First Look: R-Rated Puppet Movie 'We R Animals'

We R Animals R rated puppet movie

The Swedes are quickly becoming my favorite filmmakers (sorry Mexico). From gorgeous horror movies like Let The Right One In to gripping mystery/thrillers like The Millennium Trilogy, every time I turn around somebody is putting a wonderful new film from the land of Sweden in front of my face.

(Of course this has everything to do with me coming late than party, Sweden has been making wonderful films for years - see: Lasse Hallström.)

If you know me well, you know I love puppets. In fact, every time I go to Disney World, I MUST make a stop at the Muppets 3D Theater in MGM Studios, if only for a half-hour of smile-inducing nostalgic peace I can't find anywhere else in the world (until that new Muppet movie gets released, at least).

But I have a confession: the only thing I love more than puppets is seeing puppets do dirty things. There, I said it. It's for this reason that I'm forever a fan of Peter Jackson's Meet The Feebles and if these early images are any indication, I'm going to be a fan of Thobias Hoffmen's Swedish-produced, English-language film,We R Animals as well.

Hoffmen and Co. have recently put together a test pilot using their animatronic actors in order to attract potential investors and producers to the film. If you want to know about the kind of puppet hijinks We R Animals has in store for viewers, just read the twisted official synopsis below:

Snow White the rabbit is stuck in a sadistic man's pet store, she craves for love but nobody wants to take her home. But one day the animals wreck havoc and they all escape, including Snow White. She gets lost with her newfound freedom and almost dies, until the nice old lady Alice saves her. Snow White would've had a bright future if not for Alice's jealous and vindictive dogs, who call on their friend Flash, a shady and devious pimp cat. Together they plan to transform Alice's apartment into a brothel for animals, and force Snow White and even the human Alice into prostitution.

We R Animals is a comic adventure, filled with drug using cats, horny dogs, cat-ninja assassins, vampire bats, cruelty and magic. In essence We R Animals is a love story told with warmth, where sometimes the laughter sits in the throat and forces us to question the morals and views of both animals and man.

I know some people will be put off by such a concept (puppet love is sadly not universal) but speaking as someone who often has to put on puppet shows for his toddler niece, those little stuffed characters are a great (read: humorous) way to reflect and refract the issues of real life. Will puppetry be a great medium for exploring the quandary of morality in man (or lack thereof?) I'm optimistic that it will.

Check out a gallery of images from We R Animals and let us know what you think. The film is aiming for a 2011 production start.

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Head over to Twitch Film for more images.

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