frog Form)

Captain Ginyu in Dragon Ball Z

In a list that has overweight samurai, failed fusions and dumb-dumb dinosaurs, Captain Ginyu as a mindless frog is easily the most pathetic.

The once cocky commander of the elite mercenary group (and sometimes dance troop), the Ginyu Force, Captain Ginyu is a smug warrior that just doesn’t know when to quit. After successfully switching his body with that of Goku, he realizes that he is still outclassed when going up against a newly powered-up Vegeta. The Captain once again tries to switch bodies with the Saiyan Prince, but in the nick of time a damaged Goku, who is in Ginyu’s body, throws a frog in the line of the blast.

The result is Ginyu’s soul being trapped inside a frog. Being only able to ribbit, the once proud Captain can no longer pronounce the body-changing technique, making it impossible to transfer himself into a new body. Likewise, the frog’s soul is now trapped within Ginyu’s body, which moronically croaks and hops from place to place in a clueless fashion.

Ginyu Frog is reduced to a cowardly toad deemed too pathetic even by the ruthless Vegeta to kill, simply for the fact that he doesn’t want to get toad guts all over his nice clean boots. Now that’s weak.

1 (Dis)Honorable Mention – Frieza’s Many Mindless Goons

Frieza's army in Dragon Ball Z

To say that Frieza’s mindless army is useless would be the understatement of the century. Though our list is sticking to individual fighters, these guys are so incompetent that we just had to include them.

After being resurrected by his loyal followers, Frieza pays a visit to Earth to get some much needed satisfaction in a rematch against Goku. Alas, Goku is off training on another world with Whis at the time, which causes Frieza to pit his band of goons against the remaining Z Fighters on Earth. Though the army has vastly superior numbers, they’re relentlessly picked apart by the likes of Gohan, Krillin, Tien, and yes, even by Master Roshi, who turns into the muscle bound freak we all know and love.

This army is nicknamed Frieza’s Elite, which is a mystery considering their deplorable fighting skills. They’re dispatched by the hundreds in the blink of an eye, being blasted into dust, thrown against cliffs and having the ever-loving-snot kicked out of them. Frieza should have worried about taking quality over quantity when it came to his army, who are so pitiful that they earn an honorable mention on this dishonorable list.

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